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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

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Budejovichy Budvar

Budejovichy Budvar bottle by Budějovický Budvar
Country Czech
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 5 %
Beer Style Tell us if you know! »
Beer name means Budvar is short for Budejovicky Pivovar - Brewery from the city of Ceske Budejovice Budweis is the German name of Budejovice and Budweiser means from Budejovice (Thanks Anatol)
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Supplied by
Brewery Budějovický Budvar
Brewery located in Tell us if you know! »
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kalle () on 2006-09-26 10:27:19 wrote:
Budéjovický Budvar is King of Beers. Very tasty.

Hobby (hobby at on 2005-06-07 04:17:21 wrote:
in the head of this document is mistake...That is not BudejoviCHy but
BudejoviCKy - exactly Budějovický BudvarTrust me, I'm from Prague, Czech
Republic :)Correct it please and have fun, with regards - Hobby.

John Hadley (john at on 2005-02-09 06:06:14 wrote:
At Last Budvar is available in the United States, under the nameCzechvar. Here
in Columbus, Ohio It can be purchased at PalmerBeverage.

Seppo N. () on 2004-12-23 11:09:35 wrote:
Well, here's a real Czech beer :) Full 10 - if only I could vote. For some
reason i get only invalid inputas a result :/

Chris (bockc at on 2004-12-21 07:22:25 wrote:
I had some Budvar here in the States 14 years ago. The GermanEmbassy has a
little store for its employees. they sell budvarthere. I met some former east
Germans working on a specialproject in Solomons Island, MD. One Friday they
drove to DC and bought 2 cases of this beer. We were so wasted, but the
amazingthing, I was not hung over like when I drink American beers.I still
remember that beer fondly and hope to taste it againone day.

Max (m.s.vadmand at on 2004-08-18 02:16:39 wrote:
[b]"Barry Shirfield" wrote :[/b][i]try it draught in Prague and you'll never
want to go home![/i]My favorite local pub (The Wharf, Aalborg/Denmark) just
brourght thisfine beer home, both draught and bottled, and I can only agree
thatwhen you´ve tried the draught, there´s no going back.Also the "Pilsner
Urquell" is being served as draught at this fineestablishment, and that´s also
well worth it !

John, LT () on 2004-06-10 01:06:42 wrote:
this is the best beer I've ever tasted and it's my favorite beer, theoriginal
Czech Budweiser. Nothing can beat it. 10/10

nico (nllew at on 2003-07-11 08:35:46 wrote:
ATTN: BOB FROM OHIOThis is the original beer from Budweis not the so say Beer of
Kingsshite you call Budweiserin de states AH WO

Kent Randau () on 2003-05-31 11:39:26 wrote:
It has a unique smell and taste, just like Urquell for instance. Ifyou've drunk
Budvar a few times you will recognise it wearing ablindfold. Truly one of the
best lager beers. The best way to enjoy aBud is of course on tap, in Budejovice,
at the brewery pub where thebeer is as fresh as can be.

Sammy (slamminsammie at on 2003-02-18 12:49:23 wrote:
You can get Budvar here in the states, it is called Czechvar. Made bythe
brewery with a different name for the states.

Paul (paultk at on 2002-03-17 05:08:37 wrote:
I have one of these in my fridge right now. Will enjoy it later this afternoon.
I like this stuff and always get a couple of bottles a week. Try it if you
haven't already.

Michael () on 2002-02-04 08:54:35 wrote:
Definetively the best beer you can get. But be aware that there are a version
for the Czech Republic and an export version as well (which matures for 90 days
instead of 60).Budvar in the Czech Rep, is much better. Don't miss it !!!!

Antti L (antti at on 2001-08-23 02:56:20 wrote:
This has been my favorite in many years and I dink others too,but Budvar comes
back every time!

ALEXANDER THE not so GREAT (The beer crusader) on 2001-08-17 02:45:18 wrote:
As an American, it is my sincerest hope that this fine and TRUEBudweiser will
soon be widely available in the U.S., and that it willsend our poor immitation
of Budweiser on its way to Hell. Hey you guysat Anhueser-Busch Breweries : EAT

Mark Draper (MarkBDraper at on 2001-08-16 07:20:42 wrote:
Lovely stuff - freely available in the UK and now being marketed inthe US under
the name Czechvar (following the legalk case withAnheuser)

Julie-Anna (JulieAnnaCoy at on 2001-04-14 10:59:32 wrote:
Someone pleeeeease tell me where I can purchase Budvaror Czechvar in the
good-o-USA. Had it while in CZ andam in total withdraw!!!!!!!!

S. MAVRO (HUGH G. RECTION at HARDON.CUM) on 2001-03-22 04:03:55 wrote:
BUD USA should stop passing off that goat piss they call beer andstart taking
lessons from the Czechs. This beer is fantastic. It hadquenched my thirst and
tantalized my taste buds many times while inFrankfurt.

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS (no fixed e-mail address) on 2001-03-13 11:41:41 wrote:
As an American, Ill honestly admit that this version of Budweiser is athousand
times better than our piss-poor Budweiser. Aunheiser-Bushbrewers, you should be
ashamed of yourselves.

Zbysek Sec (sec at on 2000-12-27 05:55:53 wrote:
Write - Budějovický Budvar -Budvar is base of all beer but older is Samson - in
BudejoviceZbysek SECCzech Republic

William Russell (zdrceny1 at on 2000-09-04 07:36:30 wrote:
Pretty good beer... I gave it a 6. Not "all that", though. I thinkthe best
quality of the beer was paying .80 cents a bottle. CZ is anawesome place
(-Prague), with great women, but the beer still justaverage!

Expert drinker (jlk1 at on 2000-03-13 06:10:42 wrote:
Excellent!!! 9/10. Near perfect.

Petr (labolog at on 2000-03-13 05:26:46 wrote:
Budweiser Budvar 12% is actually the best beer brewed in Czechia,I prove it:
webmaster http//www.labolog.czIf you collect beer labels, contact me

R. T. (rtoth at on 2000-02-05 04:33:42 wrote:

Riivattu / KaMu ry () on 1999-05-27 01:13:54 wrote:
A very good one but not as good as Pilsner Urguell!!

Dan () on 1998-09-28 09:42:56 wrote:
For me this is the real Budweiser.

Jens Erik Jřrgensen (mus at on 1997-12-16 09:57:23 wrote:
This beer is the best I have ever drunk in my life. Pilsner Urquell is great
to.......................From the great DENMARK

scooby (maxik at on 1997-11-04 03:06:27 wrote:
I think that it's the one of good beers. I think it's a luck to livewhere I Budweiss.

Jerry Dohnal (jerryd at on 1997-10-17 02:25:34 wrote:
Nothing comes close! Very solid.As for that American shit... Don't get me

jaime soto (pytihsoto at on 1997-10-12 07:11:40 wrote:
This beer is the best I have ever drunk in my life. I wish I coulddrink this
beer every second of my life. I have never been to CzechRepublic, but I think
your beer is the best in the world. I hopeyou'll continue in this great
tradition.American beer sucks.

Barry Shirfield (barrys at on 1997-08-11 10:51:28 wrote:
Far superior to that insipid American version-try it draught in Pragueand you'll
never want to go home! At least Anheuser Busch's attempt toblackmail Budvar into
selling shares was foiled-one of the CzechRepublics crown jewels and may it stay
that way!

Thomas Bucher (106546.3064 at on 1997-07-29 11:40:43 wrote:
It is a pity, that one of the worst beer of the world(U.S.-Bud) has the same
name as the Nr.1-beer of theworld, the marvellous BUDVAR

J & G Nikiel () on 1997-06-03 11:37:47 wrote:
Creamy and wonderful -- I agree with Stephanie Steinruck -- it is hell living in
the U.S. and not being able to get it.ANYWHERE! It is a shame that Budweiser
U.S. is even marketed as "beer" with this great Czech beeraround.

Roel van Driel (roelvdriel at on 1997-04-28 12:07:32 wrote:
For me this is the real Budweiser. One of the best beers (pils) in theworld

Pentti Kiviranta 267000020020318 (pentti.kiviranta at on 1997-04-11 12:57:42 wrote:
Budejovicky Budvar is Trabant Budweiser and it tastes like it, withall those
gloomy bluedays.

Jan Mraka (jipi at on 1997-02-22 05:13:39 wrote:
Budejovicky Budvar is the real KING OF BEERS.P.S. Please correct the wrong
spelling in your list (Budejovicky instead of Budejovichy). Thanks.

Jan Coufal (t-janc at on 1997-02-21 12:22:58 wrote:
In my opinion, Budejovicky Budvar is the best beer in the whole worldI know.
Never drunk anythingbetter.

pavel m. (t-pavelm at on 1997-02-20 10:07:58 wrote:
Budejovicky Budvar from Budweiss is very good.It's brewed according to the
original license whichAnheuser Bush (US) screwed up over the years...

bourek (bourek at on 1997-02-20 05:57:12 wrote:
Had to drink some awfull Austrian beer in Salzburg.Longing for a nice 0.5 liter
cool Budvar right

Stephanie Steinruck (SteiniePA at on 1996-12-08 07:37:53 wrote:
I wish that we could get Budvar here in the U.S.I am havingWithdrawl!!!!

Jani Patanen (Jani.Patanen at on 1996-11-19 09:00:09 wrote:
Nice taste, beats the crap out of the american Bud.Too bad BUD (usa) is having a
court battle here in Finlandand during that fight Budejovichy is not available

Bob in Ohio (MuellerRN at on 1996-10-14 04:09:20 wrote:
Enjoyed this beer while in Romania. Definitly the Beer of Kings. Almost Nirvana.

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