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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info



Zambezi bottle by National Breweries,Harare,Zimbabwe
Country Zimbabwe
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.5 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Zambezi is the national river. Victoria Falls is part of this river.(Thanks Johan)
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Comments Typical African lager
Supplied by
Brewery National Breweries,Harare,Zimbabwe
Brewery located in Tell us if you know! »
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Edward (epape at on 2008-11-06 03:43:52 wrote:
I love this stuff. Granted it might have something to do with hunting Cape
Buffalo and watching the sun go down over Lake Kariba, or sitting on the veranda
at the Vic Falls Hotel, but I'll take it over Castle any day. Try it if you have
the chance, with or without the ambiance it's excellent.

clement (cpfavayi at on 2008-04-23 14:24:33 wrote:
I was born in Zim... drank all Zim lagers... trust me, there ain't any better
beer elsewhere.

Butcher (terrynyoni at on 2006-07-05 01:04:43 wrote:
I think Zambezi is an awesome lager, Castle is quite good as well butnot as
refreshing as a Zambezi.I dont hesitate recomending it to anyone.

Steve Morrisby (steph_morrisby at on 2006-02-25 01:40:19 wrote:
I love Zambezi Lager. I seen to recall it as being very similar to Zimbabwe
Lager bought out by National Breweries in 1980.

president Mugabe (mugabe at on 2005-10-23 04:14:57 wrote:
If you dont say you like this beer I will come and take your homesaway from you
and give it to people who like this beer and vote for me

T.K (teekhums at on 2003-12-07 10:48:59 wrote:
I rate Zambezi,Bohlingers and castle as one of the bets lagers you canfind in
Zimbabwe.Cheerssss!!! (ads at on 2003-10-30 03:37:59 wrote:
it aint rhodesia no more

jc hurt () on 2003-02-23 01:58:44 wrote:
I drank a quantity of this beer while spending a month in westernZimbabwe on a
hunting trip. Not a wonderful lager but better than anyAmerican lager ( not much
recommendation, I know). Still, for hotweather not a bad beer if you're only
going to drink 10; plus, we ranout of Castle.

Adrian van Gent () on 2002-11-10 04:40:35 wrote:
I would like to try this beer but I can not find it in Australia mabyeit has
been seized by Robert Mugarby

Pete (peter at on 2002-09-03 01:03:29 wrote:
I am a Zimbo, living in Zim, Zambezi is not my beer of choice, I'dratherbrink
Bollies or Pilsner. Zambezi seems to be more of a holiday 'dop' - hence the
comments on it's refreshing qualities. Lets just hope we don't need to import
hops, Chubuku is a no no!!!

Mike Dale (mike_dale at on 2001-08-27 08:21:49 wrote:
I had a Zambezi at "The Gingerman" which is a pub in Houston, Texas.The beer was
OK, but it had a strong after taste.I have had worse. It was 3.50 american for a
12 ouncebottle. Not cheap, but not expensive either.It was worth it to try
something new to me, but I wouldnot pay that much again.

Adam Herscovitz (the_jewish at on 2001-08-16 03:06:39 wrote:
If you go to zim drink castle or bohlingers. I am zimbo so trust me

Marc () on 2000-12-18 08:06:20 wrote:
Zambezi lager isn't that bad for a lager. To judge a lager incomparison to other
styles of beer is unfair. Perhaps a bit tocarbonated, this lager tastes similar
to those found in SouthernEurope. Compare it to Peroni and Morretti and I think
you'll enjoythis refreshing lager just as equally.

tajirrie (tajirrie80 at on 2000-12-04 07:41:47 wrote:
i am a zima, i love beer but i have to say zambezi aint alagerif u want alager,
try blacklabel, i assure u , it hoofs like a dyinggirrafe

michael from boston () on 2000-11-21 11:07:47 wrote:
it's really good stuff

() on 2000-11-21 10:55:03 wrote:
it's good like the beer from burkina faso

tim from america (hornytim at on 2000-11-10 02:19:44 wrote:
it tastes like **** f****n **** canadian beer tastes better but it gotme drunk
and thats all that matters

James Muchechetere (jemussi at on 2000-02-09 02:48:01 wrote:
Speaking as a Zimbabwean who knows the local brews,i think upeople are
nuts.Zambezi is awful.Try Centenary it's a whole lot better

Barry O’Reilly () on 1999-03-10 04:04:56 wrote:
Quality lager. Kills the thrist after trekking for miles.Very cheap, so even on
a tight budget you can get trollied.barry - Ireland

JerryS () on 1998-10-03 06:04:49 wrote:
If it tastes like Corona I would preferr a coke

Chris from Canada () on 1998-02-23 06:00:42 wrote:
Great beer for the summer. Refreshing. Kinda Corona-like...

Chris from Canada () on 1998-02-23 05:56:49 wrote:
Great beer for the summer. Refreshing. Kinda Corona-like...

A. Kuijpers (ak at on 1997-11-07 04:47:58 wrote:
This beer, my girlfriend brought it with her when she was on vacation in
Zimbabwe was a very tastefuland wonderful beer, you almost tasted the fear and
adventure of the wildlife there. It was an excellent beer, I thought I give it a

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-11-05 03:18:45 wrote:
I didn't think Zambezi was that bad (at least you can't getbilharzia from it!)
Easy to slam down after trekking allover the place. It seems to be available
everywhere andisn't too expensive.I thought better were the Botswana beers just
over the border (please Zimbabweans, don't hate me) - "Hansa" and "St.Louis" -
created a pyramid to-the-ceiling of Hansa canswith the locals in the Power
Station Workers Club in PalapyeBotswana (woo boy... now that was a night)-

Markus (mm.SM at on 1997-10-14 04:24:34 wrote:
Tastes like water, but better than Zambezi river. Better drink GoldenPilsner or
Bohlinger's from the National Breweries.

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