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Black Damnation XXV Black Nuts13%
Jule Malt13%
Nemesis no 312.8%
Arrogant Southern Charred12.6%
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Ginger Joe

Country Great Britain
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4 %
Beer Style Special Beer
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
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Supplied by Reiska 2014
Brewery Stone’s
Brewery located in London
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Random fact
Kitkan Viisas, Kuusamo
It's a local petname for a quite small let's say subspecies of a sweetwater fish found in Kitka or Kitkajärvi (free translation: Lake Kitka ... järvi means lake ) in Kuusamo Finland. The scientific name is Coregonus albula, and in English I think it's something like vendace or cisco. Kitkan Viisas (free translations: Kitka Wise, Wise of Kitka)) means that the fish has its own tricks and not just anybody can get a nice catch with one's very small-eyed net, seine or trawl. The fish is very small (a common characterization in Finnish is "neulamuikku",in English "needle vendace") and very good, at its best when it is heavily salted and becomes "stiff". A very traditional dish is to have some Kitkan Viisas to soften one's hangover, and of course some nice beer or springwater to wash the salty fish down.

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