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Latest comments
hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info



Guinness bottle by Guinness
Country Ireland
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 5 %
Beer Style Stout
Beer name means After first brewer Arthur Guinness
Tell us more
Comments Bottled Guinness is not so good, but from the tap......

"Link:" Official Website

More information about "Link:" Guinness
and "Link:" The Guide to Guinness

Supplied by
Brewery Guinness
Brewery located in Dublin
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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Jerry (jeroentherapy at on 2011-06-10 17:33:19 wrote:
The breakfast of Champions ! Great farts too.

DOG () on 2006-11-01 04:59:22 wrote:
the guinness is not bad, but in my country (argentina) we have QuilmesSTOUT is
MUCH MORE BETTER. If you have the chance try "QUILMES STOUT" it´s exelent

stoutking (go at on 2006-03-03 06:06:55 wrote:
guinness sucks, it's true i had tried tons of stouts before i triedguinness and
thought i'd try it because of all the ads, but wow howmad i was at this swill.
the color is great but to begin with the abvsucks at 4% i mean come on
crudweiser select is stronger than that.guinness has such a flat flavor yeech
it's like they forgot thechocolate malts, if you want a real stout drink these
they makeguinness look like water they are sierra nevada stout,samuel
smithimperial stout,old rasputin,and my favorite (which is like eating
achocolate cake)is called brooklyn black chocolate stout. thecommercial is awful
too i hate the way they always say brilliant ifyou want to really be brilliant
take that guinness and pour it in thedrain and open up a brooklyn

Bryn Shuter (Bryn_Shuter at on 2005-07-11 05:46:38 wrote:
Guinness, like poetry, shouldn't be reviewed by anyone under 50.Cheers.

J-Rock (bartenderrx at on 2005-02-03 10:03:49 wrote:
The Guinness in the can is Guinness Draught and the Guinness in thebottle is
Guinness Extra Stout. They actually are DIFFERENT BEERS! When Guinness is made
the DRAUGHT is drawn off first. The EXTRA STOUTis stronger and more bitter
because it comes from the bottom. Allthat being said THEY BOTH ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

bloofar (bloofar) on 2002-11-25 03:42:28 wrote:
I first had Guinness when I was 18. I'm 19 now, but I've tried *tons*of beers
(college does that to you). The first time I had it out of acan, and it was
wonderful. Then I had it out of a bottle, and it waswretched. This got me off
Guinness for a while. On Friday I was seeinga band at a local bar and ordered a
B&T (pissed me off because thebartender mixed them instead of floating as he
should) and I realizedhow much better Guinness out of the tap is.

Disappointed () on 2002-09-11 10:33:05 wrote:
Tried it - obsequious beer, especially in North America;found it overrated;
Guiness beer is a McDonald's burger in terms ofbeer - best seller due to good
marketing otherwise... very unballancedwith an overwhelmingly bitter
finish.Ruins the taste; that's all you taste - the friggin' bitterness.Repeat
greatly overrated beer!

Jon () on 2002-08-15 03:53:43 wrote:
Excellent Beer.

Joe Brown (joeibt at on 2002-03-22 12:24:55 wrote:
What many do not know about Guinness is that they are about the worstlabor law
violator on the face of the earth. They treat theiremployees with disdain and
fire them if they dare speak of laborunions. This is how they do business and
they ask you to enjoy theirbeer. No thanks!!!!!

Leon Alvarado (leon at on 2001-07-18 11:22:28 wrote:
This is one of my favourite beers. However, the difference between thebottle (or
can) and the tap versions are night and day. On tap,Guiness is one of the best
beers in the world. In the bottle stillgood but not quite as good.

AL HARRIS (the most noble beer drinker) on 2001-03-25 11:50:57 wrote:
Guinness is 100% pure SHITE. Irish stout really SUCKS ARSE. The beststout in the
world is Scotlands TENNENTS.

dobbin (dobbin2000 at on 2001-03-25 03:04:36 wrote:
guinness is the drink of the gods

dobbin (dobbin2000 at on 2001-03-25 03:01:14 wrote:
guinness is the drink of the gods pure ambrosier

liquid bread drinker (lbd at on 2001-02-28 05:23:55 wrote:
To the person who doesn't know what a guiness *WIDGET* is.Go buy a can of
Guiness, and shake it. Hear that rattling? It's a *WIDGET*! It gives guiness
that unique, beautiful,creamy, foaming effect when you pooouurrr it into a
glass. Hey, You haven't been drinking it from a can, have you???What an
outstanding, great beer.

nick (brillhead69) on 2001-01-30 03:40:51 wrote:
when i drink this beer i kinda feel like i am drinking shit out of abottle

jcz (gte542v at on 2001-01-29 07:07:44 wrote:
What exactly is a Guinness Widget???Somebody email me and let me know please.

Steve Wooden (stevecw at on 2000-12-30 02:56:36 wrote:
Guinness Draught Rules! To the panty waste from Milwaukeethat thinks Guinness
sucks, go drink a Miller or maybe aSchlitz. Here's to black dumps the morning

Pasi Valtanen (pasi.valtanen at on 2000-12-15 09:41:10 wrote:
Hello everybody!!!This dark beer is the best!! This beer is like cream.Germany
beer is good too.-Pasi-

Paul Wilson (pfwi at on 2000-11-20 08:38:12 wrote:
Guinness is Guinness. Nuff sed! But unlike brandy and waterwhich spoils two good
things, Guinness (in the floating widget can) and good champagne (say an Andrew
Garrettchardonnay from South Australia) do not. Try aBlack Velvet. Very potent
but very smooth.

JJ (jjman at on 2000-11-08 04:29:19 wrote:
In Australia we import the stuff, make the stuff locally (the trueIrish import
is still best) andeven export it to nearby countries. A very popular beer for
onesimple reason - hard to getpissed on and tastes great. Good beer to drink
after chucking up VBand Melbourne Bitter and you want tochill out a bit.

keppa (vaartela at on 2000-09-28 08:11:26 wrote:
This is a legend that holds. Like black velvet or cream.It is not like many
beers but certainly one of the best.It is an experience. Warmly recommended.
Also the canned thing withexplosivecarbon dioxide inside is good.You MUST try
Guinness. And enjoy.

Brooks (alun at on 2000-09-09 05:08:42 wrote:
Love the stuff only in Ireland from the pubs.The stuff in bottles and cans does
not do this wonderfuldrink it's true justice nor does the stuff served over
herein England. - GO TO IRELAND AND DRINK THE REAL STUFF thengive your

William Russell (zdrceny1 at on 2000-09-04 07:46:46 wrote:
I'm not really sure if I had "Real" Irish, Guiness. I had one in theairport in
Shannon (layover). But, Guiness (on the east coast of USA)is the best beer I
ever had (and had many!) Na Zdarovya

Daniel (amoeba at on 2000-09-01 10:43:20 wrote:
A pint of Guinness on tap is the greatest drinking experience onecould ever hope
for, and I'm saying that only having tasted the "Shit"Guinness that we get here
in Australia. I can't wait to taste the"Real" stuff in Ireland. I like that
comment about the Irish rulingthe world.

Scott G. (relaxing at on 2000-07-20 02:15:22 wrote:
You know... from an American.. what would we know abouta great brew... If I were
lost on a desert island andonly could choose one brew it would be Guinness!
First the black patent and chocolate malt coats your taste budswith that creamy
back draft, then the Fuggle hops openyour eyes with excitement... need I say
more! It's thebest beer in the world.

hotte2k (hotte2k666 at on 2000-06-30 08:48:54 wrote:
great beer, but bitburger is much better

Srgt Stewart (jackemo_pandemonium at on 2000-06-20 12:15:26 wrote:
From Paul at www.geocities.comjackemo_pandemoniumGuiness tastes great in Ireland
but crap in UK.A good pint of Guiness is deffinately one of the best beers in

gregUSA () on 2000-05-28 06:07:30 wrote:
This crap is shit just like murphys stout

Joe G. (joe021855 at on 2000-05-16 11:14:40 wrote:
The stout by which all others must be judged. Deep, dark, creamy.Wonderful hop
bitterness dances beautifully with the deep roasted malt flavor. Hints of
coffee, chocolate and citrus (the latter fromthehops). Of it's type, and I have
tried many, including a stout fromBarbados, there is none better.

Bryan (bryanmccurry at on 2000-04-16 07:28:38 wrote:
Rumour has it that we Irish would rule the world if there was noGuinness, but
then, what would be the point of a world with noGuinness. A pint of porter is
your only man.

testicle () on 2000-04-08 03:48:42 wrote:
oh yeh, big bad and black, tasty and tasty, pour it from the tap intoa huge pint
glass and watch the beer dance for you as you salivateover the thought of the
first sip

ryan Nielson (rniel at on 2000-04-02 08:25:49 wrote:
Newcastle is good.Guiness is the Best. I never get it in a bottle though. yuk

gregUSA () on 2000-03-29 08:37:54 wrote:
guinness is bad.newcastle is good!

Joann (imnottellingyou at on 2000-03-10 08:00:05 wrote:
I am truly a Guinness fanatic....almost every day, I drink a pint,because,
well, who also love this beer know why!Though it's oft repeated, Guinness
*is* the nectar of the gods inevery single form except possibly bottled, though
I've actually enjoyed drinking itthatway a time or two.I love Guinness more than
I love my Mom! (ok, not really, but I dolove the stuff a lot)

Boris (mall777 at on 2000-03-09 12:40:49 wrote:
"Guinness is good for you"

Joshua Stephan (dwaynecru at on 2000-03-09 05:36:28 wrote:
Guinness. What can you say about it. It is the mostfamous beer in the world.
Its thick dark color is vivdly captivating and the floathy head that surfaces
ismajestic by itself. As a bottled beer, it falls farshort in races but look
further into its industry andyou will uncover its true meaning. Yes, out of the
can.I mean. how great is it to say that you are holding a beer that has a widget
in it. The widget is a head enhancing device and the description alone makes
thesober man giggle. Recently the widget has been replacedby a technological
breakthrough. The scientific name does not ring a bell but it does look like a
ping pongball. But this ping pong ball is something else, ittransforms a beer
into a sensational plunge into therealm of happiness. With Guinness you will
find asmile painted upon the face of the consumer and if thesmile is not seen.
Then that person should not be yourfriend. Drink safely and enjoy Guinness
because it isa legend.

Ace (Roussel at on 2000-02-27 12:30:29 wrote:
Not really good...u just think Guinness is good only because it'sGuinness

WDE () on 2000-02-25 08:13:43 wrote:
Might as well just start bottling cow shit. It has the consistency of a pile of
crap fresh from the morningdew. Tastes about like it as well. Poor exscuse fora
stout, or a beer in general

ophelia (ophelia at on 2000-02-17 03:40:08 wrote:
Not as good as Murphy's Irish Stout, just more avaible. It's an O.K.
substitute when you have a jones for stout.

Marek (bilik at on 1999-12-22 03:41:46 wrote:
God save the Guinness.

beerboy (vbc) on 1999-12-15 02:44:33 wrote:
typicaly irish typicaly stupid drink carling is my darling

Graham () on 1999-12-14 10:07:29 wrote:
You will probibly remember me writing GUINNESS = liquid tar somewhere.Hee hee
hee, it does...but it isn't an insult! If this beerequals liquid tar then all
lagers equal crude oil, and I thinkI would prefer liquid tar!Cheers! Black beer
is the king in the beer world!!!

andy (amarkey69 at on 1999-12-06 01:51:29 wrote:
Never from a bottleBeautiful, if poured right.There's nothing like a pint of
Guinness while watching the footie.

() on 1999-12-02 05:43:14 wrote:
Guinness is great

Gert Hain (hgert at on 1999-11-26 01:01:37 wrote:
Doubtless a great beer

Romain ( on 1999-11-24 07:44:01 wrote:
shitty beer

George from Greece () on 1999-11-18 08:09:48 wrote:
Its the worst beer in the world EVER!!!It makes me sick even looking at it from
a mile long!

HFJ () on 1999-11-10 12:27:52 wrote:
I like the pelican

WETES (webmaster at on 1999-10-19 01:45:00 wrote:
A really good beer !Greetings from ...

Roger () on 1999-09-08 09:27:51 wrote:
Hated it the first time I drank it, thought it was too bitter...
sillyme!!Definitely one of best beers in the world, if not THE best!And it gets
better every time!!!

Steph (eagle at on 1999-09-08 08:40:30 wrote:
Surely, the worst beer in the world, bande de tapettes !The irish can't make
beers ! They drink un gros bloc de merde !

Vadim () on 1999-07-15 11:14:25 wrote:
I used to hate it thinking it was too bitter. Silly me, it's the bestbeer!It
kind of sucks from the bottle, cans are ok, but of course Guinesson tap is the
best.Thank God they have plenty of tap Guiness here, in Milwaukee...P.S. By the
way, this is an awesome page.

Schmelik (fact10 at on 1999-06-20 03:18:12 wrote:
The (half-)pint sample from the brewery is heads-and-shoulders above any other

Txomin Olabarri (olaba at on 1999-06-03 01:19:25 wrote:
From Olaba (Basque Country)It´s a good beer and also good for strength.I´ll
recommend it to everybody.

Mike (Michaelle at on 1999-04-29 06:06:02 wrote:
I know people that swear by this beer, but I don't like it.

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 05:36:06 wrote:
Everybody knows its best on tap. This is my favorite beer.I've drank so many
different beers; rare, expensive, micro,but I always go back to the good ol'
Guiness. They foundsomething that works and stick with it. Hail Guiness.

notwal () on 1999-04-07 05:18:52 wrote:
I dont have to say anything. Guinness says it all.

Rod () on 1999-03-18 07:42:54 wrote:
Absolutelly the best tasting beer out there. I have to agree it tastes better
as a draft rather than in a bottle or can. For those who don't like it, well
too bad more beer for the rest of us, eh? Anyways all this talk about
guinnesshas got thirsty, got to run. Cheers!!!

BILL (ELPRESEDENTE at WHITEHOUSE.GOV) on 1999-02-15 08:49:40 wrote:

yuval () on 1999-02-13 01:46:25 wrote:
from the bottle not so goodbut from's a whole different storythis beer
ie great,wonderfull one of my favoritsjust had one today,the beer is thick and
very creamybut yet it's smooth and very easy to drinkyou just have to love it.

Critc () on 1998-12-02 02:03:37 wrote:
Definately the worst grog I've ever tasted, Guiness tastes like amouthfull of
cats piss I don't know how you guys can drink that shit,why don't you stick to
good ol Oz beer.

Kristian (kristian at on 1998-11-15 01:14:07 wrote:
Guinness along with Guinness' Kilkenny is THE beers!

Tomy (tomsa at, xtomsa at on 1998-11-11 01:19:34 wrote:
I agree with all positive and disagree with all negativethat was written about
the Guinness beer.It's really a must for all who like good beer.

Tigger (wet_donkey at on 1998-10-20 11:13:16 wrote:
On tap - yes please...From "draught" can - alright...Bottled - No thankyou.

Dave (dpselect at on 1998-09-25 02:55:56 wrote:
Greetings from Sydney,Australia.(25-9-98)My first 'real' introduction to true
Guinness was at St. James' Gate in Dublin some 8 years ago whilst I was back
packing through 'Europa'An Irish workmate in London suggested that I must take a
tour through the Guinness brewery and taste the 'proper' stuff. From that moment
onI drank little else alcoholic in the rest of my travels throughout therepublic
and Northern Ireland.It in my opinion is the best dark beeron the market and I
would gladly drink it religiously if only you could get adecent pint of it in
Australia.Quite a few pubs have it on tap, but itisnot the same as the Irish
stuff. I have to be content with the 440 mlimported cans for my occasional
'fix'. Another dark beer which also isimported from Ireland is Beamish and that
too gets a workout everyonceand a while. Tastes a hell of a lot like Guinness
but is not quite asheavy.G'day to Paul and Bev. Cheers, Dave (Blue).

Jere T. (jtoppine at on 1998-08-20 02:59:17 wrote:
It's a classic, but not the best.

Denchi (dsudac at on 1998-08-08 12:03:34 wrote:
If it is not Guinness, It is simply not beer. In any size, shape orform this is
the best beer in the world. I have drank it in Irelandand i have drank it in
Canada. It is the best. Like they say "if youcan't see through it you know that
it is not good beer."

Socrate () on 1998-07-29 03:41:21 wrote:
Thank to exists !!!

Per-Ivar Knutsen (per-ivar at on 1998-06-11 05:30:44 wrote:
I love the creamy head as well as the smokey taste! YUM YUM!

Daniel "Katschor" Nowok (dnowok at on 1998-05-21 01:55:22 wrote:
I looove it.Kooocham to.

M.Kinnunen Oulu Finland () on 1998-05-19 01:25:02 wrote:
Best beer man can buy.If you have chance to go Irland visit GuinnesBrewery so
you know why.

Kyrah () on 1998-05-17 08:05:07 wrote:
My favorite beer in the whole world. Simply the best!!! Not just for men, but
for women who can truly appreciate the taste ofa stout. Maybe not for a French

() on 1998-05-12 12:52:38 wrote:
-Benjamin Franklin#

dave () on 1998-05-12 12:41:48 wrote:
guinness is a quite tasty beer. admittedly, the bottle is not asgood, but the
pub draught and the tap (bien sur) are superior brews.relaxing in an irish pub
with a guinness is beautiful. its chocolaty,malted flavor adds to the rich
aroma . . . and OH! the mouthfeel!-dave,

bettina (chaix at on 1998-04-30 09:26:58 wrote:
I don't like it at all! but mayby I am not tough, I'm just a girlafter all. I
like Kilkenny and Caffrey, they are just..let'saysweeter?salut from a french

Tony (adg87015 at on 1998-04-21 11:48:41 wrote:
To not Like Guinness is like not liking a gorgeous women. So if youdon't
appreciate what a good beer Ireland has dedicated you must bequire.

Grgo Grgic, Europe, Slovenia, Pristinska 6, 1000 Ljubljana () on 1998-04-15 04:31:38 wrote:
GUINNESS, only for VIP !!!Call me DARKNESSSSS..................

Norwegian Beer-Lover () on 1998-03-28 01:02:30 wrote:
It`s a mans drink!

Chris form Canada () on 1998-02-23 06:01:00 wrote:
On draft this is the nectar of the gods. There is nothing like it!!!

Chris form Canada () on 1998-02-23 05:54:08 wrote:
On draft this is the nectar of the gods. There is nothing like it!!!

Vanja T. (lovekelly at on 1997-12-27 09:12:53 wrote:
I'm only 20 years old, but I've tasted beer from every country inEurope.And
nothing is like Guinness, and irish beer !!! Ireland might be asmall country,
but they sure know how to make excelent beer.

Six Feet Deep () on 1997-09-01 03:37:13 wrote:
Sami juo tätä parhaillaan Irlannissa???Terkkuja Häkälle!Mullekin Guinness

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-06-04 04:36:40 wrote:
They say it don't travel real well, but it's worth travellingfor... See you at
St.James Gate. sheldon

Benny () on 1997-05-03 07:45:33 wrote:
Tastes good on tap. Drank heaps of pints at Molly Blooms in PortMelbourne the
other week, the only problem is the next day you can'tstop shitting the stuff

Coach, The Canadain Olympic Drinking Team (tim at on 1997-05-02 03:07:48 wrote:
A team favourite! Only brew we'll drink by choice when inthe U.S. Must agree
with the other comments, can't beat thisone for a draft beer. 7 1/2 minutes is a
short time to waitfor a pint ofGuinness.

Marco Uittenbogaard (Marco.uittenbogaard at on 1997-04-24 07:01:55 wrote:
Guinness from the tap is like heaven,from the bottle it's like hell.

Ice T-Lo and Dave the Pimp () on 1997-04-22 01:05:58 wrote:
If you don't like Guinness you are a twat! This is quite possibly thebest tap
beer in the world.This is the beer on which others should judgethemselves.

Joe (joachim.voss at on 1997-04-17 06:50:35 wrote:
The only reason to drink it: it's hip to drink guinness.I hope, that this will

G.R. (reevesg at on 1997-04-14 02:13:49 wrote:
Guinness, it's da bomb.The bottled version doesn't do it justice, must drinkfrom
the tap to be "real" Guinness.Ireland is the King of Stouts as well as Ales -

Giorgio Ardesi () on 1997-04-09 11:17:38 wrote:
Queen of thebeer

Shamus () on 1997-04-03 06:34:35 wrote:
The three best beers in the world, Guinness draft, Pub Draught Guinness (can),
And Guinness extra stout(bottle). What else can yousay?

() on 1997-03-23 07:38:04 wrote:
Simply, the best you canbuy...

James Lynch (jlynch at on 1997-03-13 07:06:05 wrote:
I am sorry, I just wrote you and i didn't give you my address.It is: Skidmore
College 815 N. Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866Thanks Again- James T. Lynch
Jr.PS. Send reply quickly, I am going on break.Give me your address and I will
send you a beer bottle from the North Country Brewery in Saratoga!!

James Lynch (jlynch at on 1997-03-13 07:03:00 wrote:
Hey KBS!! I was last on your page about 5 months ago and wrote the comment about
the guy who thought dark beer sucks.I was astonished to see it on the page!!!
Maybe you could helpme. Where can I get my hands on the Guiness beer that is
onlysold in Africa, the Carribean, and Europe. I believe that it has a higher
level of alcohol. Also I am a huge Guiness lover!I collect pint drinking glasses
like you collect bottles.I am embarresed to say however that I do not have a
Guiness bottle.Perhaps you could help me and send me one or tell me where I can
get one. Please reply. Thank you Your frequent visitor and fan, James
T. Lynch Jr.PS. Drink a Guiness for me!!!!!!!!

Ray The Beer Man (hugray at on 1997-02-27 02:39:54 wrote:
A little Guinness trivia. " If he can say as you can GUINNESS IS GOODFOR YOU
How grand to be a Toucan. Just think what Toucan do". TheToucan bird has long
been part of the advertising for this wonderfulbrew. If you are in a pub and
order a Guinness and it come's to youwithin 7 minutes, You Have Been Cheated.
Guinness traditionalyrequires 7 full minutes to pour, to allow the brew to
breath life. Often you bartender will be creative with the Head, sometimes
creatingthe initials of the pub or designs in thefroth.

Herb () on 1997-02-24 06:16:23 wrote:
If it comes form the mother country, then you know that it is thebest. Try it
on the tap because it tastes a lot better. Guiness istruely the nectar fromGod.

Alberto Rodriguez (t-alber at on 1997-02-21 02:46:09 wrote:
Draught is excellent. Avoid cans and speciallybottles.

I LIKE DARK TOO () on 1997-02-16 12:55:24 wrote:

Chetan (gajria at on 1997-02-09 11:53:40 wrote:
Amazingly good on tap. The bottled stuff doesntcompare.

Niko Salolainen () on 1997-02-04 05:09:34 wrote:
It is too dark and too thick to drink.It tastes bad and looks bad.Awful

johnny j () on 1997-01-29 03:45:40 wrote:
visit joe murphys pub in swords,dublin for the best pint of guinnessanywhere.the
pub itself is full of oldtimers who cant sing,saturday is"disco night" but have
a pint there,a few at least,then wash it downwith a pint of scrumpy jack cider.

() on 1997-01-28 04:25:11 wrote:
Always bet onblack!

R. Thoms (72633.2644 at on 1997-01-23 10:41:57 wrote:
Draught is the best, but the bottle will do. There is nothing elsequite like the
dark bittertaste.

Jon Foster, Travel Photog. from Hell (JFSHOOTER) on 1997-01-16 05:41:57 wrote:
God bless Guiness!!! on draught or in the pub draught can, yes I saidcan, and
try Beemonts Red on Draught if you can you'll have to go tothe UKthough.

Janne Lamponen () on 1996-11-30 10:35:00 wrote:
Käy vatsaan.

Chief Skidmark (richardk at on 1996-11-29 09:53:40 wrote:
The only "beer" that makes me fart incessantly. Very heavy,very dependable, very
nice (as long as it's draft).CHIEF SKIDMARK

Charles LaRosse (clarosse at on 1996-11-21 10:13:53 wrote:
from the bottle is unpleasantfrom the "pub-draught" can is tastyfrom the tap is
very nice indeed

WWWfb (tbfoster at on 1996-10-13 12:00:49 wrote:
By far, the best drinking beer. Packed with nutrients!From your friends at

Fredde (-------) on 1996-09-14 04:43:09 wrote:
This is, part from Kilkenny, the best beer in the world.

Josh (josh at on 1996-09-07 10:14:46 wrote:
It doesn't get better then this...except draft...

Michael Craft (magcraft at on 1996-09-07 07:23:05 wrote:
I agree with the first comment.In the bottle, I'll pass. But ondraft, it is
quite good. There isnothing else like it.

moRTal (somewhere in sweden!) on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Dark beer sucks!

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