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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

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Velkopopovicky Kozel

Velkopopovicky Kozel bottle by Velkopopovicky
Country Czech
Bottle size 0.5 l.
Alc vol 5 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Goat from Velkopopovice or The Velkopopovice Goat. (Thanks Sylvia) Velke Popovice is a village south-east of Prague.(Thanks Dick)
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Comments Reiska bought from local Alcohol Store 26.5 95
Brewed in town Velkopopovicky

Supplied by Reiska bought from local Alcohol Store 26.5 95
Brewery Velkopopovicky
Brewery located in Tell us if you know! »
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Leroy () on 2009-09-08 05:50:48 wrote:
I had this beer (dark) on tap in Prague back in the summer of 1995 and it has
been by far the best beer I have ever had. I've had plenty of licensed Kozel
beers made in Russia, while good, nothing close to the tap.

Judy (judyj5150 at on 2008-04-05 19:55:37 wrote:
I traveled to Prague and this czech beer was the best I ever had, the malty
carmel flavor was the best - my friend who does not like beer loved it also.

Steve (suntraa at on 2007-05-07 23:32:54 wrote:
Adding to my last comment, the local tap beer is a med-dark amber and not nearly
as good from bottle, even when purchased in CZ. Another CZ killer is called
Krusovice(sp). It is more blonde than velko, but also has a smooth creamy
weight/body that I haven't experienced outside of CZ.

Steve (suntraa at on 2007-05-07 23:22:52 wrote:
I absolutely agree with Marc. I lived in Prague for 6 months and travelled (and
drank beer) all over Europe. Velko, on tap, is the BEST beer I have ever had.
It is reason alone to travel to Prague.

oskar (oersa at on 2006-08-29 07:25:38 wrote:
I don't think that it is as tasty as Pilsner Urquel or Czechvar(Budweiser Czech
in Ontario, Canada but not too bad. There are manygerman lagers that are as good
if not better at least here in Canada. I have not tasted or even seen the dark
one yet. cheers

Paul (manks2 at on 2006-08-28 04:52:34 wrote:
Can you get kozel beer in the US? Where?

Marc (marc at on 2006-06-11 08:05:59 wrote:
I traveled all over europe and this czech beer was the best I ever had

Attila (gagarin- at on 2006-01-10 04:28:59 wrote:
One of the best beers ever tasted. The dark one is legendary as well(although I
prefer the blonde).But - huge difference between a nice fresh one in U Cerneho
Vola,Prague (man, I can't stop drinking there :) and the bottled one.The latter
is never as good as the draft.Good substitute, however.

johu (johubme at on 2005-11-21 04:52:59 wrote:
Is there any way to get Kozel in the US? If anyone knows, tell me. Ilove the
dark beer.

Pertti Karesto aka joye () on 2005-10-07 09:42:46 wrote:
Yes this realy is one of the best "cheap" beers available here in Finnland.
Despite it´s cheapand well stocked it beats allmost every lockal beer.joye

Alice Inderdohnen (alicei99 at on 2005-10-07 02:32:31 wrote:
Kozel Dark is the best beer I've ever had! I wish I could find ithere in the

Nils Ericson () on 2005-06-02 10:43:26 wrote:
Very good. In fact excellent!

C Kozel (UPSKNK at on 2005-02-02 02:10:42 wrote:
I would love to try it.How can I obtain a few bottles?

Mike (mkrivenko at on 2004-10-11 02:53:53 wrote:
I'm not a really hardcore beer drinker.But when I travel abroad I always feel
compelled to try differentworld beers (I'm tired on most US piss). And let me
tell you I love Kozel Dark! Absolutelly fabulous beer.Now if anybody knows how
to get some here in US?!?!?

Steve () on 2003-08-29 01:21:39 wrote:
Fortunately for Kozel fans, more and more places in Prague seem to beserving it
these days - especially the dark. Yum. U Cerneho Vola ismy favorite place to
get it, in fact, will drop by there tonight Ithink. All this beer talk is
making me thirsty!Steve, Prague

() on 2003-02-19 11:08:08 wrote:
P. S.: U cerneho vola used to be my personal watering hole sinceNovember 1993. I
spent pretty lot´s of time in there, mostly meetingpeople like you, who were on
a trip through Prague. Possibly we knoweach other. Have a nice time and please,
tell me where you buyVelkopopovicky in the world:

() on 2003-02-19 11:02:56 wrote:
Hello people!This beer has been feeding me for 10 years now. I am convinced,
it´sthe best one in the world. Not too strong, a little sweet but tasty.This is
beer at it´s best. I´m having a bottle on my desk, and everonce in a while I´m
hopping over to The Czech Lands to get me a crate.Jup

Tolik (tolik at on 2003-01-12 04:56:29 wrote:
I tasted it at "U Kozla" in Prague: very distinguishing citric aroma,one of the
outstanding Czech lagers.

John Spencer (John89 at on 2002-04-21 03:10:37 wrote:
HI. Ihave discovered V.Kozel in 2001 in Australia. Eazily The
best Beer in Australia and posibly in the World!!!!!!TheCzechs are masters Beer
makers !!!Big 9!!!

Jerry K. (klimes at on 2002-03-05 08:22:56 wrote:
To Bruno's comment, who says Kozel tastes like a piss - I wish my pisstastes
like Kozel - I would never ever need a urinals any more! I'd bepissing straight
to my mouth!Feel sorry for you Bruno, you haven't discover how a good beer
shouldtaste like!

s.bozok (salihbozok at on 2001-02-21 01:55:35 wrote:
my favorite "pivo" in czechy....

wim haelen (wim.haelen at on 2001-02-07 09:47:50 wrote:
A great beer (my second favourite in czech republic afterplzensky prazdroj) and
especially to drink in 'U Cerného Vola'where you can drink it in a lovely
atmosphere! When you meetthere some czech locals have a nice conversation but
don't mix it to much with Fernet Stock!

Pringles (theknowledge at on 2000-12-06 11:19:24 wrote:
According to those specs on the top of the screen it's 5%!Info I read about this
beer said it has less, but it's namewas (if I remember right) exactly the same..

Pringles (theknowledge at on 2000-12-06 11:12:38 wrote:
I've had it from tap and I think it tastes good. It's alcoholpercent is rather
low, so I dont understand why someone saidhe drinks this to get drunk? Good
beer, no way best but good.

John Havranek (john.havranek at on 2000-04-04 01:45:31 wrote:
Nothing beats a night at U Cerneho Vola drinking this great brew.

dick (killa at on 2000-01-16 03:18:58 wrote:
The best beer I had in the two weeks I spent in Europe!!!!

sheldon (australia) on 1999-05-03 12:04:31 wrote:
Available from George's in Canberra Australia... smell of'bread' wofts up your
nose on that first crack of the cap(I think that's typically Czech) and then the
beer itself issmoooooth. Good value in the 0.5L bottle, costs not muchmore than
you'd expect to pay in Australia for a stubby(330mL-375mL) of import beer.
Side-by-side with the otherimports this stuff kicks. If the 'hefe hangovers'
start toget you down, V.Kozel just might be right the medicine...

Buzzy Kaos (pcscott at on 1999-04-23 08:52:52 wrote:
Ahh, the Goat! 'Tis medicine for the soul.The only thing that sucks is I can't
find it anywhere here in sunnyColorado!

Dave the Booze Hound (dkneheli at on 1999-01-21 10:51:19 wrote:
One of the smoothest and easy drinking beers I've ever had.If only I could find
more in Canada!!!!!

() on 1998-11-21 03:22:04 wrote:
This is great beer. Holds its own against a Urquell. Ever had todeal with a
skunky Urquell?

Pacy () on 1998-11-14 11:39:15 wrote:
The whole world is so miserable.People just don't know the mostdelicious beer
ever.The one saying it's a piss is a big dumbass!

Bruno (kowalski at on 1998-07-23 08:48:26 wrote:
Cannot understand comments above.Kozel is worst beer in czechia and taste like

Mati Kärmas (mati.karmas at on 1998-07-11 12:26:10 wrote:
Best and cheapest beer in the world. Big cup in factoryspub only 8.20kc!!!!!!

Daniel "Katschor" Nowok (dnowok at on 1998-05-21 01:36:27 wrote:
Te to pivo jsem pil v Ceskim Tesine. Je...ceske.That beer I was drinking i Cesky
Tesin. It's...czech.To piwo pilem w Czeskim Cieszynie.Jest...czeskie.

matjaz (m53e5 at on 1998-05-03 07:33:54 wrote:
Excellent beer.

() on 1997-09-08 10:58:28 wrote:
It´s A must beer when you are in Never grow old

Petr Vlcek (m03400vk at on 1997-07-07 01:55:02 wrote:
Vychutnej svyho kozla !Cesky pivo je skutecne nejlepsi.

Anna-Karin () on 1997-05-05 06:46:47 wrote:
It made my day. My dusty throat enjoyed it and called for more more more... and
i couldn´t resistthose feelings.

Tomi Vamppu () on 1997-04-23 02:25:40 wrote:
Tomi Hänninen :juon humaltuakseni ja paljon

Per Jorheden () on 1997-04-22 09:15:46 wrote:
One of the best beers in the world.You Should really try it on tap at "The Black

Jukka Vauhkonen (jvauhkon at on 1997-03-26 02:48:27 wrote:

Bodek Timi (Bodek at on 1997-03-07 01:52:09 wrote:
Best taste is in pub 'U cerneho vola', Loretanske namesti 1,Prague,

Stefan Carlsson ( at on 1997-02-08 06:50:43 wrote:
A very "foody" beer with a greattaste

Fredrik Norrby (it96frn at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
A very good beer

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