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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Boston Lager bottle by Boston Beer Company
Country USA
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.5 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
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Comments Beer introduced first time in 1985. Claims that its best beer in America. First American beer which pass 15th
century German Beer Purity Law. Original Gravity: 13 Plato 1.052 Specific Gravity Calories per 12 oz.: 160
Available: Year Round
Supplied by
Brewery Boston Beer Company
Brewery located in Boston
Also from same brewery

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Robeer (allanmckay at xtra) on 2010-06-13 02:42:17 wrote:
Drink a bottle of 'Budwieser',then a 'Miller genuine draft',then this,i rest my

Samuel Adams (SA at on 2006-05-22 01:17:18 wrote:
Great beer. Can't understand how anyone can drink Bud or Millers.Really can't
understand why anyone would drink a lite beer. What isthe point?

Terrance Bean (terrance.bean at on 2006-04-26 04:01:46 wrote:
I have to agree with Robert, although in a somewhat toned down manner.There are
lots of American beers that are not on this list, andhomebrewing in America is
huge. If Euro's or others had any sense orknowledge of history, they'd realize
how arrogant and stupid they areto say that Americans "can't" do anything. We
put a man on the moon,we rebuilt and protected Europe and Japan, we created and
pay for theU.N., and we can make anything we damn well please - with
quality,including some great beers you arrogant Euro stooges will never taste.

Robert Daugherty (Atlanta,Ga.) on 2006-01-11 05:29:46 wrote:
It is absolutely unavailable how jealous all these ass wipes outsidethe USA are
that their shit whole little countries ether suck bigdonkey dicks with no money,
freedom, opportunities or pride or Americahas come and saved their ass in a war
or with money or both, this saidthis is a great beer. GOD GUNS AND GUTS

Jonathan (jhuckabay at on 2005-12-02 03:09:44 wrote:
I've had this beer in Cheers on 2005 St. Patrick's Day in Boston INFaniual Hall!
Awesome! This beer's after taste...has I think theaftertaste has too much of a
high-malt bittery taste

The Prynce (theprynce at on 2005-05-23 02:34:57 wrote:
I'm not sure where I stand on this beer. It's very smooth with agreat scent,
head, and color. But like a few others said, too 'hoppedup'. It certainly is
unlike any other American beer I've ever had,though. More flavor, at least. It
just isn't a flavor I findappealing.My girlfriend's dad is a lover of beers from
all over the world (hewas drinking it all over Europe while in the Marines in
the 70's) andhe said it tasted like beer and fermadahide(sp?)... But it isn't
abad beer. Its worth giving a try.-=The Prynce

bruce (timmysilly at on 2005-01-25 02:49:07 wrote:
I think it was great beer when it came out but now there are so manygreat micro
brewers in US this doesn't hold a candle. The best beerin the US in my opinion
is made by Bell's.

Americo R. (claristo at on 2004-12-22 05:00:51 wrote:
This is high quality stuff. For all those British & Europeans that sayAmerica
knows nothing about beer.

Dan Travers (Gilmo575 at on 2004-07-28 05:30:30 wrote:
The reason Samuel Adams Boston Larger is Very Good is because: ittaste, its
color and how it is brewed is almost identical to RheingoldExtra Dry Beer was
from 1998 to 2002. Both beers have that CORN COBFLAVOR in which taste very
good. Both Beers have that DARK GOLD COLORin which is real nice. Also both
some other similarprocesses I cannot think of right now. Over a year in a half
of beingand still am extremely angry that the "BASTERDS" at the RheingoldBrewing
Company stoped brewing the Extra Dry Beer in late 2002 andstarted the New
Rheingold in early 2003 and just recently in mid 2004another Rheingold Beer
called 1883. Both the New Rheingold and the1883 Beers are "Inferior" compared
to the "Classic Rheingold - theExtra Dry" and therefor in translation, putting
Samuel Adams BostonLager Beer to be "Superior" compared to the new Rheingolds.
SamuelAdams Brewing Company has eight year round beers and six seasonalbeers.
The Rheingold Brewing Company only has two year round beersand no seasonal
beers. Why dont they make Rheingold Extra Dry a"Seasonal Beer" if any thing.
Anyway, thats why Samuel Adams BostonLager taste so good: "its almost -well hard
to say, but figure 60 to90 percent like the Classic Rheingold - the extra dry

Jason (JasonVaughn666 at on 2003-10-29 01:14:02 wrote:
I sold this stuff for an entire summer- you all are giving it far toomuch
credit. It is not that great! If you want good beer look to DosEquis, Tecate,
or Lowenbrau.

Brother Trucker (FL at on 2003-10-21 02:43:00 wrote:
By the way, if you were weened on "Bud" Skeeter, then Sam Adams isprobably out
of your league. Stick to "Buttwiper" and you will dofine. And yes I am making a
stereotype that most people in the U.S.that post comments on how shitty Sam
Adams is ARE PROBABLY from theSouth!

Brother Trucker (FL at on 2003-10-21 02:30:28 wrote:
Sam Adams is in my opinion the best beer in America as far as aproduction beer
goes. Yes it is no longer a micro brew, I have beendrinking it since it was a
micro and I will say it has retained it'sgreat taste since it has become
"macro". There are a lot of actualmicro brews out there that deserve much kudos,
especially the onesthat you can sit amongst the brew pots and enjoy your pint!
As far asEuropean brews, Guiness, Newcastle and Bass are some of the finestbeers
we can purchase here in the states. Each with their own distinctand beautiful
taste. God I love beer.

BroJoe - Quincy, MA () on 2003-10-20 01:51:35 wrote:
The best Sam Adams you can get is poured from the tap. Their "Oktoberfest" and
"Winter Warmer" brews are really good if you're not afraid to try spicy beers.
The Boston Brewing company also serves up some good brews like "Old Fezzywig"
just before Chirstmas that will knock yoursocks off. They used to make a
"Porter" what was excellentbut didn't sell well enough to make it profitable.
Same thing with the "Scotch Ale". The reason Sam Adams has been able to make
such good beer is quality control. Respondents who have made negative comments
should try home-brewing. It will give them some appreciation for the craft.

Kent Randau () on 2003-07-05 02:30:28 wrote:
This is a truly excellent lager beer. Looks, smells and tastes like iti was
brewed in the Czech Republic. But it isn't. I never thought Iwould find an
american lager beer that I liked. But this one isfantastic!

Denny (dpshipley at on 2002-09-06 07:54:49 wrote:
Pretty good beer. Nice head and colour, slighty sweet, but not bad.Daniel: How
old are you, about 13yrs? What beer do you like to drink?

Razorback (celticunited at on 2002-07-07 02:49:07 wrote:
got to agree with daniel on this one. why so many people like samadams so much
is beyond me, to be honest budweiser is a better lagerthan s.a., and we all know
what shite that is.

Daniel () on 2002-07-07 02:17:50 wrote:
This is the most disgusting stuff I ever tasted in my life.Even if I amputated
all my taste buds I would still puke outmy guts after tasting this shit.It's
like a mixture of vinegarmixed with motor oil and rotten apple juice.God how can
anyonecall this beer???And if you call it the best "beer" in america I really do
feel sorry for you and don't even want to know howare the other ones like.You

Bill MacDaniel (bmacdin2000 at on 2002-05-13 02:33:38 wrote:
OVER RATED!!!! I would give it a 5 at best. The only thing positive Ican say
about it is that it beats a Bud.The only Sam Adams brew I would ever go out of
my way to buy was theScotch style ale.Unfortunately, you have to visit Boston to
drink the best beer brewedin Boston. Commonwealth's cask conditioned IPA.

() on 2002-02-05 05:39:00 wrote:
It outsells the comp because the people like it more. Why do you seeit
everywhere? Because Sams got mad skills

Joe L (joespam_beer at on 2002-01-05 05:30:13 wrote:
Agreed, too much hop. Try anchor steam instead.

bill (bmused at on 2001-07-13 02:12:52 wrote:
Way overhopped.

Dave the Rave (dnj23 at on 2001-06-23 05:35:08 wrote:
Sam Adams is a fine beer; a little on the sweet side for mytaste but I'll drink
it any day. Never switch to Heineken after a few of these as the tastes clash
big time. Too much will also give you the shits something nasty.

() on 2001-02-05 10:58:13 wrote:
You americans can't even make beer!

Kari (kari.hartikainen at on 2001-01-12 11:46:24 wrote:
Simply the best Bostonian beer not brewed in Boston!

Ben (USA) (estes_ben at on 2000-12-22 11:54:39 wrote:
I'm not claiming to have tried every beer available inthe US, but of the ones
that I've tried, I like Sam Adamsthe best. It is far better than the mass
produced crap available throughout the US. I haven't yet tried the other Sam
Adams beers, but look forward to doing so.Cheers!

GIBO () on 2000-12-22 08:42:49 wrote:
Hey boy do want to drink a good beer (Polar beer) from Venezuela nopreservative
only better tham have sex with teenager jajajajajajaj

8^) (MrX at on 2000-12-18 05:59:16 wrote:
I think most of this ppl should go to a place were they can learn somemanners,
not to mention to wash their filthy mouth.

() on 2000-08-17 03:19:06 wrote:
this is crap just like most american water beer () on 2000-05-18 08:59:52 wrote:
THIS is what Americans brewers can do when they put forth their besteffort! Deep
copper color, light tan head. Lovely, flowery hop aroma.Good malty, chocolatey,
spicey hop flavor. Complex. Excellent! Is thisthe best American beer made? I
dunno, cause it's a matter of taste.But it's right up there!

ryan Nielson (rniel at on 2000-04-02 08:24:02 wrote:
This is a beer you can savor every drink.I just hope they don't get too
corporate and go sour.

Gilda Fuguesquat (surfbum at on 2000-01-19 02:36:23 wrote:
Well then I guess I must have problems cuz I think Samuel Adams SUCKSand I like
good beer. Tastes like cheap ingredients to me. At least I HOPE the ingredients
are cheap cuz if they spentany money on that shit then they really don't know
what the hellthey're doing.

Grant Robinson (I'mnottelling at on 1999-07-22 07:01:49 wrote:
samuel adams is defenitely a higher quality beer as far as largeramerican
brewerys go, however as with almost all present beers it justisn't different
enough to make me swoon for it. make no mistake, it'sdefenitely not shit, but
there is no reason to masturbate about thisbeer.

() on 1999-06-12 02:54:24 wrote:
Do not drink Sam Adams made in Pitsburg!This is not real Sam Adams.

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 04:55:45 wrote:
This beer is not very good. Americans love it because wethink its a microbrew.
Its a yuppy beer. Sorry to admitbut I actually like the Summer Ale.

Dave () on 1999-03-23 07:09:33 wrote:
OK, but it has a wierd aftertaste for me, one that I find in a lot ofthe Sam
Adams's beers

Edmond Chapa () on 1998-11-17 10:53:22 wrote:
An excellent beer. It goes down smooth and is pretty strong. Ienjoyed spending
many evenings with my friends doing nothing buthanging out with women and
sipping back on an ice cold Sam Adams.

Matt Frederickson (mattee_phred at on 1998-10-12 12:27:54 wrote:
Samuel Adams,Brewer,Patriot,Homosexual!!Still a fantastic beer. I won't pick it
over a Bass, but still great.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager () on 1998-07-20 09:14:52 wrote:
This is a some quality beer I love Sam Adamsp.s. The website guy needs to get a
bottle of Samuel Adams WinterLager that is real Quality stuff

Joseph dunn (dunnj at on 1998-06-08 12:22:33 wrote:
At any given bar in America, if you can get this stuff I'd adviseyou buy it. So
much better than the run-of-the-mill draft dingleballsusually available. The
more i drink it, the more i think it couldactuallybe a world class beer. Being a
recent convert I'm not quite ready tobestowthat accolade on it, but i must say
it doesn't take a back seat toanythingpopular and readily available candidates
in the states.

Vovik-Slalom (svetlov at on 1997-12-02 08:51:42 wrote:
You all are sorry dumbasses. "Best American beer" my ass! Don'tya all know that
it is INS who keeps Wisconsin brewers from exportingtheirproduce to avert the
mass immigration of the beer-lovers?! Good lager though.Cheers, Vovik

quim () on 1997-11-08 03:07:17 wrote:
I must say that I thought in USA there were no good beers. But Itasted this
one, and must say that I was surprised. Someone should tryto export it to
Europe. I would drink it often. Those who like thisbeer sould taste Voll-Damm
from Catalunya, (Spain).

Gideon Gvonk (jacno245 at on 1997-11-05 01:57:43 wrote:
They have at least one brewery able to create a good beer in thestates. This
beer has a very unique aroma and it was love at firsttaste.

Hamish Crisp (itsimth at on 1997-08-06 03:47:39 wrote:
A n interesting and pleasant interpretation of a laer beer(from

J-Rat Dog () on 1997-05-10 11:01:18 wrote:
From J-Rat Dog This beer tastes like ASS! It wasn't too bad a few years ago,
butthen they decided that they needed to become a macrobrewery and sincethen it
tastes like shit! O.E. has a better taste than this stuff.

The Beer Expert () on 1997-05-07 11:28:28 wrote:
An excellent lager, but not the best inSammy's collection.

Pascal Stauble (pstauble at on 1997-05-02 03:42:55 wrote:
Certainly the ONLY good beer in the U.S.Pascal

Esa Malm (esa.malm at on 1997-02-26 04:22:28 wrote:
Hey, they have beer inUSA!

Cipriano Jesus Salazar Garibay (cgaribay at on 1997-02-25 06:16:03 wrote:
This beer gives me hope for white people. There was some white guyback in the
18th century that should have been a Mexican. But,America was blessed with his
brew instead. Congratuations!That'sgood.

Todd () on 1997-02-24 06:42:36 wrote:
By far the BEST BEER IN AMERICA. Bud can't even compare to this. IfI want to
get piss drunk and drink shit then go for a bud. If youwant to taste a truely
fine crafted beer with the best quality hops,then have a Sam Adams Boston Lager.
You will truely see the light andcome to know the truth that Sam Adams does
make the best beer inAmerica.

Scott (somegraphx at on 1997-02-15 01:32:37 wrote:
While I despise their misleading 1980's advertising efforts (somethingthat
landed them in court, from what I understand) Sam Adams BostonLager is (oh, how
this pains me) just the best there is. As an avidhomebrewer, I've tried hundreds
(thousands?) of beers, putting down,say, a Bud and sipping a Sam's is like
stepping from a Yugo into aBentley limo. This stuff has character to spare.

tommy () on 1997-02-11 01:54:58 wrote:
I don't know how you people can drink this shit.Have you ever tried any

Westical (weston at on 1997-02-10 11:20:36 wrote:
One of the best beers I had in a long time.Very smooth.People that don't like
this beer have problems.

Veijo Romppainen (vero at on 1997-01-28 12:07:25 wrote:
Great american beer for finnishtaste!!!

Brian J. Babiuk (bjb at on 1996-11-27 12:35:24 wrote:
As close to perfection as a Lager can get!Great first thing in the morning!
Very easy to drink. Smooth!

Michael Craft (magcraft at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
This is pretty good beer. Nothing fancy. But a heck of a lot better than
Budweiser!Samuel Adams is quickly becoming America's mostpopular microbrewer.
If they keep increasing their market share, though, they're going to become too
big to be called "micro"! And whenthat happens, distinctiveness and quality
willsuffer, since it will be made in big batches.Still, it is much better than
most other U.S.macrobrews.

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