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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Budweiser (long neck version)

Budweiser (long neck version) bottle by Anheuser-Busch
Country USA
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.4 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
Tell us more
Comments Long neck piss beer.
Supplied by
Brewery Anheuser-Busch
Brewery located in St. Louis
Also from same brewery

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Christopher (thegeniusmillionaire at on 2009-07-01 20:57:51 wrote:
budweiser is the king of beers... what the hell happened to BUD DRY!??? I've
looked far and wide for it. and for all you folks that say its horrible american
beer... I bet your girlfriend would drink a 12 pack with me in the hotel room.

Mo Debris (not at on 2007-10-07 03:27:57 wrote:
Wonder bread, McDonalds, CocaCola, Cool Whip, Budweiser, Cheez Wiz, all cheap
ass products for the unwashed masses. Hey it keeps them happy.

0311 (riedmur at on 2006-08-30 10:54:41 wrote:
To make Budweiser: Take 1 tank of mediocre beer. Add an equal part ofwater. now
bottle it & claim it is beer. I'm from the USA. Ournational brand beer is an

ian () on 2006-01-21 04:00:24 wrote:
Awful Beer. Simplye Dreadful - agruably one of the worst on theplanet.If America
is no.1 Why do they produce such swill. MacDonalds, Coke &Bud - wow thanks guys
- we really appreciate the effort. It's nowonder you like this stuff, your
palates are shot to hell with all thesalt, fat and additives in your diet.

String Trumpet () on 2005-11-09 04:32:31 wrote:
It's rat piss of the highest order. I think George Bush must be on acrate of
this footwash a day, judging by some of the bollocks hetalks...

Underage ;) () on 2005-01-04 01:19:07 wrote:
Well right now I'm drinking a budweiser. I personally do not enjoy it in the
slightest but when you're my age you take whatyou can get. By that I mean I
cannot legally purchase alcohol.If given the choice I'd drink a Beck's or Sam
Adams (dark). Ican't claim experience in beer but with my semi virgin
alcoholicpalate, I find budweiser tastes like a watery beer, not piss, but not
really enjoyable... I do like getting drunk on it though, as it is quite easy.
Just thought I'd offer an opinion

brian () on 2004-12-21 02:55:54 wrote:
I live in St.Louis. Budweiser is not the best beer in the USA. Heck,it's not the
best beer in Missouri. There are tons of other beers thatare better made by
smaller companies. Budweiser is a party beer. It'sgood for what it is.

nate and liam (broohawhaw at on 2004-11-30 02:19:09 wrote:
this beer says it all about american beer. if you want real beer youare going to
have to come to canada, ireland, australia, or germany.Americans should not be
able to rate beer

Anonymous Beer Drinker () on 2004-10-06 08:17:04 wrote:
I think it tastes like sparkling apple juice. Even looks like it in aglass.

Peter () on 2004-07-08 06:14:19 wrote:
When I think of this beer I picture an overly plump American dopey guywith his T
shirt half way up his gut, watching wrestling on TV. His IQequivalent to that of
the alcohol content in this piss.

Jack (jack61 at on 2003-10-09 07:52:32 wrote:
During the prohibition, American breweries turned to brewing gingerbeer,
gingere ale, birch beer, root beer and various colas in order tostay in
business. Once prohibition was repealed, the few that survivedrevved up the
breweries started brewing anew. During the decade of no real beer, The
beerdrinking demograph (read europeans) had grown accustomed tothe sweet stuff,
and the breweries adapted. American Budwieser has a smooth clean subtle falvour
that wont fillyou up or slow you down when we go to the olympics to kick
yourarrogant ass or invade your chickenshit country.

Todd,Canadian guy. (beerme at on 2003-07-24 10:55:44 wrote:
One of the worst mass produced American beers there is.Sweet andmalty,watery and
bland.There are so many excellent Yankee beers,why isthis stuff always
reconized?As a Canadian I am going to write myMember of Parliment to encourage
shutting off the water pipelines inorder to prevent anymore of this stuff being
brewed.By the way..whatthe hell do the "Bud Girls"have to do with drinking and
enjoying agreat brew for it's qualities.

Adrian van Gent () on 2002-11-16 05:23:54 wrote:
Iam an Australian who loves Budweiser but not the new label bring backthe old

DRC (misiek8 at on 2002-05-31 06:39:50 wrote:
Yeah, it sucks. But seems like people can't get enough of it. Andyeah, it is the
original, so the Czech crap beer by the same nameshould stop trying to
impersonate the King. Besides, why is the Czechcompany trying to use the German
name of that town as their beer? Ithought Deutchland kicked the shit out of
them, and they didn't likethem. Why don't they use their own language to name
the beer? What isit, Budejovice? Yeah, sounds like crap! Both buds taste like
crap, butat least the American is the original. And yeah, the formula
hasobviously changed over the yearsto appeal to the masses. That's howyou become

Bill (heymisterbill at on 2002-04-06 04:49:25 wrote:
Funny thing about beer is, you love what you drink and hate what youdont drink.
The fact is, all beer is good, (or bad). All a person thatseeks knowledge should
keep there eyes and minds open. For the peopleout there that have not said 'what
the hell, give me a beer,' knowingits not your brand, Well, that is the hole you
have Doug for yourself.Too bad. If a person has to change brands for whatever
the reason maybe, all that person has to do is give it some time, ( a week or
two,depending on how heavy one consumes) your old beer will suck just asbad as
you thought this new one did. Its all in the conditioning. Ifyour gonna live,
you might as well learn.Any how You wanted to know what name
means?Well,....Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should EnjoyRegularly.

Yari from Finland () on 2001-10-24 05:32:08 wrote:
Drinkable...but where is the taste???

Bill (I don't think so) on 2001-09-29 11:25:39 wrote:
Mmmm.... beer.Bud is refreshing and it gets you pissed. That's all it setsout
to do, and it achieves that with flying colours. It'snot gourmet beer, but why
does it HAVE to be gourmet beer? Stop turning this into a pointless forum for
racial hatred. Beer is all about having fun, partying and enjoying the
companyof others, not letting fly with offensive patriotic drivel.And besides,
before you start bashing America, have some sympathy for those who were affected
by the tragedy on Sept11th.

ALEXANDER THE not so GREAT (The beer crusader) on 2001-08-16 02:47:11 wrote:
The guys comments above are right on the money. Budweiser is SHIT. Asan American
residing in Europe, I can assure you that even the worstEuropean beer is way
better than our "best" American domestic beers.American beers are too damned
watered-down. Hey Budweiser and thebrewers at Anhueser-Busch, your products

Embarassed American () on 2001-08-10 08:51:53 wrote:
This is the worst American beer, and unfortunatly that takes somedoing.

Aslan () on 2001-07-23 12:29:13 wrote:
Budweiser is the role model of all massly produced American Beer andman does it
taste like it. It has a 'if you will' soapy subdued taste.Free Enterprise keeps
this beer a multi billion dollar company. What ashame to all the little guys
making the REAL brew.

Sub Bass () on 2001-02-06 12:29:43 wrote:
Ditto, hahaha. You've got to admit it's funny though :-)Longinus: You go have
some valid, points but take it somewhere elsemate!

boredUSAguy () on 2001-02-05 09:20:52 wrote:
ALRIGHT...the beer SUCKS ASS! The beer is made for the sole purpose ofgetting
drunk. Anybody who buys the shit does not care how it tastes,but rather how
F#$%KED up they can get from it. This beer is more orless designed to be chugged
down in whatever form the drinker deemsfit. It is for the majority of the
population that can only afford tospend a few bucks to get drunk on a friday
night. If people wanted tosit down and enjoy a well crafted beer then they
surely would not bebuying a 30 pack Budweiser case. It is more of a cheap,
social type ofbeer, drunk in conjunction with a plate of nachos. With response
tothis American and European bashing, all of you are a bunch of LAMEIDIOTS! This
is supposed to be a beer tasting message board, not aethnicity bashing forum.
All of you should grow up and let the nutswho come to this site, to actually
rate Bud next to some of theseother fine beers, have their say. I do not really
see how this cheapversion of Bud could make it onto a site such as this one. If
anyoneknew about how beer was actually brewed, one could easily judge a
beerbased simply on its ingredients. This cheap Bud does not use all ofthe fine
grains and hops that other more sophisticated brews use inthe brewing process.
It is brewed to be a cheap beer therefore sold asa cheap beer. It is as simple
as that. For all of those who like thiscrap, then the best of luck to you. I
recommend going out, expandingyour horizons, and trying some other beer. If you
are really that"patriotic" then go try a Sam Adams. You may be in for a shock.
All isfair. As for you sorry Europeans, cut the S$%T! If you guys think youare
so educated, then you should no when to shut up. Is all of thisworth over some
poor slob who loves his Bud? This whole message boardis ridiculous. I am sure
the webmaster is going take this down unlesshe is getting a kick out of this
right now. Let the poor americans whothink Bud is the best thing on God's
heavenly earth have their say.They do not know what they are missing. To
everyone, enough with allthe profanity and racist S@#T and just drink your
F#$KING beer!! Icannot believe a beer rating site has turned into something like

eighty5rats () on 2001-01-02 03:03:59 wrote:
bud rates with donkey piss and swill.. but loved by hillbillies and hicks....

Rolling Rock Rules (rr_33 at on 2000-11-28 03:40:27 wrote:
Budweiser sucks my dick. I cant stand it. IF u want a real beer drinka Rolling

() on 2000-10-27 09:43:03 wrote:
Basically, Budweiser (not to be confused with Budvar, the realBudweiser) is not
beer, but something else. I think it is an attemptto creat a product which
appeals to the American palate. What afailure.

Dizzave () on 2000-08-24 11:12:17 wrote:
Not as bad as most people say, but it is hardly a great beer. Tastes alright
from the tap and pretty metallic from a can (very similar to Foster's)

gregUSA () on 2000-07-10 01:28:52 wrote:
people who like this crap have no idea what good beer is

Frank () on 2000-04-04 09:56:59 wrote:
A very blend beer indeed. Mass produced and tasteless.

MIKE Z ( at on 2000-02-08 05:58:30 wrote:
HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!How can I get a BUD in Austria?????

Michael Zeindlinger ( at on 2000-01-17 06:16:49 wrote:
Its the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark (CHEVY89S10 at AOL.COM) on 1999-12-31 07:11:44 wrote:
I agree TOTALLY with what beer belly's sayin. and I think BUDWEISERRULES!!!!

William (verruckterhund at on 1999-10-25 03:22:17 wrote:
Bad beer. Adolfus would be ashamed of what this has become.

Gregg H. () on 1999-07-10 12:50:37 wrote:
Do Americans have a clue about beer? Certainly not amongst themainstream
brewers. Before anyone has a go at my comments, trya small brewers wares or a
foreign beer and see what you are missingout on.Damn the expense, just do it
once. You might be pleasentlysurprised.If you still prefer Bud, coors or Miller
after the experiencethen I'll feel sorry for you but I wont condemn you for it.

Simon () on 1999-06-27 11:44:43 wrote:
Taste like water but easy to get drunk on....

Martini () on 1999-03-29 08:32:31 wrote:
Try some norwegian least it tasts like beer!!!

Oliver Keen (Okeen at on 1999-01-30 04:17:14 wrote:
bud is probably the worst american beer going but hey what do i know,im a brit

marc () on 1998-09-30 11:05:45 wrote:
This beer is very tastefull I like itmarc from mill holland

Jeremy (ymerej at on 1998-08-25 08:19:29 wrote:
This is the best beer there is. No doubt about it. Its the only beeralowed in
our beer-a-rator in are living room. cool and refreshing.

Art Lopez ( at on 1997-07-02 04:26:55 wrote:
Yes, I agree that this beer sucks but that the only beer my dad drinksso when I
go over his house, I have to drink it.

Oliver Thamerus (Sandman at on 1997-03-17 06:29:17 wrote:
This stuff Suuucks. And don't even try the Lite stuff of it.I made an experiment
of how many water you have to add until it tastslike water. Know what it took me
only 3 drops ofwater!!!

pavel m. (t-pavelm at on 1997-02-20 09:38:28 wrote:
See what the US mass production over xx yearscan do to the originally very good
brewing licensefrom Budweiss (Ceské Budejovice, Czechia).

Jason Ingram (ingramja at on 1996-09-14 06:23:28 wrote:
The beer in the bottle sux, but women and fags love the utility of the bottle's

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