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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Budweiser (Finland)

Budweiser (Finland) bottle by Anheuser-Busch
Country USA
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.5 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
Tell us more
Comments King of piss. This is not a beer , this is water. (Do you know what is common in making love in canoe and drinking bud? Both are f***king close to water.) This is got in Finland straight from every tap.

Supplied by
Brewery Anheuser-Busch
Brewery located in St. Louis
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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Comments (chevick_1776 at yahoo dott com) on 2006-11-19 07:23:33 wrote:
Absolute headache drink. If advertising and sales is everything, Budis the
"King of Beers". But it is not real beer. I dont know exactlywhat it is, but
Beer it is not. I call it yellow alcohol flavoredpolluted water type beverage.

dAve () on 2004-06-05 02:13:49 wrote:
Yes, the american Budweiser is only a counterfeit / fake of theORIGINAL CZECH
BUDWEISER (which you can find on this site in the bestbeers section). Because
the city of Budweis (Ceske Budejovice) is inthe Czech Republic.

Just An Average Guy () on 2003-10-05 08:12:00 wrote:
U.S. Budwieser is good if you are poor (just note all the collegestudents who
swear it is liquid gold). It is about on par withHeineken, which is about on
par with watered down mule piss. Everycountry that makes alot of beer has its
good ones and bad ones, and ofcourse there is the matter of taste (some people
eat the testicles ofanimals, so who am I to judge). Personally, I don't drink
lightpisswater (Bud, Hite, Kirin, Heine, Labatts, Corona, Miller, etc.,etc.,
etc.) Even an average black beer like Kostritzer is fivebillion times better
than that swill and worth every penny. Unlessyou are a professional drunk, then
just grab the cheapest light yellowshelf sitter in your local store and drink
enough so you can get thatsame fire brewed flavor coming back up as going down.
BTW - how manycomments in here might be from beer reps?

Josh () on 2003-07-08 04:15:57 wrote:
Budweiser has probably more sodium content than any beer around. Theonly reason
people drink it is because it's so incredibly,over-the-top marketed. It has
nothing to do with the taste being"great". It's a consumer favorite because it's
cheap and affordable.In short, if your goal is to get drunk fast and to do it at
areasonably inexpensive price, then the Canadian beers are the way togo.
Specifically, Molson Ice, Canadian or Labatt Blue. And if you'redesperate
enough, Black Label.

Toby's Black () on 2002-09-05 07:18:26 wrote:
Hard to believe every Sunday more than 3 million Americans get drunkwatching
football on this light weight crap. My blood alcohol level ishigher than this

Reijo () on 2002-07-16 05:41:18 wrote:
Is it beer, really?

Matt (subgenius at on 2002-07-09 02:50:31 wrote:
Budwieser may be swill, but it's a cheap easy way for us Americanteenagers to
get shitfaced drunk. When i'm eating dinner give meGuiness. When I'm partying
give me brown water with a good dose ofAlcohol.

Kenneth Andersson (iamadumbuserandidontknowit at on 2002-02-04 07:18:32 wrote:
Bloody Hell, goddammit, I Make better stuff at home.

Kevin () on 2001-07-22 06:45:55 wrote:
Oh my god, we have a bleeding psychologist preaching about the evils of beer.
Sounds like you have "issues" to deal with. Thisis not the place for that. You
need counseling.Anyway, the American Bud is crap. I'm glad that I cannow buy
the Czech Bud (Czechvar) here in the US. Letthe fools drink the American
version, they obviouslylike shit.

Jarkka (jarkka765 at on 2001-07-05 07:24:05 wrote:
Juotuani pari tuoppia Guinnesia,minä kusen parempaa kamaa kuin tämä.

Elphuisias (kahm47 at on 2001-05-22 11:46:01 wrote:
hmmm, it's like the emperor's new clothes with you bud drinkers...why don't you
take a day off from drinking that gnats piss and trysome others.go to the liquer
store and buy one of each beer/lager and see foryourselves.

() on 2001-03-11 05:10:12 wrote:
It is a way how thieves brew beer. So that it won´t beever to drink. KLZK

Zeus (DoyouthinkImcrazy at on 2001-03-01 05:54:17 wrote:
This is some funny shit! You people are all up in armsover a patently
ridiculous argument! Ain't the internetgrand? I mean - where else can you get
together hundreds of folks from around the world to fight aboutsomething
meaningless! Now - a couple of intelligent points (although I'msure it will be
lost in the drivel which follows this post)1. The first listed ingredient in
Budweiser is, indeed, rice. The reason it is listed first is *NOT* that they
are proudly proclaiming A-B's passionate support of the rice-growing industry.
It is because regulations require that you list the ingredients of a food or
beverage in order of what is used the most - meaning, there is more rice in Bud
than, say, hops.2. The average college student in America is not wealthy. Thus
- she or he will attempt to procure the largest amount of beer that they can
get for the money. Someone up above made the point that one could get more
bang for the buck by paying a few dollars more to get a beer with a higher
alcohol content. Well, sure - but then you have 6 beers instead of 24 (for
example) - and we're talking quantity here. If you went to a party where
there were only 6 beers, you'd leave pretty darn quick. But if that party had
a case, then you'd stay - until the case was finished. Plus - when buying
kegs, most of the time the only kegs available are the big-name beers - Bud,
Bud Light, MGD, etc.3. Yes, A-B's Budweiser product is not a very good tasting
beer. However, that does not mean there are not some excellent tasting
American beers! Lagers, pilsners, ales - whatever your taste - you can find a
very tasty American type of that beer. Poor college students don't give a
shit because they are all about quantity. But those of us who have passed our
college days have moved on to bigger things and better beers - Saranac, Sam
Adams, Virginia's own Dominion Brewery, Sierra Nevada, and hundreds of other
"micro" breweries produce some fabulous beers of all varieties.And finally -
my personal favorite beer is Harp, fromIreland. However, I'm not going to find
Harp at anAmerican sporting event, so I'll drink whatever theyserve. Oh - and
to the American idiots above who basicallyclaim that anyone who doesn't agree
with them is acommunist, I laugh at your stupidity and ignorance. I hope one
day, when you need to turn to the statefor support and help, they also laugh at
you and turnyou away. Yours in beer,Zeus=Z=

ile (ilkka.patokoski at on 2000-12-28 02:42:45 wrote:
budweiser häpäisee koko olutkulttuurin. Amerikan vellinaamojen mautonta,
tuoksutonta, persoonatonta juomaa.

Jenny (dawl at on 2000-11-10 10:55:44 wrote:
As a poor college kid in a poor college area, this is the only beeranyone can
afford. So for the last 2 years its about all i ever drink. I hate beer
mostlybut i have gottenso use to budweiser that i actually like it and so does
everyone here.It is kinda scary

Torsti (mömmö at möö.mmö) on 2000-11-10 01:49:02 wrote:
if it would cost one FIM here in Finland,I might consider buying it just to pour
it down the toilet

Gerry, Belgium () on 2000-10-01 12:11:43 wrote:
American industrial beer usually taste like water.Budweiser is different: it
tastes bad. Almost as bad an australianbeer.

Dizzave () on 2000-08-24 11:26:12 wrote:
I don't think that this is a great beer by any means, butsome of you Euros need
to do your homework. Budvar is actually not as old as Anheuser-Busch's
Budweiser--while Budvar tastes much better, it is not accurate to call it the
original Budweiser. By the way, the Samson brewery is also in Ceske-Budjovice
and I haven't read anyone's comments proclaiming it a true Budweiser beer--which
it is,by the same reason that Budvar is. The fact is that Budvarcalls itself
Budweiser because A-B's flagship beer happensto be the number one selling beer
in the world. You see,it all boils down to marketing and neither side is

Stinkyfish Webbers (non_sequiter at on 2000-07-14 05:49:07 wrote:
Your pathetic provincial attitude blinds you to anything good. Howcan you call
this beer? Its water, corn, rice, and yeast! You shouldfeel stupid to waste
hard-earned money on this shit, or any other shitexcreted by Anheuser-Busch,
Miller, or Coors. If you're really intenton saving your beer money to get
trashed, why not drink Listerine ofLysol? It's cheaper than a case, and has more
flavor-- and alcohol! Here's some math for you---: If Budweiser costs, say 3.50
a six pack,but contains maybe 4% alcohol, and something like Spaten
Optimatorcosts 7.00 a six pack (in bottles, mind you), but has nearly
8%alcohol...which is the better deal for getting trashed? And get this-Spaten
actually tastes like beer!!! As far as your weak-minded loyalties to good-old
American beer goes,why not be a real patriot and drink something made by the
smallercraft-breweries? How about something like a Bell's Porter, Samuel Adams,
Sierra Nevadaor a Goose Island? If these companies had the money to export more
oftheir beer around the world, maybe the Europeans wouldn't laugh at youfor
being the mindless lemmings that you are! And you'd be helping asmaller company
with a quality product. When I think of Budweiser, I think of a fat-ass loser
with back hair,coming home from his mindless job to beat his wife and watch
porno.Hey, maybe I should be making advertisements...

Gerry ( at on 2000-06-25 12:21:16 wrote:
There are good beers brewed in the US. Bud is certainly notone of them. If this
was the last beer on Earth, I would switch to drinking Dr. Pepper.

Alpine (bena at on 2000-06-14 08:21:14 wrote:
Bud sucks period!!!!!!!

Joe G. (joe021855 at on 2000-05-17 04:57:49 wrote:
Not like Budvar, except a small resemblance in the fruitiness of theyeast. Bud
makes it a point to put "rice" on the label as it's firstingredient. Most real
beer drinkers would prefer not seeing ricementioned anywhere on beer label.
Surprisingly malty, all thingsconsidered. A big seller, probably because it is a
thirst quencher,rather than a "real" beer. I've had worse. I've had better. And
toMike Craft... Bud is the official beer of the Republican Party, sonyah, nyah,
nyah, nyah, nyah!

Dino (bamacheif at on 2000-04-29 08:38:38 wrote:
To all those who say "It's the best selling beer in America. It mustbe great," I
have one question. Just because McDonald's sells morehamburgers in the world,
does it mean that it is the best tastinghamburger? Would you rate it in the top
100 of best restaurants in theworld? NO! But they have excellent marketing

CD (marathon460 at on 2000-04-29 08:21:12 wrote:
It is a shame that this is the first beer people think of when theythink of
American beers. Bland, overly sweet, over rated. Just goes toshow you what the
power of advertising can do.

Beer Belly () on 2000-03-22 06:28:14 wrote:
Refreshing but bland.

JerryS () on 2000-03-13 08:53:36 wrote:
Tastes water. I like water. But not water that costs this much.

Petr (labolog at on 2000-03-13 05:35:35 wrote:
Taste rather Budweiser Budvar 12%, actually the best beerbrewed years ago in
Czechia!!webmaster http//www.labolog.czIf you collect beer labels, contact me

AVS (alex.vansteenbergen at on 2000-02-25 12:29:35 wrote:
We in Belgium laugh at this dishwater!AVS

Jusafus () on 2000-01-30 12:33:18 wrote:
Americans are accustomed to drinking Coca-Cola. Theydon't know anything about a
good beer. Finnish Karhu-olut (Bear Beer) is simply the best! It'ssomething else
than this watery, piss tasting American shit!

John (cwok98 at on 1999-12-16 10:24:11 wrote:
Why any body would drink this, i have no clue, why not just mineral water, it
tastes about the same, and won't cause you to piss so often, worthless!

bove (vbc) on 1999-12-15 02:48:54 wrote:
has the funniest adverts going and is a top class beer only carlingcan beat this
beer umm a nice cold big bud ill drink to that

THE BUD GUY ( at like.crazy) on 1999-12-03 08:46:22 wrote:

Karl Hearty (karl.hearty at on 1999-11-12 06:24:18 wrote:
Just about the worst beer in the world. Period.

William (verruckterhund at on 1999-10-26 12:26:43 wrote:
Ever notice how angry and defensive Budweiser drinkers are? It'salmost as if
they are trying to defend the indefensible. They getabsolutely livid when
somebody states that they don't care for a brandof beer. Makes one wonder if
they are doing it out of devotion orpreconditioned response (Pavlov anyone?).

William (verruckterhund at on 1999-10-25 12:08:25 wrote:
Far from my favorite. Rather bland and slightly sweetish.

Chris (guistebal at on 1999-07-05 10:17:31 wrote:
I was wondering where the water of my dishwashing machine used togo....

Queen of beer drinking () on 1999-06-28 08:26:43 wrote:
This beer taste like shit! And just becaue I'm a girldoesn't mean I don't know
what shitty beer taste like, and Budweiser is one of them. C-ya later you
budweiser drinkingboys. xoxoxoxo!!!!!!!

Mac (duncanwhitmire at on 1999-03-19 09:29:14 wrote:
Budweiser is about more than just taste. It represents all of whatmakes us a
unique nation, you could replace the Statue of Liberty witha giant Bud Bottle
and it would probably get more tourists. Whenyoure just a kid in high school,
and you can't afford to buy thetrendy Euro-microbrew of the month, you turn to
Bud, and it is good. It may not taste great, but it makes you that much more
american withevery sip.

Ellen "Damn woman! You can hold your liquor" Schleicher (ProfBootyx at on 1999-02-28 09:53:30 wrote:
Tastes like shit, but, hey, it's cheaper than the whore on 42nd andit's great
for frat parties!

Homebrewer (makeyourown at on 1999-02-19 02:18:54 wrote:
I am an American, and Bud sucks!!! All of you stupid peoplewho are defending it
are doing so only because the marketinggeniuses at the American Macro Breweries
want you to.With all the wonderful micro/nano breweries in the US today,it is a
damn shame so many people still drink Bud, and stillcall it beer. Drinking
Budweiser and calling it beer is like smoking parsley and calling it
marijuana.Stop the insanity~!!!!!!

Dave the Booze Hound (dkneheli at on 1999-01-22 09:08:25 wrote:
Thank you Tammy, you're exactky right. Budweiser would bethe worst beer in the
world if it wasn't for Coor's Light.Americans simply cannot brew a beer.

Tammy (shylaughs at on 1998-12-19 04:55:05 wrote:
Budweiser,equaled only by Coors.Anyone caught drinking either is sincerely in
askance of an IQ......

Beer man () on 1998-12-16 06:56:50 wrote:
To any beer lover who will listen,Boycott this beer it gives the industry a bad
name not to mention the bad taste. P.S.If you drink Bud you just might be a RED

Karla Alvarez (redddoe at on 1998-09-21 10:27:59 wrote:
To the Europeans that think BUDWEISER taste like piss need to tell mehow do you
know what piss taste like maybe your bartender is doing youwrong

Bob () on 1998-09-02 11:24:29 wrote:
just goes to show you that millions and millions can be wrong! I,vealways said
that they put the clydesdale's piss in it and they do. And to have the audacity
to admit that they put rice in it !!! Lasttime I looked, rice was not an
ingredient in beer, unless you'retalking Saki.Amazing that it has little flavor
or taste....but you still have toshrivel your face up when drinking it. Truly a
"beer" for the ignorantmasses.Leaves more of the good stuff for the rest of
us.If bud truly felt secure in their position.. they wouldn't be worriedabout
trying to regain the market they are lossing to the micros andimports by
marketingbeers such as reddog and such. Huh.. they must be worried!

Alex Audet (malakhov at on 1998-06-13 11:54:21 wrote:
It's simply the best beer out there to help you giving up!

Aixi (martinaix at on 1997-07-17 12:10:37 wrote:
Budweiser has a cool screensaver, but the beeris real PISSWATERthe beer checkers

Bud Weiser () on 1997-07-16 02:48:52 wrote:
The best beer if you wanna get really pissed.Slides down your throat like water.

Tony () on 1997-07-13 05:38:54 wrote:
What is this made of. The cooling water from the Three mile island.

Alex M. Antipin (Sober.Alex at on 1997-05-06 05:47:55 wrote:
Folks! Don't you know, that Budweiser is Czech beer?Any stuff other than Czech
ever if it brings "budweiser"label is nothing more than just a counterfeit. A
counterfeitcannot be good.

johan van de beek () on 1997-04-24 06:39:13 wrote:
Americans are far too critical when referring to Bud. For EuropeansBud is a
American symbol and therefore interesting. In Holland Bud isjust as expensive as
Heineken in the States. Both beers are not verygood, but have a heavy symbolic

Ice T-Lo and Dave the Pimp () on 1997-04-22 01:15:52 wrote:
"This beer tastes like swill. How do you say...only a swine woulddrink it!"Two
words-Clydesdale Piss.

Jussi (Jussi at on 1997-04-12 09:06:40 wrote:

J (jvonv at on 1997-04-08 02:45:44 wrote:
Budweiser is a best beer. It´s better than Lightbeer in Finland. Thetaste is not
important, only that you can get drunk. You can drinkBudweisereasily.

Christine () on 1997-03-26 01:43:22 wrote:
Hey losers! There is a reason that Anheuser-Busch is the mostprofitable beer
company both in the US and internationally, and thatreason is, people like their
beer. Just becuase you like the darkstuff better doesn't mean it'sbetter.

Skye and Alfonso () on 1997-02-21 08:03:39 wrote:
My friends and are underaged and we love Bud Light. We drink it everyweekend
and sometimes during the week. We are involved in every high schoolactivity,
and we are planning on having a few kegs at our Senior Party. WE LOVEBUDLIGHT!!

Kendall Brown (breed at on 1997-01-23 10:32:10 wrote:
I've never had Bud from Finland, but here in the statesit pretty much tastes
like Moldy Bread Water(tm).Throw in a little amber color and you've got
Bud.Don't think that there are no good American beers.Just don't look to our
major labels to find the good ones!!!Ditto(tm) on the Communist

R S : Cornell University () on 1997-01-22 09:08:04 wrote:
Bud Light is a cheap, not very good tasting, beer.It's better than Beast though,
and works awfully good for a night of centuryclub.

Chief Skidmark (richardk at on 1996-11-29 09:39:15 wrote:
They sell Budweiser in USAF camps over here in Blighty, andthat's exactly where
it belongs. It's like lucozade butwithout the fizz. Get the Exmoor tage in!!PS
Agree with comments above re Communists.CHIEF SKIDMARK

Charles LaRosse (clarosse at on 1996-11-21 10:28:16 wrote:
Tea please.

Antony Sims (Antony.Sims at on 1996-11-16 02:09:14 wrote:
Buds the Bollocks but it's a hang over champion

Brooke Curren (bcurren at on 1996-10-14 04:54:05 wrote:
You girlie-men don't know the first thing aboutdrinking because you don't go to
Bowling GreenState University, so shut up. Even the girls can outdrink y' all.

Jason Ingram U.S.A. (ingramja at on 1996-09-14 06:21:30 wrote:
It does taste like piss water- the same as justabout all the beers from Finland!
just look at Poron Kusi...I mean Lapin Kulta.

Brewmaster (keywest at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
What do you expect when the recipe calls for rice and wood chips!And to think
that it's name comes from the original Budvar in theCzech Republic. Blasphemous!
Come to think of it, pee might eventaste better.

Michael Craft (magcraft at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
I from the U.S., and all I can say is Budweiseris terrible. And millions drink
it. There arepeople who live their whole lives here whohave never had a REAL
beer. But they are soconditioned by no-taste beer that anything WITHtaste turns
them off. Go figure.

moRtal/SMA (somewhere in sweden) on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Dont buy this shit! taste like water!This one is not a real beer!

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