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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Genuine Draft bottle by Miller
Country USA
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.6 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means frederick miller opened first brewery in millwuakee wis.girl in the moon is his grand daughter. (Thanks Kelly)
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Comments Better than bud. (but still tasteless)

Supplied by
Brewery Miller
Brewery located in Milwaukee
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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Robeer (allanmckay at xtra) on 2010-06-13 02:36:57 wrote:
A fraction better than 'Budweiser'(a Czech beer ripoff)it's problems are
(1)Filtered/pasteurised (kills any flavour),(2)watery,(3)macro,(4)gravity
zero,(5)I.B.U.s,zero=bland water flavoured junk.

Darkjewel (Darkjewel at on 2007-08-30 02:03:00 wrote:
The taste is gokay, but sorry it taste like a children beer!

Dan (dnfnx20 at on 2006-02-06 05:54:46 wrote:
When it comes to beer I'm ashamed to be an American.

David (whatever) on 2005-12-03 10:51:14 wrote:
good stuff

Dan (Beershitss at on 2005-10-30 03:40:31 wrote:
MGD is the best budget beer you can buy. If it gives you the shits,you're weak.

Don () on 2005-04-16 05:56:57 wrote:
The problem with most non-americans here is they are comparing BIG American
brewers (Coors, Miller, Bud, etc) with much smallerbrewers in their homeland.
Yet most of them fail to realizethere are over 100,000 small brewers in the US
that makeall kind of pales and ales that will satisfy even the mostexperienced
beer critic. Hey, I'm American and personallyI prefer European beers when
comparing larger breweries. But nevertheless, the US has some of the best
tasting beersfrom SMALLER lesser known brewers in the world. If you don'tthink
so then you have never tried them. Peace.

JJ (oconnorjoshua at on 2005-02-10 01:17:01 wrote:
before coffe came along during the industrial revolution, and beforewater was
pure, beer was what people DRANK. at every meal. Not just toget drunk, which is
what we use beer for in America. That's why mostAmericans dont seem to care how
their beer tastes, or why they thinkit tastes just fine. They are pounding it.
When you have a beer withreal taste, that you can really enjoy (and that is alos
stronger thanour beer, which is among the weakest alc level in the world) you
startto undersrtand why europeans say our beer is so bad. I drink MGD forfun
when i'm pretending to be a redneck.

edward (denyingshadow at on 2004-12-24 07:25:13 wrote:
This "beverage", like all American "beers" I have tried, is so awfulit is not
worth commenting on.

Buzzy (buss888 at on 2003-07-18 02:23:44 wrote:
The first miller I had was in a bottle all the way from the U.S. andit was
drinkable,But the second time I tried miller,this time in a can,it tasted
likerustMiller seems to have quality control problems thats all Im

GreggK (greggk007 at on 2002-12-15 06:42:51 wrote:
It doesn't deserve to be called a beer and please miller makers stop comparing
this shity piss to Pilsner, its insultingfor for Pilsners of course!!

Adrian van Gent () on 2002-11-15 10:38:23 wrote:
Good beer smooth but too much like water.And in respones to the comentabove you
yanks did not even help us in East Timor what do you mean"we always need your

Steve Sparks () on 2002-10-26 07:20:21 wrote:
Piss Total piss You should be killed for drinking this stuff

chris (from chicago,il,usa) on 2001-03-29 07:04:48 wrote:
I can't believe what I am reading here. Look I have tried almost everybeer I
have come across, and I am telling you MGD is damn good if notthe best beer ive
ever had. People have this thing with saying thatit's popular because of
corporate marketing, what a crock of b.s. Ifyou can sit there and tell me that
MGD is using more corporateadvetising than beers such as Corona, Heineken, Bud,
etc. then yourlying. MGD is popular becuase it has a taste that is better
thanalmost all other beers out there if not all. I have the integrity tosay
that because I dont care what people think. Do yourself a favor,drink this beer
side by side with whatever you claim to be REAL BEERand I bet you pick MGD as
the better beer. It makes me laugh howstupid people are, as soon as a product
becomes "popular" itsconsidered a "sell-out" or "lower quality" that is a joke.
Don'tmistake, a great product becoming popular for being a sell-out orcorporate
beer, you people are the ones told imports arebetter....hmmmmmmm, sounds like
victims of "corporate marketing" welldrink up!!!It's MILLER TIME!!

Darrel (ym at on 2001-03-02 11:12:53 wrote:
Why don't you just fill a glass with carbonated water, and put inyellow food
coloring?It says it has alcohol, and it says its beer, but it tastes likefricken

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS () on 2001-02-27 08:40:59 wrote:
As an American residing in Europe, it shames me that the majority ofour beers
really SUCK. MGD happens to be one of the shittiest we have.Dont waste your hard
earned money on this crap. At least drink MillerHigh Life, its much more
palatable. The best beer Ive had so far bythe way, is Czech.

Harley () on 2000-10-11 08:36:29 wrote:
Hey, Bee Gee breath, Fosters ain't the world's greatest beer either! In fact,
Miller's and Foster's BOTH suck!

Dizzave () on 2000-08-24 11:38:28 wrote:
Well, MGD (as it is called throughout the states), is nothing special.
Basically it is the average US beer. Funny enough, I notice that a great number
of Europeans criticize American beers and ice beers. I am actually in Europe at
the moment and I am amazed at the vast array of ice beers, and yes, practically
every place sells MGD and Bud. So don't be fooled into thinking that every
Europeanis anti-American and hates American beer. After all, McDonald's has
already become a fixture in Europe and the rest of the world, who's to say that
MGD and Bud aren't next in line.

yuval () on 2000-07-26 03:56:26 wrote:
so what if it's cheapif you dont have money for a good beerbuy water it's better

Stinkyfish Webbers (non_sequiter at on 2000-07-14 06:02:11 wrote:
Maybe what I should do is get some mineral water, yeast and rice-waita little
while, then put it into some cheap bottles with a cheaplabel..And then, I'll
start some 'quirky' advertising campaign to make allthe cloudy-minded losers
think this is real high-class beer....Maybe I'd get rich too? This beer is shit.

Alastair Buchanan (alastair_buchanan at on 2000-07-13 11:20:22 wrote:
MGD is the best beer that I have tasted in the USA. This does mean that much as
the beer in this country is exceptionally poor.

gregUSA () on 2000-07-09 09:56:06 wrote:
the person above me is right!! i live in usa and our beer is theworst.

testicle () on 2000-04-08 03:44:17 wrote:
I have yet to find an American beer which has impressed me, and thisone didnt
even come close

MIKE Z ( at on 2000-02-07 08:12:08 wrote:
From MZAfter BUDWEISER is it the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

John (cwok98 at on 1999-12-16 10:27:37 wrote:
Another wateterd down american beer. tastes like cheap mineral water. The only
people i know who drink this are my ghettofriends, but than they have shitty
jobs and don't go to collage so you can't fault them for not knowing any better.
I don't even knowif this should be called beer.

Jake (drmojo at on 1999-12-09 12:48:10 wrote:
Here's the deal... MGD is not a fantastic beer, but I am in college right now
and Ican't afford (or even get my friends to buy) those fancy micro-brewsor
imports. So when I need to drink beer to experience college, Idrink MGD because
it's the best of the cheap American good ole boysbeers. It doesn't taste like
piss - those who think it does shouldn'tbe drinking any beer. It tastes like
beer. Maybe not the best beer,but certaintly drinkable.That's my take,Jake.

crackkid () on 1999-11-30 12:08:39 wrote:
um - I'd just like to say MGD beer around !!!!

William (verruckterhund at on 1999-10-26 12:20:32 wrote:
Slightly sweetish and otherwise bland. Typical mass-market fare.

Matt Thompson () on 1999-10-05 07:47:20 wrote:
My all-time favorite.

Sparticus () on 1999-06-22 03:27:05 wrote:
I hate high life and lite but this is pretty good, it's better thanbudweiser,
and you can't beat the price

Teletor (Thor.O.Vaksvik at on 1999-05-22 12:22:27 wrote:
Miller is a great beer, and those who don`t enjoy it, don`thave to drink it....
It`s that simpleA Miller a day keeps the doctor away..

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 04:47:44 wrote:
I really don't like this beer, but it always seems that I end up drinking it.
This is a "cool" beer for people whowant to be serious beer drinker's but fall
short. I see a lot of yuppy wannabe's and uppity college kids drinking this
stuff. Oh man, I just realized the company I keep.

() on 1998-11-28 12:31:46 wrote:
from yuval,very easy to drink,very lightnot so goodDRINK ONLY EUROPIAN
BEER*unless it's an ale and then it'sa whole different story

The beer Connoisseur (beerman at on 1998-10-14 04:05:44 wrote:
Basically, miller is good for underage kids trying to ask some bum for beer,or
college students trying to save moneyand get drunk. But as for the rest of us,
this beer proves to be simple, bland, not incredibly creative, yet by the same
tokenmildly drinkable.

Frank de Jong (f_dejong at on 1998-10-12 07:40:26 wrote:
Drink about 3 nice beers (like grolsch) and then mgd.... the college students
guide to (cheap) and tasty beer drinking!

Joseph dunn (dunnj at on 1998-06-08 12:00:46 wrote:
This beer must have been the biblical fig tree that the Good LordJesus Christ
cursedin his travels. It shrivels and dies on the educated palette like noother
substance knownto man. It is so abjectly horrible and repugnant as to be
anathama. Iwould rather slurppig urine from a trough than suffer the
soul-rending human defilementnecessary to opt for thisexcretory miasma again.
Possibly the only beer in the world that couldmake Budweiser seemdrinkable in
comparison. Absolute unmitigated snotwater.

Daniel "Katschor" Nowok (dnowok at on 1998-05-21 02:09:23 wrote:
Are all American beers so tiny ?Czy wszystkie amerykanskie piwka sa takie
cienkie ?

Tance Jett (TanceJ at on 1998-02-13 05:03:18 wrote:
.MGD is the best beer made in the US. Smooth and a decent taste. I'vetried a
lot of beers from around the world and as beers go this one isa little better
than average. Europeans need to shut their suck holesabout this one. Excluding
the Irish, Germans, and Belgium mostEuropean beer tastes like piss. I tend to
believe the Europeans sentall the master brewers to Australia. Thanks.

me (jinky247 at on 1998-02-08 02:26:09 wrote:
you,who cares? most of us in the US drink either Miller or Budweiser. Sotell me
eurotrash....which one do you prefer? A Euro-rip-off or anAmerican original?
Remember, when in Rome...-me

Carl Dieringer () on 1998-01-26 12:24:40 wrote:
I'm not going to say it's a bad beer. I just don't like how it tastes. In fact,
I don't like any Miller beer.I haven't had any other beer that tastes like
Miller.I can derive only one positive from that fact. It's unique.Carl

Greg (linnebur at on 1997-11-29 09:24:30 wrote:
This is a filtered beer. It doesn't have the body of European beersand has
never implied the fact. For all you bozo's out there who tendto drink piss and
then look for something to compare it with... I say,get a life. And for all you
Brit's and Aussie's you wouldn't know thedifference anyway. You can't even
watch a bloody football gamewithout violence let alone drink a damned beer. A
little advice forall, in the upcoming years, filtered, ice beers will become
verypopular everywhere; even in Europe!

gr () on 1997-10-13 04:02:27 wrote:
all beer is good, but miller is the best. Anyone who says they don'tlike it
just doesn't drink often enough.

Brad (stoklebr at on 1997-10-05 04:12:54 wrote:
This is ok, but there's better stuff out there for the money. Ifyou're going to
drink, go out in style and shell out some green. Inthe end, it'll be worth it,
believe me.

Andrew Holland (hollar01 at on 1997-09-30 05:36:13 wrote:
It goes down nice and easy. You can't argue with that fact. It alsotastes
better than you think

Jan C. () on 1997-07-24 03:40:03 wrote:
#From Jan C., #O.K., you stupid "Europeans" and "Americans". #Every beer
expert knows that the world best beer #has always been brewed in the Czech
Republic.#Check out the rating and if you don't believe them,#try some Czech
beer for yourself!!!! Anything else#sucks.#

Art Lopez ( at on 1997-07-02 04:41:17 wrote:
To all you morons who hate this beer, For your information, this isthe best beer
I've ever taste it in my life. You have no idea what areal beer is. Just to let
you know, I don't like to curse in thecopmuter. But if I could, You wouldn;t
know what adjetives I would sayto all you people who hate MGD..

Jan Terje Hansen, Norway () on 1997-06-19 02:09:46 wrote:
OK! This time I will tell no foul jokes about American beer. I justhappen to
find Miller undrinkable. I guess most Europeans are so usedto beer with taste
that they just can't like Miller! It's a fact oflife that Miller is "light" on
the flavour. And as a beer-lover I justfind it terribly sad that there's
millions of people in the US thathas never tasted what we Europeans would
describe as an even remotelydecent beer.I hope you'll open your minds...

() on 1997-05-07 11:01:45 wrote:
One of the worst beers you could buy.Miller Brewing Co. can eat a dick.Every
beer they make sucks.Don't ever try this bunk shwagage.

Alex M. Antipin (Sober.Alex at on 1997-05-06 06:09:54 wrote:
I've tried many beers from all over the world, European, Mexican, Japanese,
Australian, Korean etc. - the WORST beer in the world is brewed in the US.
Yankees, screw up yourostentatious patriotism, just try good beer, it could be
found not too far from you.

Ben Rowlands () on 1997-05-03 07:36:00 wrote:
Miller's has a non offensive taste , meaning it is drinkable but has abland
taste to it.

Gerald Ziebermayr (rudelary at on 1997-04-20 11:00:45 wrote:
Hey I am European (from Austria, world's beer capitol) and I live nowin the USA
and I tell you in general American beer tastes like shit.But in comparison with
Budweiser Miller's is a good one. I must saythat Jan Terje is absolutely
right.Gerald Ziebermayr

Choi Yoon Seuk (nell77 at on 1997-03-28 08:39:46 wrote:
I`m korean. Miiler is bitter..Miller is simple.. Miller is cool.. Miller is
koreans` popular beer.. always

Miles Doherty (mj1.doherty at on 1997-03-27 06:15:23 wrote:
Actually, I have just had my first (and last) Miller.Perhaps it is an aquired
taste. Perhaps, though, it isn't.I had thought previously to drinking this beer,
that there wasn't any bad beer - just lots of varying degrees of
lovely.Well....Miller Lovely??? My ass.Yes it does taste like a bowl of chilled
koala piss - no shit. In defence,however, Miller was the preferred drink for 2
out of the 10-12 people present within my lecture group at My local watering
hole*. Please do not think thatthat I am just another winging Aussie. I do not
normallykeep a high standard concerning beer consumption. In fact Ihave been
known to venture forth to the occasional$1 beer and spirits nights at some of
Brisbane - Australiasdirtiest night clubs and pubs. And yes I have enjoyed
myself with watered down tap lager. Finally, I just can't understand why anyone
would drink it.Perhaps using it for bread making or cooking on the ol'barbecue
might be more appropriate.It hope that it is a really cheap beer in the
states.otherwise - Yikes.*Local Watering Hole: Queensland University of
TechnologyCampus Club.

S.Watson (watsonaz at on 1997-03-23 09:54:42 wrote:
What a crock of horse shit. I mean, you may not like it because it'snothing
"special" and tastes about as standard and generic as beer canget, but to say it
tastes like piss, pond water, etc. is a pile ofshit. Nothing "special"... I.E.
not a fancy-assed microbrew or snootyEuro-import, but not BAD whatsoever. Get
over your bad self, swallowyour pride and admit that MGD is verydrinkable.

Lombasta (lhalas at on 1997-01-21 08:06:02 wrote:
I don't always drink the imports or the Micro brews. When I'm not,its usually
because I've got an open MGD.

Chief Skidmark (richardk at on 1996-11-29 09:30:33 wrote:
This really is a shit beer. In fact, all American beers areshit. It's like
drinking out of a pond with a straw. Get somedecent UK beer in ie Wake, Bishop's
Tipple, Old SpeckledHen, Bogs Dollocks, Graduate, or Fiddler's Elbow.CHIEF

The Terminator (u02gbc at on 1996-11-12 05:32:14 wrote:
Any more gas and the bottle will take off. This sucks butmany of my fellow
Scotsmen like it. Why????They must've been drinking Tennent's Lager too long.On
the whole, European beer tastes better but there are oneor two nice US ones.

() on 1996-10-13 11:38:39 wrote:
Miller is alright for being on a budget. I just had one myself.Not BAD.. Just
alright. For 5 bux a 12 pack, it isn't that bad.I like Red Wolf when I have the
$$ :)

welle donker () on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
#try some european beers instead

Michael Craft (magcraft at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
MGD is one of the worst beers I've had, and I'vedrank a lot of different types
of beers. It isdisgustingly sweet, and has no flavor (like mostAmerican
macrobrews). Yuck.

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