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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info



Kilkenny  bottle by Smithwicks Brewery,Kilkenny
Country Ireland
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 5 %
Beer Style Tell us if you know! »
Beer name means Kilkenny is the name of a city
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Comments KBS European Tour 1995. Bought from:

Supplied by KBS European Tour 1995. Bought from:
Brewery Smithwicks Brewery,Kilkenny
Brewery located in Tell us if you know! »
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carolyn (cffay at on 2006-09-09 05:49:02 wrote:
I LOVE this beer -- better than any I've ever had. It's literallypretty.What can
we do to get it in the US?

andbreton (andbreton at on 2006-08-09 02:56:47 wrote:

Reed () on 2006-08-05 09:06:24 wrote:
Btw, no -- you can't get it in the US. Believe me, I tried. I used todrink it
when I lived in Nice, France and in London. It's really toobad you can't get it
in the States. It would do really well here.Haven't had it in a can before, but
I can't imagine it being betterthan on draft. And if you get a good bartender,
he'll even make aclover in the head when he pours it!

Reed () on 2006-08-05 09:03:41 wrote:
This is a great alternative to Guinness -- since Guinness is downrightNASTY!!!

Terry (sliplikespaceAFS at on 2006-06-08 11:55:19 wrote:
Although I've heard Kilkenny in cans is not as appealing as fromdraught, and I
can't confirm the how legit the website is, you canorder Kilkenny online and
have it delivered to your home. I agrewwith my fellow Americans that going to
Canada for some sweet Kilkennyis a bit of a hassle. The website is

Ken (kaf at on 2005-09-23 12:43:44 wrote:
Kilkenny is mothers milk .......very a friend ofmine said
"its soft of the sophagus" Im amazed why Guinness isavailable in the states and
kilkenny isnt after all they are brewed bythe same company.........Come on all
you americans scream bloodymurder for kilkenny in your country

Nick (Antiguablue at on 2005-08-21 04:44:02 wrote:
I go to Ireland to see my inlaws but I have only had it a few timesand loved it.
I wa sin the Cayman Islads an dhad it there and it wasgood to wet the wistle

Ranae (ranaer2000 at on 2003-07-01 02:46:36 wrote:
My husband spent four years in Sicily and swore to me that Kilkennywas the bomb,
the best beer. Being the Beer experts that we imagineourselves to be Forgein or
Micro-brews, I couldn't wait to try it. Ona recent trip to Canada we found it
and bought all the store had tooffer. It did not let me down. From the widget,
the head, the ambercolor, it far surpasses most beers. Sadly I was only allowed
threefrom what we brought back and now I too am on the hunt for Kilkenny inthe

Johann D Egilsson (joidagur at on 2003-06-03 02:53:54 wrote:
It is possibly the best beer that I have tasted, and I have tasted a few in my

lufi (hehe at on 2003-03-28 10:57:13 wrote:
Bazdmeg köcsög Gavin!menj a picsábaKilkenny is the best beer!But only with
Hungarian pálinka!

Paddy Young (padandsan at on 2003-01-01 07:51:38 wrote:
Where can i find Kilkenney beer in Plymouth devon UK

J.J () on 2002-10-19 12:50:31 wrote:
My father bought me my first kilkenny.I was thrilled.

Mick Stepp (jmstepp at on 2002-09-27 05:46:36 wrote:
Found an Irish Pub in Perugia, Italy (can you believe it) and they hadKilkenny
on tap. Compared to Italian beers it was exquisite but in thebig picture it's a
pretty mediocre beer.

MARKO (PINTA at BEER.COM) on 2002-08-30 07:14:10 wrote:

Edouard (ed at on 2002-04-28 10:01:52 wrote:
It tastes like human urine with a fecal aftertaste ant a finish thatflushes down
the throat. Love it!

Edouard (ed at on 2002-04-28 10:01:18 wrote:
It tastes like human urine with a fecal aftertaste ant a finish thatflushes down
the throat. Love it!

ben (biohazard1994 at on 2001-12-29 02:14:44 wrote:
hey,what can i say I LOVE KILKENNY!maybe because i live here inkilkenny im a bit
biased-its a beautiful city too people,worth avisit!only probablem is that its
kinda hard to find in most bars herefor some reason,is it like that
abroud?anyways keep drinkin it!i lovemy county!

Perry () on 2001-12-14 05:59:58 wrote:
I discovered this beer in New Zealand and would Love to buysome. Anyone know
how I might buy some in the US? I was in London a few weeks ago and couldn't
find it anywhere!

Tim Danielson (tdanielson at on 2001-09-24 09:52:55 wrote:
From tdanielson@ufcw1105.comThis beer is the best I have ever had. I tried it in
Canada on afishing trip. Can't wait to return not for the fish but for
thekilkenney ale. Sure wish I could get it in the states but I guess itsnot
avalible to us. Wish we had the freedom to drink Kilkenney in theUSA. Any one
know why? and anyone know of a beer close to kilkenney Ican get in the US?

Hoppy (Yank at on 2001-09-20 08:49:25 wrote:
Been drinking beer for 35 years and this is the best damn beer I've had. I
agree, it is similar to Cafferys only better. New Castle, Guiness and Bass are
excellent - but Kilkenny is King. No USA beers come close I'm sorry to say.

Mr. Pimp-Lotion (Beer Pimp Extrordinaire) on 2001-06-16 02:31:17 wrote:
You Irish are lovely people, and your country is beautiful, but all ofyour beers

dvz (davizz at on 2001-06-15 07:13:45 wrote:
in the basque country, this beer is called LA CERVEZA DE LAS NENAZAS*:P

The ALCOHOLIC AYATOLLAH (Beer Jihad) on 2001-05-30 08:07:54 wrote:
This beer is pure SHIT. This crap is almost as bad, if not worse, thanGuinness.

Timo Schmidt (TimoSchmidt at on 2001-05-28 10:17:28 wrote:
A great beer!!!

The Bar-Back at the former Shamrock, Bitburg GE (comiso at on 2001-03-27 05:56:50 wrote:
LISTEN UP EVERYONE, Here is the bottome line to all the comments. First a bit of
some background: I worked in a small Irish Pub in Bitburg Germany selling
Kilkenny for 5 DM a glass. All I can say is I couldn't wash the glasses fast
enouph! I agree with almost all comments above, i.e. "Better on tap" & "similar
to Caffreys" etc.But Truely the bottom line is "Kilkenny will far out sell any
FEEL COMPLETE AGAIN!From the Bar Back at the former Shamrock, Bitburg,

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS (no fixxed e-mail address) on 2001-02-14 09:33:33 wrote:
This is one of THE most crapiest beers Ive ever tasted. I have nothingagainst
the Irish, but all this hype about Irish beers and Irishthemed pubs in Europe
and the U.S. is a bunch of bullshit. Irishbeers, especially Kilkenny and
Guinness, are the most crappiest beersEVER. Any decent beer drinker, especially
a stout lover, should knowthat Scottish ales and stouts are far more superior.

jerry (MnJChoate at on 2001-02-12 11:29:56 wrote:
p.s. it's better on tap or in "pub draught" cans thanin the bottle. The bottle
version isn't as creamy. Thisis one of the only brews I'll drink out of a can!

jerry (MnJChoate at on 2001-02-12 11:26:37 wrote:
The most drinkable ale you'll find with good flavor! I wish we could get it here
in the states so I don't have to go to Canada just for some good brew! I love
this stuff...very refreshing!

Harry (harwester at on 2001-01-23 10:59:28 wrote:
The best beer in the world!!! Drink it in Ireland, I you never want to go back
home. That's what happened to me!!!

Jukka Kurppa (jkurppa at on 2001-01-11 11:13:46 wrote:
Very fine taste and a bit "toasted"... Great beer for gentlemen!

joe hayes (joe at on 2000-12-30 10:52:45 wrote:
hi, i have tried it twice and thought it was a little flat, butnevertheless
excellent and a tremendous experience.Joe Hayes

More darker = better (a at on 2000-12-18 10:39:44 wrote:
Nice red one. I prefer darker though, but this one is nice and "juicy"one,
haven't heard any bad comments abt. it, so its kinda common"people"-beer. Good

SOUTHAMPTON FC TIL I DIE! (southamptontilidie at on 2000-08-31 11:21:35 wrote:
I have been trying a different beer for quite some time tofind one I will stick
to. I have tried beers from my homelandEngland and my country of residence,
Australia. I have now startedtrying things from I reland - Beamish Stout was the
first oneI tried but I didn't like it. But to the point....I gave this oneand
Guinness a go and while I enjoyed the latter this oneis absolutely superb. Like
Victoria Bitter is the leader ofthe lager market in Australia (Yes, catch up
with the times!Fosters is obsolete!!) this is the WORLD leader in red alesbut
unlike Vic. Bitter, this one deserves that position.If I had more $$$ on me, and
I oculd find it in bottles ratherthan 4-pack-cans this one would be in my fridge
every single time.It has a creamy texture which is smooth (obviously) and it has
a sweet edge to it. But my final word....NEVER drink after eating salty food!
9.5/10, .5 off for that last bit!

Whitney (sweet_whitney at on 2000-08-18 09:13:52 wrote:
Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!

Ethan (ethan at on 2000-06-08 02:19:36 wrote:
This has got to be the finest beer EVER! Wowza! I dont fancy manythings..but
this is Phenomenal beer.

Vladimir Vladiwostok (jan at on 2000-03-05 09:37:04 wrote:
This is just Guinness for girls.It's too soft.

S Fynes (sfynes at on 1999-12-28 12:58:52 wrote:
This stuff is moon juice drink with care or end up naked on a

yp (yokekian at on 1999-12-28 10:29:54 wrote:
I haven't try this before. May I know how much per bottle?Thanks.

IVAN GARCIA (iagc20 at on 1999-12-15 01:41:00 wrote:
It's wonderfull!!!Es como una buena mujer, fria al principio, con gran sabor,
semantiene fresca todo el tiempo y deja un gusto exquisito.

Ben Rowlands () on 1999-11-27 03:48:02 wrote:
Kilkenny is a great beer from the tap. As from a bottle or can Icannot say as I
have never tried it that way. Top beer!!

Nathan Poole (nathanpoole at on 1999-06-24 10:11:00 wrote:
Kilkenny is an exelent beer on tap, not as good in the can

Maître Kanter () on 1999-04-23 02:41:38 wrote:
MacTotone, a good friend from paris, discovered me thisexceptional beer. Thank
you my friend.

Gregg H. () on 1999-02-27 12:23:42 wrote:
Though I prefer Caffrey's Kilkenny is the nearest thing to mothersmilk your ever
likely to try. Try it and enjoy it ...... you won't besorry.

Dun (dundrett at on 1998-12-29 12:22:03 wrote:
Kanon ;-)))

peter ho (peterho at on 1998-12-29 06:32:21 wrote:
from Peter c k ho Ilove this beer very much.

Erling Eikre (eeikre at on 1998-12-26 02:51:09 wrote:
One of the very best. A crystal clear "9".

Kristian (kristian at on 1998-11-15 01:18:11 wrote:
As with ordinairy Guinness, not as good on bottle as from the tap.But: The
ultimate beer!

puikkari (asshole at on 1998-10-20 01:48:13 wrote:
Vai maailman paras??no, hould your horses boy!Vettä vettä ja vettä laimeaa
litkua jota voi todellakin juoda kaikkisiiderin ystävät ja muut sievistelijät!

markus () on 1998-09-19 08:49:23 wrote:
maailman paras olut

Jere T. (jtoppine at on 1998-08-20 03:05:17 wrote:
Might be the best, it's hard to say.

Cookie (tcook at on 1998-08-12 11:18:26 wrote:
I've had the occasional KilKenny, and I like it. Caffery's, howeveris my
favourite cream ale at the moment. Nothin' like good head.

mike () on 1998-08-06 02:22:16 wrote:

mike () on 1998-08-06 02:22:02 wrote:

sheldon (australia) on 1998-07-18 07:52:17 wrote:
To Dave (above),I'm kind of inclined to believe you. Kilkenny in Australiais
thick blond creamy ale (great from the tap), thought I'venot seen Smithwick's
here in Aust. When I was in Ireland in'93 I never saw Kilkenny, but tried
Smithwick's (from abottle). My Irish friends in Dungarvan seemed to think
thatKilkenny/Smithwick's were one and same, though I must saythe taste was
different, much like what you say...- sheldon

Dave, Canada () on 1998-07-16 11:28:46 wrote:
Lets clear something up. Here in Canada, Smithwicks andKilkenny are two
different Ales. Perhaps the confusionstems from the fact that Kilkenny is brewed
by Smithwicks,I'll confirm that. However, Kilkenny is very smooth, witha thick
creamy head, very similar to Caffery's Irish Ale.Smithwicks is more like a
regular Ale, not as smooth, alittle "fizzy" and slightly more hopped.- Dave

Per-Ivar Knutsen (per-ivar at on 1998-06-11 05:35:10 wrote:
Something between Newcastle Brown Ale and Guinness in taste.I like the
forementioned beers better.

ozz (ozzy at on 1998-05-29 12:40:23 wrote:
Tasted it in an Irish Pub in Kiel, Germany.Loved it! This beer is..

Martin () on 1998-05-28 12:37:57 wrote:
This beer is very good in taste and also still tastes quite good if you drink
only one in two hours time!!!!

Julian (Jules at on 1998-05-20 10:43:05 wrote:
Better than Mothers Milk!!!!!

bettina (chaix at on 1998-04-30 09:16:41 wrote:
it's really the better bitter in the London pubs and it knocks yourhead off
pretty cool, it tastes great, in a word I'm just crazy aboutit, salut!

ST () on 1998-04-21 11:50:48 wrote:
One of the best beers ever!!! TASTY.........

Henni (henni.ahvenlampi at on 1998-01-07 11:34:57 wrote:
It´s easier to find from Finland than from Ireland!

Peter (PETER at gem. on 1997-11-27 07:30:44 wrote:
Very Good

SweMale () on 1997-09-28 02:11:40 wrote:
Taste it and you're stuck!Say no more......

Windom Earle (calineczek at on 1997-08-04 01:36:57 wrote:
this beer is very very goog, but i know better :))

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-06-04 06:19:53 wrote:
I seem to recall that in Ireland this stuff is called"Smithwicks" - it was an ok
kind of brew (smooth) sheldon

Terrence (mshelby at on 1997-05-25 05:28:30 wrote:
Kilkenny is the best ale I've had in a long time. It far outshinesanything the
Canadian "mega" breweries canoffer.

Murphy's can opener (womble at on 1997-05-23 01:06:15 wrote:
This stuff is available on draught in my local,O'Leary's in Utrecht, NL, and
it's quite drinkablewhen I'm not in the mood for stout orcider.

Mika (isty at on 1997-05-23 01:03:41 wrote:
Too sweet for myliking.

() on 1997-05-09 04:43:49 wrote:

Kenneth Danell (Snusgrov at on 1997-03-24 03:01:22 wrote:
I tasted Kilkenny on an Viking Line boat, and i fell in love whitit!!!Drink
Kilkenny whit some Blueberry shot. it´sGREAT.

johnny jhoomun () on 1997-01-29 03:38:08 wrote:
my uncle eamonn loves the stuff,on christmas day when the pubs are"shut" we
found him in there worse for wear,4 hours after he wassupposed to meet the
beer is good in his view.mine well,remindsof carlsberg but has a aftertaste to
it,probably alcohol. Best placeto drink it is eamons pub,cant remember the
name,locals call himspeedy,and its not for his service. visit nolans travel in
kilkennysay hi to anne,shes my aunty !

Beer Drinker () on 1997-01-13 11:16:33 wrote:
Watered down Guinness, need I saymore?

Chief Skidmark (richardk at on 1996-11-29 09:49:56 wrote:
Only tasted it out of a can : goes down nicely but coulddo with a bit more
punch. Still does n't compare with Wakeor the Bishop's family.CHIEF SKIDMARK

The Terminator (u02gbc at on 1996-11-12 05:23:48 wrote:
Not a bad ale. Try it on tap for full effect.

Fredde (-------) on 1996-09-14 04:44:01 wrote:
The best beer ever produced by man. Taste and enjoy...

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