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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Budweiser (USA version)

Budweiser (USA version) bottle by Anheuser-Busch
Country USA
Bottle size 0.355 l.
Alc vol 4.5 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
Tell us more
Comments Damn Yankee.

Supplied by
Brewery Anheuser-Busch
Brewery located in St. Louis
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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Robeer (allanmckay at xtra) on 2010-06-13 02:18:05 wrote:
Bastard beer.

Tom Parker (tivoisaliens at on 2009-07-22 21:20:53 wrote:
I love how all the ignorant, ego damaged Euros go straight to the Budweiser
section as an excuse to trash Americans. Notice how there aren't any comments at
all in the Sierra Nevada section. Sure, American breweries make crap, but in
most cases the mass produced flagship beers of every country is crap, from San
Miguel to Bintang to fucking Tuborg. American microbrews (which aren't even
micro anymore...they're mass) probably make up 90 of the top 100 beers in the

() on 2006-10-30 08:50:58 wrote:
From Josh,In terms of American beers Budweiser takes it all. Consider the costof
production and the affordability. With a smooth malt aftertaste itis a great
beer to quench your thirst, though it is very filling. Italso has an excellent
tradition and a quality, considering its brewingand production cost. It is and
always will be the King of Beers.

Adam () on 2006-10-27 05:55:35 wrote:
So apparently all that Bud lovers can do to defend their beloved beeris call
everyone who knows a good beer a pansy. What I don'tunderstand is, if you want a
cheap disgusting beer, why not just buyNatty? It's cheaper and just as bad.

Samuel (me at there) on 2006-09-03 09:16:10 wrote:
P.S. 0311 I totally agree with Bud giving US beer a bad name. YetAmericans
brewing beer is like a 5 yr old baking a cake, and likeparents feel abligated to
eat that cake some Americans might feel itpatriotic to drink Bud. In the same
thought, you shouldn't tell your5 yr old to go start a bakery.

Samuel (me at there) on 2006-09-03 09:04:17 wrote:
Bud is cheap, mass produced alcoholic water. Those who drink itlikely started
drinking under age and would drink anything they couldget. I think it is just
ignorance and stuberness on the drinkerspart, they don't know what is out there.
It is a good beer to getdrunk on, doesn't fill you up and you have to drink
more to get rid ofthat after taste!

0311 () on 2006-08-30 11:01:16 wrote:
Bud is beer for people who do not like beer. I am an American & I amembarrassed
by this peewater that is passed off as American beer.

ed (michigan_man at on 2006-05-06 05:15:24 wrote:
hey guys that becksterburnie ebayer gave me a humjob to, i thought iwas
special.quess not. oh well.

jg alankomaat () on 2006-04-30 10:17:12 wrote:
Probably the most bland beer in the world.

Ben Rowlands (ben.rowlands at on 2006-04-19 03:54:14 wrote:
The only people I know who like this beer are people who don't likebeer! They
taste this beer and because of a lack of flavour theyactually find it agreeable.
I guess you have to start some where andif they graduate from this to better
beers, well then bud has at leastdone something good.

vb () on 2006-01-22 12:47:47 wrote:
just 4 poofs

Robert Daugherty () on 2006-01-11 05:09:33 wrote:
Just good ol fashon USA beer made to have with food,watching football,fixing
cars and getting trashed with your bros. Not the watery pissthey drink in Canada
with their whores and hockey players, and not asheavy as oil like UK beer but
still good.

() on 2006-01-02 06:10:33 wrote:
An instant ripping headache in a bottle, what a great idea...

Dave (%00) on 2005-12-06 11:33:57 wrote:
hey philly, DC herebe for real, homeboyGuinness is a good beer. Budweiser is
piss. You be eatin' too many cheesesteaks, yo. Oh, also, the Eagles suck. Even
the Redskins beat your ass. What's upwith that?

Philly Jim () on 2005-11-27 09:13:30 wrote:
Budweiser is a good beer. I had it at the Baseball game a few yearsback. Well
USA still rules the world so I guess Budweiser will stillbe sold. To all my peps
in Jersey...holla at ur boy. Scott Roderickwhere are you? Eagles suck!

John Cole (zang2nd at on 2005-09-26 01:00:55 wrote:
I love how foreigners love to insult this beer. They must not realizethat it is
the #1 import from America in most countries!It is, however, one of the foulest
concoctions every made. Too muchbad flavor to be enjoyable and too much
carbonation to allow you todrink it quickly. And people pay $5-$6 a six-pack for
this swill?

auraaja () on 2005-08-09 02:11:09 wrote:
I do not understand why everybody hates this beer. You know, it is completely
recyclable product...see,you drink, you pee it back into the bottle and drink
again.Taste is the same... Buy one and use it like this for the rest of your
life.(Can't understand the connection between this beer and itslabel...After
all, some of the best beers are brewed in Czechrepublic...And those are
perfectly suitable for hot summerdays).Cheers

bobby () on 2005-07-24 10:55:21 wrote:
instead french wine americans should be dumping their bud intogutters. pigs
might like it though

Dave (%00) on 2005-06-24 09:34:12 wrote:
raimundolearn how to spell and people will take you much more seriously.aside
from that, budweiser sucks. actually, it is beyond suck. you are a fool if you
pay for this beer. if you got it for free, youpaid too much.adios, muchacho.

andre (lightswan at on 2005-05-03 08:00:06 wrote:
I payed 12 Australian dollars for a six pack in ADELAIDE,The bier was on reduce
price,on a 37 celsius jan day 2001.When l arrived home i drank two,it was OK,IT
TASTED clean,subdued rice malt flavours/light hop bitteress sazz i thinknot a
bad bier,but way over priced,USA BIERS COST SO MUCH INAustralia,I BE A BUD IF

Real Beer Lover () on 2005-02-22 11:00:43 wrote:
I don´t understand that so many people has made a comment on thiscrap. It´s not
beer, it´s water!. Hmm, looks like I am one of thesepeople too...

erehteion (skyliner_cro at on 2004-10-18 07:14:51 wrote:
while my people were writing philosophy, Americans were climbing ontrees

Paul (PW at on 2004-10-12 06:23:18 wrote:
As bad as the president !

Peter () on 2004-07-08 06:10:34 wrote:
Budweiser makes a great bottle ------- for pissing in!!!!I would buy this
garbage called "beer" only if I was expecting companyand wanted to keep the good
stuff for myself. Ususally the guests areplenty stupid anyways and say that I
shouldn't have gone through somuch trouble in serving them "beer".

dave (dcrozberry at on 2004-07-06 07:58:44 wrote:
A no-nonsense "mainstream" brew that fits perfectly with todays"dumbed down"
taste BUDs among the "commercial" masses of consumerism."We have no time to
taste real beer" we just gulp and swallow whatevert.v. says. With millions in
sales we have to be right, right?

anon () on 2004-05-21 02:40:54 wrote:
Passable: put a can in 2 quart pot and set it boiling. Add 3 pounds of lean stew
meat, some carrots, 1/4 cabbage (chopped), onions, garlic, salt. pepper, a hefty
dash of worstershire and 1/8 cup of vinegar. Boil it down and add some quick
barley 12 minutes to cook for 12 minutes. This is the only way to use Budweiser.
If you try to drink it you might as well dip the raw meat in the vingegar
andgnaw it raw.

Leife (leifemartin at on 2003-12-14 03:13:11 wrote:
It is though... the king of beers.This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of
no brand produced by any other brewer which cost so much to brew and age. Their
exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste,a smoothness and a drinkability you
will find in no otherbeer at any price.

David,from Canada () on 2003-11-23 08:08:40 wrote:
Sure,okay,talk about beer,Budweiser,foreign policy,swear a stream
ofprofanities,but please keep God and Jesus the Christ out of this.

hmm (hmm) on 2003-10-24 09:42:50 wrote:
Beer good.... Budweiser bad...

GOLAB (GOLABKR at YAHOO.COM) on 2003-09-27 04:52:39 wrote:

Beerlovegirl () on 2003-07-31 06:42:25 wrote:
Wow!I think it is ridiculous that everyone is talking about Budweiser as if it
is the only beer made in America! I don't like Budweiser, myself, I think it is
watered down, uninteresting and it does not dogood things to the digestive
system. But America makesa lot of great microbrews and no one should
discountthese fine beers. I also drink more imports than American domestics and
my favorite beers are from countries other than the US. I will end with
this:Many of the previous comments from folks in the US andfolks from other
countries are very ignorant. Grow up!You insult not only each other's beers, but
each other's countries and their inhabitants. Stick to the beer and get more
drunk. You know nothing if you don't know that diversity is this world's
greatest asset. In beer and life.Cheers!

Todd,Canadian guy. (beerme at on 2003-07-24 10:43:23 wrote:
Sweet,malty,average,watery,bland.Not one a good American beer by
anymeans.Probably one of the worst I've ever had. Just because it sells the most
doesn't mean anything. USA has better.

Josh () on 2003-07-08 04:38:45 wrote:
Budweiser has probably more sodium content than any beer around. Theonly reason
people drink it is because it's so incredibly,over-the-top marketed. Anyone who
disagrees should enroll in a basiceconomics class. It has nothing to do with the
taste being"great". It's a consumer favorite because it's cheap and
affordableand its advertisers have it in everyone's face, everywhere you go..In
short, if your goal is to get drunk fast and to do it at areasonably inexpensive
price, then the Canadian beers are the way togo Specifically, Molson Ice,
Canadian or Labatt Blue. And if you'redesperate enough, Black Label. Or for
American, Icehouse.

Paul (a at on 2003-07-02 01:36:31 wrote:
This is probably the worst beer I've ever tasted. Like used dishwasherwith a
very soapy aftertaste.It's very popular over here for some reason. F*ck knows
why!Paul, Scotland

Chris R. aus Leoben (the_bambikiller at on 2003-05-24 10:24:38 wrote:
i like it, you can drink alot without getting tired of it. it does'nt taste like
beer much but thats how budweiser works ;-)

Härski (bowtie-gearhead at on 2003-03-05 08:38:40 wrote:
Hundreds of millions of beer drinkers can't be wrong! No wonder it's #1 selling
beer in US. That's another reasonwhy I want to live in this country for the rest
of my life!It's the king of beers!Sama suomeksi: Sarvikuono- ja tsekkibisse
maistuvat suksitervalta. Ihminen joutuu ottamaan ensin 3 promillen
hönöntequilalla että saa moisia paperitehtaan prosessijätevesiäkurkkutorvesta

Gabe () on 2003-03-04 02:26:58 wrote:
Okay, Budweiser is not for beer snobs, first and foremost. I don'tconsider
myself a beer snob because I enjoy many types of beers frommany countries. For
reference I happen to love Newcastle Brown andPaulaner Hefe Weizen. Bud is a
quality beer, with a smooth, mellowtaste. It's great with a greasy meal. Open
your mind and try again. It's better than a lot of garbage out there!

Budweiser*US*Stinks () on 2003-01-05 01:04:42 wrote:
Emigrants from Europe brought so many wonderful things to the NewWorld, why not
good beer?

Gringo Jones (Gringo Jones at on 2002-11-10 04:42:48 wrote:
Yo I am an American and have been drinking this beer since I was 16and most of
the time I was drinking it I was also having a blast. Butthen one day I
realized this was a pretty lame beer and a pretty lamecountry too so I left.

wrost night mare (dolly1252001) on 2002-11-07 01:28:15 wrote:
yo you dont need to be sending little kids beer and budwwisers fromyour wrost
night mare.'

gueuzefan (infinitetease at on 2002-10-27 10:19:44 wrote:
Fact:If I could only drink Bud, I wouldn't drink.(Sadly, Bud isn't even the
worst beer in America,and fortunately, it is far from the best.)

DEKE Bro (PHIGAMMA at SYR.EDU) on 2002-10-22 07:09:11 wrote:
Ladies and gentlemen,As an American, I feel obligated to inform you that Bud is
not beer,it is "value added advertising" Bud has taken crap and used
largehorses, amphibians, and clever commercials to fool you into orderingthis
poor excuse for a beverage. I have been to every state in the US,East and West
Germany (before and after the wall came down), I spent ayear in London, and have
been to France, Iceland, Brussels, Scotland,Mexico & Canada. Each and every
country has its good and bad beers.Our country should by no means be judged by a
beer. And no selfrespecting American should be fooled by Bud's advertising. (If
you dolike Bud, you have probably stopped reading this to go and look upthed
word "amphibian") Here is what Bud is good for1. Beer Pong (aka, Beeramyds) For
those who have no ideawhat this is, it involves plastic cups ping pong balls and
eventuallyvomitting.2. Getting sorority girls and small dogs drunk (they both
tend toconfuse Bud with water, which usually leads to general hilarity)3.
drinking...if all of the Saranac, Yuengling, Sam Smiths, and JackDaniels are
goneand "seeing who can throw the couch the farthest" seems like a goodideaAnd
all of you Aussies.....I agree that your women are top notch. I'vemet quite a
few Australian girls andthey were very good "ambassadors of good will." But
please lets notmess with Football (gridiron) I am an avid soccer player,and
spend a lot of time defending the manliness of the game from thebarbs of
less-enlightened individuals, but I am also an avidAmerican Football fan. Don't
knock what you don't understand.In closing I would like to say:1: There is no
good reason to drink Bud barring that is the only beerthat you and your14 year
old buddies can steal from your dad's stash in the garage orthat's what the boys
down at the Klan meeting really like2: Please refrain from messing with
America....or we'll....(Ok we'vepretty much already done that...never mind)3:
Assorted non-Americans: please try some of our Micro-brews beforebanishing us to
beer hell

STrone (sftyrone at on 2002-10-08 11:25:16 wrote:
I'm an American, and Bud sucks. We must educate the publicon what real beer is.
I'm glad they got their butts kickedin the courts over Budvar. Congratulations
you guys.

POMS R GAY () on 2002-09-26 11:12:34 wrote:
Australians are the hardest drinkers on earth. So go have a beat youdim witted

Mick Stepp (jmstepp at on 2002-09-26 05:09:44 wrote:
Yeah it's crap but most mass manufactured beers are crap (as opposedto craft
brews) and that includes most Canadian, Mexican, Italian andAustralian beers
(and I would add a number of German beers in thiscategory also). Thin ,
lifeless, tastless, bland and more concernedwith marketing/image than product. I
can't believe we're even talkingabout garbage like this instead of praising the
whole universe ofgreat beers that can be found around the world.

Stefan Frigge, Germany () on 2002-08-06 04:23:08 wrote:
If you want to know how US-Budweiser tastes, just drink some water outof a
public toilet!I wonder why this beer is so successful in America and why it's
sodifferent from the european Bud, which is a good beer?

Tosimies () on 2002-07-28 01:40:31 wrote:
Baseball isn't sport, basketball isn't sport, american football isn'tsport...
and budweiser isn't beer!!!

Mike Jackson (mjj at on 2002-07-22 09:48:05 wrote:
I must have drank 5,000 of these during my first 6-7 yearsof beer drinking, when
I didn't know any better. I sure amglad that I discovered german and czech bier.
I haven't dranka bud in over 4 years now, and don't miss it a bit. I willstill
drink one if somebody offers me one, but I would neveragain pay money for one.

ataka in Germany () on 2002-07-19 03:01:16 wrote:
Why don't A-B make this alcohl-free. So that All Under-ages can drinkand nobody
really notice the taste difference. (I would not dare todrink them anyway)

Rick (loco at on 2002-07-02 04:27:35 wrote:
I believe that Budweiser is one of the best beers available, just notthe
american version. I wonder how they can make the cat sit on thebottle for so

Robert (Like I need more spam) on 2002-06-14 11:03:01 wrote:
A few comments:Spelling and grammar have gone by the wayside worldwide..The
world is a wonderful place to be. Some places arebetter than others. The U.S.
is a wonderful place, as isAustralia, I'm sure.Yes, Budweiser is horrid, but
then, so is vegemite.

Not (American) on 2002-05-02 01:47:49 wrote:
Nothing can beat Fuller's London Pride or Brakspear Bitter, face itmentally
challenged yokels.

Big SCHLONG () on 2002-04-05 04:36:50 wrote:
I would just like to say the US is crap and Budweiser is good

Tim S () on 2002-03-29 11:58:23 wrote:
you all are a bunch of liars. if it was free, you would drink, it gets
you drunk if you slam enough, right?

Dave (flanker_6 at on 2002-02-06 01:42:06 wrote:
I can get toilet water for free in my bathroom!!!

GENERAL BITCHSLAP (the international pimp army) on 2002-02-03 08:59:39 wrote:
This beer really does suck. Y,all back home may not agree with me atfirst, but
come here to Germany, Czech Republic, or anywhere in Europeand try the local
beers. I guarantee, you`ll never want to drink anAmerican beer again.

David Morgan (dpmorgan at on 2002-02-03 07:12:36 wrote:
Simply the worst beer on the planet.

my mum (osama at on 2002-01-01 12:43:02 wrote:
new drinking game!!!!find the taste!!!!!!ha, just like the USA, all hype no
substance, all bluster no balls, useless bastards

Didrik () on 2001-12-19 02:18:27 wrote:
Oh god I hate American beer....Why do they even try?All their beer tastes like
girls beer.Give it up yankees!

Jan () on 2001-10-11 08:15:49 wrote:
Vetistä! Ei ansaitsisi edes oluen titteliä.

Leon Alvarado () on 2001-07-18 11:52:07 wrote:
Keyword: RiceThis beer does not belong among beer drinkers that like beer for
it'staste since it has none. The recipe keeps being altered and now ricehas
become one of it's main ingredients. I know that rice is becominga common
ingredient in today's beer recipes but let's get serious, abad beer only gets
worst whenever you cheapen it's ingredients.

Scozza () on 2001-07-17 09:17:28 wrote:
Its not Crown Lager.

Dan (danl957 at on 2001-07-14 04:00:41 wrote:
this is the most popular beer in the world, that just goes to show you the wold
is full of people with no taste

() on 2001-06-10 04:13:47 wrote:
wellBudwieser is a very good beerVictoria Bitter is the worst beer EVER

mitko (mhylv at on 2001-04-10 07:45:01 wrote:
this is how a horse piss probaly tast

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS (no fixed e-mail address) on 2001-03-25 10:38:34 wrote:
Hey Frank, you may have once commited a criminal act by drinkingBudweiser (we
all have), but youve since had the decency to drinkCastlemaine XXXX (the best
Australian beer Ive had), so relax, yourepardoned and rehabilitated. Cheers

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS (no fixed e-mail address) on 2001-03-13 09:27:46 wrote:
I grew up drinking this stuff thinking that it was the best beer inthe world.
However, as an American living in Scandinavia, it shamesand pains me greatly to
admit that American beer, especially Bud,really does SUCK. Our European brothers
are right, real quality beercomes from Europe, particullarly the Czech Republic.
I only drink Budwhen Im back home, but only for nostalgias sake, otherwise Id
ratherdrink from our excellent micro-brew pubs.

Budweiser original (bud at on 2001-03-11 05:15:57 wrote:
Drink it yourselves. It is terrible, you mustvisit the original brewery in Ceske
Budejoviceto know how to brew good beer.

SpiffyChic (shockwave668 at on 2001-03-07 04:31:23 wrote:
This stuff sucks!!!I will even tell you the recipe so you can make it at home
and samesome money.1. Buy good beer.2. Drink and enjoy.3. Piss it out into a
bottle.4. Put the bottle in a fridge and let cool. 5. Enjoy…. guarantied to
taste the sameJ

Steven Gysler (S_gysler at on 2001-02-26 10:48:32 wrote:
I don't know why Americans can't make a good beer, but theyjust cannot. Bud
makes me sick to my stomach. It's asour tasting beer that churns my insides. I
wouldn't evendrink the stuff on a dare. I would prefer Dinkelacker,Becks,
Heineken or Frydenlund if I really had a cravingfor a good beer. Spaten was
pretty good, too.I leave American beers alone. I want to save my stomachfrom all
the acid they cause.Thank you Europe, for saving us from our beer and giving
usbetter options than our domestic toilet cleaner.

coop (coop) on 2001-01-09 05:07:37 wrote:
Only Louie could (or would) drink this crap

John Fowler (jtf1960 at on 2000-12-24 03:36:46 wrote:
About it's only redeeming social value is that it will get you drunk if you can
stand to drink enough of it. I rate it among the 2 or 3 worse that I've tasted.

Phil (oblongesophagus at on 2000-12-23 01:31:11 wrote:
Imagine drinking perfume... watered down... filtered through amouthful of
steamed rice- that Bud's not for me

darrens boyfreind () on 2000-12-07 03:47:49 wrote:
I think darren desterbitch or whatever can go eat an ass because he isgay yes
thats right darren is a flamming homosexual

Darren Dieterich (dtdieter at on 2000-11-24 06:09:12 wrote:
This beer is a display of the power of effective marketing. Bud hasthe bucks so
the person trying to fit in drinks it. The beer ishorrible and fills you up
before it can mess you up. Some times I amforced to drink it because it is all
there is available and it reallytastes horrible. When you are used to drinking
beers with taste Budis very disappointing. This is a beer for a wanna be beer
drinker. Asimilar comparison is candy cigarettes compared to real
cigarettes,but at least candy cigarettes taste good. Burn in hell

Torsti (mömmö at möö.mmö) on 2000-11-10 01:43:15 wrote:
sorry, but it has nothing to do with beer.tulee vaan hissi ylös

realist (bud at on 2000-10-31 09:07:32 wrote:
it is truly amazing how stupid the general public can be...the onlything to make
this 'beer' and its counterpart bud light successfull istrickery-otherwise known
as marketing...hats off to a.b. forbrilliantly suckering so many ignorant

Crusty (spambait at on 2000-10-11 08:15:00 wrote:
Here in the U.S., we are told over and over and over, that Budweiseris great
beer. Cut us some slack. You've done some really stupidthings because of slick
advertising too!

Ron -Richmond Va (kochr at on 2000-08-18 02:57:35 wrote:
This beer is not worthy to be named Budweiser. The real onecomes from Czech and
tastes like beer. The USA version is just a chemical try to brew beer.

StormRunner (stormrunner at on 2000-06-20 07:29:18 wrote:
The first beer I ever tried was bud and a have never had another I drink
Killian's irish red now. Oh yeah, I live in the south US. Guess I don't belong
here since I can't standthat budweiser horse-piss.

Sam Swinson (samr at on 2000-05-22 03:12:15 wrote:
Budweiser is the best beer I've ever tasted. To whoever said it was afag's
drink, has never been down south. Bud is a redneck's dream.All-American. Anyone
who thinks otherwise- who asked you!

i (bumbul81 at on 2000-02-29 05:03:50 wrote:
The oxymoron is "inoffensive tastelessness"

i (bumbul81 at on 2000-02-29 05:02:50 wrote:
when i think of budweiser, an oxymoron comes to mind:

Shaniquia (shaniquia at on 2000-02-01 02:35:01 wrote:
I like my men like my beer bottles, short and wide!

Mioshi () on 2000-02-01 02:14:04 wrote:
My name is Mioshi and I like Bud because it makes me a chester

Jusafus () on 2000-01-30 12:45:49 wrote:
This so called beer is like the drinkers of it: pathetic.

William (verruckterhund at on 1999-10-25 12:13:44 wrote:
Thin, watery, and bland. Not to my taste at all.

() on 1999-09-26 09:00:53 wrote:
This is the most disgusting beer. It is amazing how it is so popularin America.
The Anheuser-Busch marketing department does a great jobto sell so much of this

yuval () on 1999-06-12 03:53:58 wrote:
all i have to say about this beer is:YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK BLAAAAAH!!!!

Der Meister (don't bother) on 1999-06-09 05:09:31 wrote:
Hey, I bet the old Bush is turning in his grave knowing how theydegraded that
beer into what it is today: Water, flavored withwoodchips. You gotta take the
tour whenever you are in St.Louis. "...and to add flavor, we shovel a load of
woodchips into the barrels,because we are too stingy to add REAL ingredients.
Then we tell theaverage american that a LIGHT beer is something that is GOOD
andDESIRABLE!" I would really like to know how the amount of grain pergallon
changed over the decades...

Mat () on 1999-06-04 01:01:58 wrote:
Certainement une des pires bières au monde: américaine...

Adam (atr403 at on 1999-05-31 10:10:12 wrote:
Budweiser is the best beer in the world, and anyone who disagrees can come and
tangle with me. Budweiser goesdown smooth and leaves no aftertaste. For all of
you that disagree, why don't you just shut your mouths and quit putting down the
BEST beer in the world. And I should know because I have travelled the world
and I am a university student so i have tried many different kinds ofbeer and
BUDWEISER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riivattu / KaMu ry () on 1999-05-27 01:19:41 wrote:
If most of the Americans think this is good claiming they're theleading nation
of the world, then God bless the rest of us.And if brewing such piss is not
enough, they are trying to fightBudvar in the courts of law!!Sama suomeksi: plää

() on 1999-04-22 04:01:02 wrote:
i think budweiser morning noon and night

Dark or else... () on 1999-02-22 05:29:22 wrote:
#From Dark or else..., #If they put it in a plastic bottle they could sell it
to kids. This#pussy beer needs a dark bottle so you can lie to yourself that
you#wasted your money and aren't drinking water. They probably add food#coloring
at the factory so it ain't clear. Yellow 5 shrinks you dick#anyway doesn't it?
Drink a real beer (anything dark) and grow some#hair on your chest.#

SpaseBo (spacebo at on 1999-02-12 11:20:28 wrote:
hero is better...try it!

Dave the Booze Hound (dkneheli at on 1999-01-22 09:04:35 wrote:
In the U.S. they call this "King of Beers". I like to callit "The King of
Crap". Typical of an American beer. IT'sa tasteless brew with no character.
Brown water.

charlie usa (cjc3 at on 1998-11-16 08:23:26 wrote:
i feel like hurling just thinking about it,molson ice is my beer ofchoice,it
should be on the list!!!

Matt Frederickson (mattee_phred at on 1998-10-12 12:01:27 wrote:
Made from the finest Barley, Wheat, and RICE????? It's an instant headache in a
bottle, I usually feel hung over beforeI feel Drunk when I am offerd no choice.

Dan () on 1998-09-28 09:55:44 wrote:
#From Dan, #You can find out this beer in porno places all over#Internet ...
##section urine drinking / pissing #

Wade McClain (wademcc at on 1998-09-22 01:11:33 wrote:
I am embarrassed to call myself an American, mostly becauseof horrid piss beers
like this. It is blasphemy to call thisbeer.

Jason Buxton () on 1998-09-14 11:58:53 wrote:
I take that back Budweiser is not the best beer. The best beerI ever had was
Schlitz it was the best beer. I think it shouldsymbolize our country. Jason
Buxton Lake Charles ,La.

Jason Buxton () on 1998-09-14 11:55:39 wrote:
This is a damn good beer people should drink it every day .Jason Buxton Lake
Charles La.

jeanpierre (jeanpierrebertrand at on 1998-08-10 06:58:19 wrote:
Je prefere le perrier.

Charles S. Busch IV (bushman at on 1998-06-24 10:45:31 wrote:
Light and refreshing, perfect for those hot summer dayson the American
continent. Perhaps this is why NorthernEuropeans, with their cooler climate, and
the large groupof American wanna-be Europeans just don't get it. Not my
favorite, but there ain't nuthin' wrong with it.

Josh () on 1998-05-08 05:02:59 wrote:
I would rather lick my dog's asshole than drink this beer.

bettina (chaix at on 1998-04-30 10:05:26 wrote:
Errrrkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! sans doute l'equivalent d'un hamburger biengras, on frole
vite l'arret cardiaque! et encore un hamburger ca a dugout! alors qu'une Bud ca
n'en a pas vraiment... tout le monde araison, passez aux bieres qui ont du
caractere please!

ajbrouwer (ajbrouwer at on 1998-04-29 07:21:15 wrote:
If you like water drink Budweiser if you like beer drinkGROLSCH!!!!!!!!

Markus Sjöström (s962780 at on 1998-03-17 12:48:28 wrote:
I have allways wondered; How can Us-soldiers drink "gook-beer" It is made from
rice!!!! Real men don´t drink water!

EDW () on 1998-03-02 09:10:38 wrote:
Bud is extreamly watery and is good to drink at footballpractice when you are

Antti Toukolehto (Antti.Toukolehto at icon,.fi) on 1998-02-26 08:23:27 wrote:
jos teilta puuttuu joitain pulloja a,merikasta niin voisin tuodajotain ,mita
haluatte pienta korvausta vastaan,

() on 1998-02-04 03:27:49 wrote:
It's only good when you're not.(Jone & Tuokki)1998 N.Y.C.

Chris () on 1998-01-28 11:18:37 wrote:
Even the bottle looks like it would contain milk !

Vovik-Slalom (svetlov at on 1997-12-02 08:26:04 wrote:
Man, does this beer suck. And all variations of it, draft and ice, allsuck.How
come from all the American beers such a beer-loving nation endedup withthe
Buttweiser (aka Mudweiser)? Must be them Russians, heh. Tell youwhat, you buy
the Finnair tickets, I'll buy you decent Wisconsin-brewed olut. That'sa damn
shame, whatthose buttwizards export. You do seem to have some Sam Adams in
yourcollection,but that's not nearly representative of American beers. There
arerumours (probably false )that there are some damn good beers made even
outside Wisconsin...Cheers,Vovik

L. Barendse () on 1997-11-18 12:15:08 wrote:
put it back in the horse !!!There are a lot of great american beers out hereTry
Anchor Steam (liberty Ale) or Sierra Nevada pale aleForget about the light
beers. Drink the real thing

Art Lopez ( at on 1997-07-02 04:21:19 wrote:
I agree with all the bad comments people talk about budweiser.

Anders JOnsson (anjo8399 at hem1,passagen,se) on 1997-05-13 02:30:28 wrote:
I cant believe that you have wote so bad on this beer I really thinkits a real

Syl (sylvain.turenne at on 1997-05-12 08:40:40 wrote:
Hi folks,For those who hate this beer (and I am one of those), I can give you
agood trick to improve your judgment concerning this fluid. When yourpipes are
clogged with grease, hair and T-bones, drop a FULL bottle ofBud in the sink.
After a couple of seconds, the pipe will be cleanandfresh.

PeA Sopo (challand at on 1997-03-25 10:43:04 wrote:
The dishwater after a beerevening tastes more.A beer for beerhaters, 'cos it
doesn't taste beer.PeA

Cipriano Jesus Salazar Garibay (cgaribay at on 1997-02-25 06:13:08 wrote:
It's not a Mexican beer, but if you are white and smoke Marlboro'sthen this is
truly yourbeer.

pavel m. (t-pavelm at on 1997-02-20 09:43:40 wrote:
See what the US mass production over xx yearscan do to the originally very good
brewing licensefrom Budweiss (Ceské Budejovice, Czechia).

Westical (weston at on 1997-02-10 11:16:47 wrote:
Not a bad beer but has a lingering bitter aftertasteone of america's better
beers if your not a sissy.

R. Thoms (72633.2644 at on 1997-01-23 10:17:00 wrote:
The joys of watery perfume. We all have to start somewhere. How aboutsome

R S : Cornell University () on 1997-01-22 09:03:58 wrote:
Bud lite is a good beer for centuryclub.

Lombasta (lhalas at on 1997-01-21 08:04:12 wrote:
I only serve bud to people who won't drink what Idrink.

Janne Maunu (jmaunu at on 1997-01-17 02:15:54 wrote:
What can you say. Like having sex in a canoe.(****ing close towater.)

Kyu-chul. Chung. (a9614433 at on 1996-11-20 06:41:59 wrote:
COOl!!!! :-)

Robert Philips (gautama at on 1996-09-10 06:12:49 wrote:
Bubweiser is buttscratch... thank you

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