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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale bottle by Tyne Brewery,Newcastle
Country England
Bottle size 0.355 l.
Alc vol 4.5 %
Beer Style Tell us if you know! »
Beer name means The name Newcastle Brown Ale simply refers to the city where it is brewed, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, and it is a brown ale.
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Supplied by
Brewery Tyne Brewery,Newcastle
Brewery located in Newcastle
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rich (llewelr at on 2009-02-17 06:07:34 wrote:
I like brown ales, and have liked this beer for quite awhile. BUT it just
changed -- bought a 6 pack of bottles in Vons supermarket (big chain grocer) in
L.A. California and suddenly it tastes like Budweiser, though still looks brown!

Nathan (nathanstanton81 at on 2008-10-13 18:37:39 wrote:
Newcastle Broon Ale is the amber nectar of The Geordies! An Excellent tipple to
start and end the night.

Steve (bigsteve3 at on 2008-06-25 11:32:32 wrote:
OK..So I have drank all different beers for years and somehow missed Newcastle
Brown Ale..Well now that I drink this beer I see no reason to buy any other.
Simply the best beer I have ever had.

Brain (brain at brainbox) on 2006-07-23 10:03:39 wrote:
Made from river water out of the river tyne. Avoid.

Rob Merkel (merkmeister123 at on 2006-05-14 09:42:17 wrote:
This Newcastle Brown Ale is a nice change of pace for for me.I don't give a shit
how much it costs, I'm drinking it exclusively fora while.I am so sick of
domestic swag. I also think most imports suck as well.Keep shipping "the dog" to
America so my fellow citizens might enjoysomething a little better for a
change!I am going to get blasted again on this stuff as soon as is possible!My
whiskey drinking brother poured his whiskey drink down the drainafter he tried a
Brown Ale on my insistence.Now that's progress!

jg alankomaat () on 2006-04-30 10:12:33 wrote:
For this money ,I rather drink a Jenlais. Or a Westmalle dubbel.

B Dog () on 2006-03-23 08:15:28 wrote:
Good tasting beer for an evenin at the pub.Even if we don't havepubs in

alan sheara () on 2006-02-15 04:53:07 wrote:
taste like shite well in

String Trumpet () on 2005-11-09 01:50:53 wrote:
Overhyped, gassy and one dimensional. If this is your favourite brewthen you
need to get out more!

Gregg H (heldon at on 2005-10-27 06:00:13 wrote:
Cant get into it. Sorry I dont know why but I cant

Gingles () on 2005-05-10 02:18:11 wrote:
Oh aye there is no finer beer except our lords own guinessthan newcastle
brown.Its a wee wippet and is best drank as a starter off before moving onto
guiness and berhaps bushmills whiskey(brewed in bushmills northern
ireland).Budwiser is for girls and americans and french beer is for the

mikkis () on 2005-04-26 03:19:24 wrote:
A beer for every situation, Chrismas or Heat in summer, this goes along way.
Nothing too fine though but very good basic beer.

Mark from CA (USA) (mlh at on 2005-03-10 03:37:55 wrote:
This is my number one favorite Brown Ale. I like Bass for a lightale, the
occasional Black & Tan, Pilsner Urquell for a favorite pilsbeer. I'll take
Samuel Adams Light for a light beer.. but, if I hadone beer to drink for the
rest of my life (or one last beer before Idied), this would probably be it.

JJ (oconnorjoshua at on 2005-02-10 01:36:07 wrote:
Compared to American bee this is ambrosia, which is why they charge4.50 a pint
for it. But as my friend from UK says, "this is the beerme mates give to girls
at parties so they can drink the good stuffthemselves". More people should
compare with smaller batch beers likeSamuel Smith's Nut Brown or Old Speckled
Hen, Spitfire, Bishop'sFinger...

Baeckel () on 2005-01-13 10:32:02 wrote:
It is a good beer, but to all who said its the bestest best beer to ever grace
the face of the earth i urge to delve intoa pint of Samuel Smith's Oatmeal
Stout. If you likeNewcastle B.A then you will surley find it as a good
leapingboard which you can use to enter the wonderful world of stoutsvia some
sammy smith. Caio!^not real

Beer Man (cheeze_cowboy at on 2004-10-20 01:25:45 wrote:
Not quite as smooth as Caffrey's or Guinness, but a good beer.Best from the tap.
Don't drink it straight from the bottle,pour it to get a good head.

Aislinn Enders (aislinnenders at on 2004-09-17 07:04:06 wrote:
I recently saw an ad for Newcastle that said "goes down easy, like thefat kid in
dodgeball". I felt that the ad was beneath them. Newcastle is a premium beer.
I would expect that kind of ad for Budlight, not Newcastle. It actually makes
me not want to drinkNewcastle, even though it is one of my favorite beers. I
saw the adon a billboard on US 1 in Raleigh, NC. Thank you for your
time.-Aislinn Enders

Arska (ari.suontakanen at on 2003-08-26 10:19:43 wrote:
the first taste it's like a beer, but after few seconds you think it's a water!

woby () on 2003-07-08 03:12:14 wrote:
soapy muck

Gabe from Houston, TX (gdr0691 at on 2003-03-04 02:34:55 wrote:
Best beer on TAP that I've ever had. I don't care much for thebottled version
they sell here in the US. I've never had a bad pint. I've been to Germany,
Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Mexico,Peru, England, and of course the
US. I make it a point to try as manylocal and national brands in each place I
visit. Newcastle is thebest, hands down. God bless Newcastle. It is
everything right about"beer".

El Chapo (Somewhere in Mexico) on 2002-06-06 01:14:01 wrote:
Newcastle is a superb ale indeed.Pinche Britanicos, you have amazedme again with
your brewing capabilities.VIVA NEWCASTLE! VIVA NEWCASTLE!When is this stuff
gonna be availablein Mexico???????

Bill MacDaniel (bmacdin2000 at on 2002-05-13 03:16:25 wrote:
Very good, but certainly not the best English ale much less best inthe world.
This is not to say I don't like it, I do. There are toomany fine English brews
of too mnay styles to say one is the best. Allhave their place.

Ken Appleby (captkenn at on 2001-12-22 02:09:30 wrote:
This is THE beer!! Newkie broon aka "journey into space" "dog" etc.Made by
Scottish & Newcastle Breweries in Newcastle.It is at it's best in the big
bottles, on a sunday with 5 more to keep it company.I still have a special
edition "Cutty Sark Tall Ships"brewed especially for the tall ships visit to the
RiverTyne in 1986(?)"Wey man yi canna ged a bettor beor!"

ALE-ASSMASTER (nntby) on 2001-09-19 02:57:11 wrote:
Read about this beer, and many others in the British "FHM" magazinethis month.

ALEXANDER THE NOT SO GREAT (beer-master) on 2001-08-02 05:39:46 wrote:
This is a good beer, but I dont buy it too often as ONE 33cl bottlecost at least
55 KR (5-6 dollars U.S.) at any bar here in Oslo.Alcohol is VERY expensive in
Norway (greedy bastards).

Gazza (Getmehere72 at on 2001-08-01 03:00:06 wrote:
Gazza,Absolutely the best beer to come out of England, although itis expensive
down in Oz I still try and treat myself occassional to a Newcastle Brown and
don't you love thestory on the back, brings a tear to the eye.

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS (no fixed e-mail address) on 2001-02-16 09:28:12 wrote:
This really isnt the best beer Ive had, but at least its better thanthat
Guinness bullshit.

from Hungary, D.Gery () on 2001-02-16 06:05:27 wrote:
It is perfect.I think this is a very good beer!

Ron on the Rio Grande () on 2001-02-05 05:28:40 wrote:
I have searched the world over, I hold hope that some day I will findthe perfect
beer. Until then there is Newcastle Brown Ale.

robert (robert at on 2000-12-20 03:45:43 wrote:
I have been trying all types for quite a while now and have become quite the
"brew snob". Well,I finally got around to Newcastle, HOLY SMOKE this ale is the
BEST brew I have ever had! I caneven bear to drink anything else Newcastle is
absolutley the finest brew I have ever acutually addicted!

Darren Dieterich (dtdieter at on 2000-12-03 04:09:24 wrote:
This is the perfect beer to be drinking if you are trying to look likeyou are
hella, hella, sophisticated and like good beer. This beer isbeginning to really
disgust me. The bastard child of English imports. About as commercialized as
Guiness. Both lacking depth and taste,but very appealing to the wanna be beer
drinker. People think theyare cool when they walk around a bar with a glass of
dark beer. Niggaplease!!!! Drink some real shit. Overpriced and undertasty.

wayne major (waz_rapper at on 2000-11-23 05:47:11 wrote:
This is the greatest beer of all time i like it more than any of theother
bottles in thislist they should sell it on tap in lincolnshire because me and
all mymates love it more than our birds as youshould with a good bottle of beer
hey lads!:~)

scaldis () on 2000-11-12 01:35:59 wrote:
really good beer but not worth the price out here 6.99 6-pack.

MLeahy () on 2000-10-31 02:56:03 wrote:
Good beer. If you go to OSU and want to try it out, go To Woody'sat The Ohio
Union. They are one of the few places I have seen it onDraughtin Columbus. Then
again, Columbus is a shithole... Give it a shot though.

Shane Coffey (coffe006 at on 2000-10-25 10:59:35 wrote:
This is the KING of all beers in my opinion!!!I've never been more excited to
drink in my lifeEspecially off the simply cannot beatNewcastle

Alan (alanbdunn at on 2000-10-12 02:25:29 wrote:
Newcastle Brown is a real beer drunk regularly by real people-geordiesin
fact.regularly.Why anyone should think this is a cometic beer is beyond
mycomprehension, hundreds of thousands of pint of this beer are consumedevery
day of the week, anyone having any negative vibes towards thisbeer should go and
get their taste buds tested.Alan (Thebeerman) Dunn.

Talbott Walker (Beachdog4 at on 2000-10-03 05:25:07 wrote:
I recently discovered Newcastle Brown Ale and I enjoy it thoroghly Imight just
say it is my favorite beer but I am not going to do thatjust yet but it is
defenatly up there

Dizzave () on 2000-08-24 10:38:38 wrote:
This is easily one of the best beers in the world. If you don't like it, you
are a moron and probably play for the pink team.Outstanding from both bottle and
tap, but if you have the choice--get it from the tap.

Harold () on 2000-07-15 07:50:38 wrote:
Newcastle is an outstanding beer, it is not for the faint of heart or
budget minded drinker. This Ale is truely one of a kind. The flavor is an
excellent example of a TRUE brown ale. Unlike the many imitations made in
America. They also have a kick ass soccer team!

Gerry ( at on 2000-06-25 11:56:33 wrote:
One of the dullest beers in the world. Tasteless and withoutsurprise.

Johan () on 2000-05-29 07:24:43 wrote:
Oh, This is the best beer in the world. Great! Wonderful! God Bless!

CD (marathon460 at on 2000-04-29 08:10:20 wrote:
This is one of my two or three favorites. Good stuff

Michael (mkys99 at on 2000-04-26 04:53:46 wrote:
This beer is one of the best drinking beers around!Michael, NYC

ryan Nielson (rniel at on 2000-04-02 08:28:05 wrote:
You're expecting some aftertaste, but noneexcellent

Mike () on 2000-04-01 08:13:24 wrote:
What are you fools talking about? This stuff isn't that good, at least the crap
they send to the U.S. in bottles. Its high price does not indicate its average
quality, andI think you morons like the stuff just because it is expensive. It
is way too thin, and not rich or full enough to deserve its top-10 spot out of
the 1600 beers on this page. My rating: 4. I will never again spend $9 on
asix-pack of Newcasle. Enough said.

moria (moriamc at on 2000-03-31 05:10:54 wrote:
My favorite beer! It is a real luxury to be able to drinkNewcastle instead of
Busch Light from a keg. College is roughwhen it comes to drinking beer!For all
you who don't like are obviously not Americanbecause we have shit for
beer, anything not American is usually good. There are exceptions though. Thank
God for imported goods!

Beer drinker (jfkenny at on 2000-03-17 05:52:46 wrote:
Thin, watery with an unpleasant aftertaste. I think the canversion is not as
good. The draught should be better, butI don't think it should be 'yummy'
though. Can version: 2 out of 10.

Lissy () on 2000-03-15 10:32:48 wrote:

Ron Manager (rm at on 2000-02-12 10:42:03 wrote:
Scorchio!!!Isn't it??mmmmmmmmmm???Students only beer , which wasnice!!!

beerboy (vbc) on 1999-12-15 02:40:28 wrote:
youll never beat a pint of cold carling black label

Graham () on 1999-12-14 10:10:36 wrote:
Pure ecstasy in the true meaning of the word!Great beer, blows any crude oil
lagers away - wait a minute...veggie oil! I don't know, if you can think of a
better insultfor weak arsed lagers then use it!Check out to
learn more about one of the world'sleading beers!

Eric Helms () on 1999-12-07 09:42:23 wrote:
You either like this beer, otr you don't like beer at all.

() on 1999-11-28 04:27:18 wrote:
newcy brown is great

shane cloud (SCloudBMF at on 1999-11-25 06:29:40 wrote:
it is the one and only, newcastle and guinness the 2 best beers in theworld. try
making a black and tan with newcastle and guinness, finebeers.

Rudy (rudy at on 1999-11-13 04:20:55 wrote:
If you get one that tastes nasty or "skunky", take it back or buy fromsomeone
else. This is truly a great Brown Ale that should be used asa reference for
others. Wish they would bring back the brown bottlesand rely on their

Björn Cramer (bjorncramer at on 1999-10-20 01:02:19 wrote:
It doestn't taste

Vadim () on 1999-07-15 11:23:35 wrote:
Very good tasting beer, though is pretty easy to get tired of it. A bit too
sweet from a bottle, best on tap. Excellent to start yournight of drinking...

Jim (slaglejs at on 1999-05-04 06:51:43 wrote:
known as "the dog" in newcastle and surrounding areas becausethe men would tell
their wives they were going out to walkthe dog but would swing by the pub for a
few brown ales.

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 06:09:08 wrote:
This and Bass are the two best beers that are easily foundand are not stouts. I
love the nutty brown flavor. Reallygood with greasy food for some reason.

Maître Kanter () on 1999-04-23 02:44:18 wrote:
I'm always drunk with this beer with my group of friends.

paddy () on 1999-04-16 09:56:23 wrote:
got pissed on it once - could'nt see for a fortnight. but still rathertasty.
usually comes in bottles of a half litre nature rather thanthe little guy in
the picture.

Craig () on 1999-04-01 07:56:28 wrote:
Horrible stuff

James E (JimmyOrange at on 1999-03-10 11:27:49 wrote:
Firstly it is called ale, which is a bad thing although it is theoptimum weapon
for a pub fight. Shame about the footbal team STEVENAGE BORO' should have beaten
themOK beer bit of a funny after taste!

Alessandro (riccisit at on 1998-12-21 09:23:47 wrote:
Great! Fit for a match at St James's ParkCiao Alessandro Ricci Tivoli-Rome-Italy

Terje Gundersen (terjgu at on 1998-11-18 11:43:45 wrote:
This beer is one of the best.

Braumeister, Bora-Bora Breweries (brau at on 1998-09-29 04:35:11 wrote:
Sorry, this beer have a small taste of soap-bubbles that lower therating of the
beer a lot.

Oystein (oysteih at on 1998-09-15 01:24:42 wrote:
One of the best ales in the world. I don't understand howKilkenney can be better
appriciated by the people who havevoted here. If I had to pick one beer of each
sort thisbe my favourite brown ale, no doubt. PS: there's a reasonwhy the bottle
in the picture is empty...

Jere T. (jtoppine at on 1998-08-20 02:46:22 wrote:
On olemassa ainakin kaksi asiaa joiden aikana Newcastle onylivoimaista: Premier
Leaguen jalkapallomatsin ja " Auf WiedersehenPet"-sarjan tulviessa ulos

Basin (ca5sho at on 1998-08-10 12:37:29 wrote:
Wie it's git canny as out

Jeff D (jeffd at on 1998-08-07 09:28:12 wrote:
It doesn't get any better than this one.

John - Mississauga, Ontario (johnwalt at on 1998-06-14 10:42:38 wrote:
An excellent 'Brown Ale', rich, flavorful, smooth. I urgeNewcastle to stop
using the clear bottles when shippingoverseas. Here in Canada, you're
guaranteed a skunky beerif you buy in the bottle, but on tap it's brilliant!!

Jan Mantzel (janmantzel at on 1998-05-28 07:04:32 wrote:
Best ale ever !!!!Like the blood you need to liveLike the dew in the early
morning hoursLike fuel the keeps a car runningLike ink that keeps a fountain pen
writingLike paint that paints the nicest paintingsLike rain in a dry dessertHow
can people live without it ????

Andy (AndrewMiner at on 1998-05-07 11:12:06 wrote:
With beers like this, I'm proud to be British!

Mari (mboysen at on 1997-12-31 04:05:37 wrote:
Absolutely the best ale!I'm glad I've got so many with me on this orelse I would
take my own life.Let the Newcastle brown ale live!!!(and let it become cheaper i

sheldon, australia (sheldon at on 1997-12-19 11:06:06 wrote:
If you're really into 'Dog' then you should visit here:The Official NEWCY
BROWNHOMEPAGE!enjoy...- sheldo...n

BECKY (MOONWALK.AOL.COM) on 1997-12-06 11:37:13 wrote:

A.Lafleur () on 1997-12-01 03:20:26 wrote:
The best ale

Gideon Gvonk (jacno245 at on 1997-11-05 01:50:07 wrote:
Taste this and you have a new best friend

Beerman () on 1997-06-19 01:04:55 wrote:
There are only a few English beers one can drink without theconsequence of
having a storng tendence to vomit.Newcastle Brown Ale is one of these.

Art Du Rea (a-du-rea at on 1997-06-10 07:43:59 wrote:
Lightly hopped, flavorful ale. In the U.S.A., due to the clear bottleand
stocking on unrefrigerated shelves, there is a strong tendency tofind very
skunky tasting bottles, but that is strictly due to poorhandling and is not an
inherent characteristic of the beer. Newcastleis now available on draught in
Atlanta Georgia and is excellent.

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-06-04 03:14:53 wrote:
A pint o' "dog" 'll really fix yer right up... Tasty stuff,but if you're a
beginner then drink it at your peril.ey-oop! sheldon

M. Maistissa (mkoivunen at on 1997-05-13 10:45:10 wrote:
in the cover of one Wildhearts single, which is my favourite band, is bottle of
this ale.tasty as cool chick in the midsummerfestival, somewhere in Finland.The

Coach, The Canadain Olympic Drinking Team (tim at on 1997-05-02 02:58:20 wrote:
Excellent on tap. First time I've seen the bottle... A pub favourite of theteam.

Scott Peters () on 1997-03-14 06:01:00 wrote:
All you have to do is try one and you are hooked. The first drink isstartling,
but it goes down smooth from thenon.

Matt (vorachek at on 1997-02-23 04:50:10 wrote:
One of my favorite ales. And it looks cool when still in the bottle. It looks
like the bottle is brown, and all of a sudden itsclear.

Olli (olvirtan at on 1997-02-18 09:45:20 wrote:
Ehkäpä parasale

Hobo from FinlandMikkeli () on 1997-02-05 01:31:04 wrote:
Not too bad. Nicebottle.

Ben () on 1997-01-25 06:01:21 wrote:
This beer really tastesdisgusting.

Stefan Carlsson ( at on 1997-01-25 05:30:25 wrote:
A very good beer from a stinkingfotballclub!

Jukkis () on 1997-01-24 12:43:34 wrote:
Use the real, largebottle!

R. Thoms (72633.2644 at on 1997-01-23 10:30:49 wrote:
A vastly overpriced brew in this area. It slinks in and out w/outtelling you who

Janne Lamponen () on 1996-11-30 10:29:48 wrote:
Very tasty. Best ale.

The Terminator (u02gbc at on 1996-11-12 05:35:52 wrote:
Nectar of the gods.Without doubt the best ale that has been put on this
earth.All hail, Newkie!!!

John (m96jka at on 1996-09-23 06:17:02 wrote:
Wow... I've just found my Nirvana. This one is my new number one

JTH - Norway () on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Now THIS is good!

Patrick Gougoux (Patrick.Gougoux at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
soft and tasty brown ale without aftertaste !!!! I like advertisings from this
beer company,especially the one with the astronauts when they're trying to drink
their Newcastle.....

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