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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info



Hoegaarden bottle by Interbrew
Country Belgium
Bottle size 0.25 l.
Alc vol 5 %
Beer Style White
Beer name means Hoegaarden is just the name of the village where that beer (and all other Hoegaarden beers) is brewed.(Thanks Michael)
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Supplied by
Brewery Interbrew
Brewery located in Tell us if you know! »
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Wheat beer glass


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Tim (eykll4 at on 2006-09-06 05:36:38 wrote:
My girlfriend loves this stuff and I am happy she has good taste inbeers as

Dave Finegan (DFinegan at on 2006-05-15 02:24:36 wrote:
A great beer however I prefer Warsteiner, Spaten, and Hofbrau more.

Laszlo () on 2006-03-10 08:56:53 wrote:
Nice indeed ... can match the best German white beers...

Big Jimmy (bigjimmymcgalligan at on 2005-12-09 06:42:58 wrote:
Six of us got free pints of this as a promotion in Waterford.I thought it was
terrible, as did the others. Only one guy managed more than a half pint of
it.I'm tired of looking up poor beers (My opinion) on this website andfinding
rave reviews. Is there something wong with me? Do I hang around with
idiots?Sometimes I just don't know...

Harel () on 2005-09-29 08:02:44 wrote:
Amazing beer. The US makes a sister beer called Blue Moon,also very good for an
Americam domestic.

derrick () on 2005-07-29 11:00:08 wrote:
an exenlent beer (maybe the best)

Jim Thorn (Jadact at on 2005-01-04 02:14:03 wrote:
I absolutely agree with Doris. Having recently returned from a sixweek beer
sampling journey from Brussels to Munich, trying dozens ofdelectable brews.
Drunk straight from the tap at the Mannekin Pistavern in Brussels

Regular beer lover (pass at on 2005-01-01 07:39:52 wrote:
Maybe I got a dodgy batch - but this is the worst beer ever. However willing to
buy one more (single) (definately not a six pack)

Gregory Els (greggers at on 2004-09-04 08:32:08 wrote:
As an englishman, I must say that most of these foreign entriesare reading like
perverse limericks, but I also must say thatHoegaarden is one of the finest
tipples I have sampled in mymany years. It's a great wheat beer and I'm
currently enjoyinga (poured) bottle of Grand Crue which, for being a
higherpercentage beer, is very palatable for it's strength andis a beer I could
easily see myself becoming inebriated upon.I'm glad to see this beer is enjoying
a reasonable level ofsuccess in Great Britain, as well as seeing it in most
largesupermarkets, i've seen it on tap in a few pubs (which I mustsay is a most
pleasant surprise)I do hope all people in Britain and beyond will sample
thisfine brewery's product and embrace Hoegaarden as the finestwheat beer in
existance (though Coors Brewery's Blue Moonis an (almost) worthy contender),
further supporting the beer'sfurther appreciation throughout the lands.Please
excuse any spelling errors, I am rather drunk.

Nomd (beer_nomaed at on 2004-05-30 09:58:11 wrote:
If I can name one beer as "the best",it would be no doubt Hoegaarden.There's no
better drink (be it beer or not),than a cold draught Hoegaarden!The best
beer/ale in the world!Hgl Hoegaarden!

Michael Bacarella (mike at on 2004-03-24 06:14:18 wrote:
I first experienced a Hoegaarden in a Manhattan Upper EastSide bar (Broadway
Dive). It hit me like a ton of bricks.The taste is unconventional and delicate.
Light with anuncanny citrus taste to it. I drink it whenever I can findit.Try it
once if you have the opportunity, even if youend up disliking it, you'll admit
that it was worththe experience.

Ian () on 2003-10-21 03:11:12 wrote:
Celis White is actually manufactured in Michigan, by Michigan Brewing Company in
Weberville. They were able to buythe recipe off of a company who had originally
recovered theold recipe

woby () on 2003-07-08 03:22:08 wrote:
Incredible beer. Once you start a session drinking hoegaarden, stickwith it, as
a switch to ordinary lager will knock you sick. Hoegaardengives a strange buzz
unlike other beers. big octagonal glass getsheavy after a few.

Steve Keays (soundz at on 2003-04-05 04:30:44 wrote:
I should have gone with my first impressions. I agree with the memberwho said
this beer tastes like soap. It not only tastes bad ,it turnsmy stomach.Never

Steve Keays (soundz at on 2003-03-24 06:37:55 wrote:
A very unique beer.It seems whenever Ive had this beer ,I am nottotally sure
that I really like it at first,since it tastes sodifferent. After the first one
though,I realize that the aftertaste isquite good and I want another.Very

Bart (petit_animal at on 2003-01-15 04:54:30 wrote:
you have a lot of good beers, less very good beers, there are few fantastic
beers, but this is just PERFECT!please try this!!!

Jarrod (kmfdm681 at on 2002-06-30 07:36:25 wrote:
One of my all time favorite summer beers! Awesome thirst quencher!

Kevin (ksully531 at on 2002-02-28 09:39:18 wrote:
The best beer I have ever tasted,try it with a slice of lemon.It'sgood bottled
or on draught.

jorgen (no at on 2001-10-29 12:36:05 wrote:
Well, in my opinion this beer tastes like soap. VERY bad....This is probably a
beer for girls..Guinness draught for the people

mike Suarez (jtull888 at on 2001-09-13 09:10:22 wrote:
Ive had blue moon its a miller spin off hoedgarden is the superiorwhite beer
although sam adams white and wickwisse wittecome damn close

MAXIMVS DECIMVS MERIDIVS (no fixed e-mail address) on 2001-03-30 12:38:08 wrote:
Not too great a beer, but its not horrible either. It is a unique (andaquired)
taste. We get it on tap here in Norway (at the bar in Osloscentral train
station), but its quite expensive (about 7 U.S. bucks aglass).

Richard (rcourt at on 2001-03-28 01:50:39 wrote:
Very nice and refreshing especially in summertime. We even get it ontap here in
Auckland NZ. Even better though is one called LimburgWitbier from the
independent Limburg brewery in Hastings (east coastof North Island NZ), they
also do a tasty Weizenbock...

... () on 2000-12-10 03:51:15 wrote:
BLUE MOON,an american beer made in CO. USA is just like hoegaarden butbetter!!

Coeugn (Coeugneit at on 2000-11-25 02:26:47 wrote:
Cette biere et une merveille.Dommage que c'est cher mais quand on aime on ne

Sage brew drinker (daaleo at on 2000-07-06 08:39:52 wrote:
The best belgium white I've tasted. I just wished it was easier to geton teh
West coast. I drove around to five diffrent specialty beerstores in Seattle
before loacting, but damn it was worth it!

Ace (dreamoon at Caramail.crotte) on 2000-02-27 12:04:10 wrote:
Hum...Hoegaarden and Sarah...The first i've drunk.The best.Definitlythe best.

Andrea (arcoulla at on 1999-10-31 09:24:49 wrote:
Doris is right! Steendonk is much better.Thanx for the catalogue you gave us.
Has no mistake!

Doris (leo11 at on 1999-10-19 04:02:51 wrote:
Guys, guys, guys, please!! This white beer is too sweet for it's kind.Of course
if it's the only one you have tried I understand yourenthusiasm.Try to find a
bottle of Steendonk, sharper, clearer taste.Take this guide of Belgian beers,
I've tried most of them and ratedthe best to be:Best Lager type: BEL PILSBest
MAREDSOUS 10% BLONDEBest Speciality: DUVELBest Trappist Beer: CHIMAY RED CAP

Dave (dave at on 1999-07-18 11:53:28 wrote:
i love it. absolutley one of the best white beers around.

() on 1999-06-26 04:41:37 wrote:
The best i've ever taste...

Edward Blom () on 1999-05-17 06:00:54 wrote:
The fresh Coriander taste is just marvellous a hot summerday! This beer is so

Sledge Hammer (sledgemeister at on 1999-01-26 01:39:06 wrote:
Hoegaarden - witbierAbsolutely one of the best beers in the world, but not from
thebottle. When it is poured from the tap it is at it's best!cheers,Sledge

BlackBeard () on 1998-08-22 09:23:47 wrote:
Probably the most refreshing beer I've had. It's very, very good.

Will M. () on 1998-08-21 09:25:15 wrote:
Hoegaarden is, without a doubt, the finest Belgian white aleavailable. The
color is really a platinum (if you know whatI mean). It makes the most
beautiful glass of beer. Coldand frosty, with the traditional unfiltered

Alex M. Antipin (alex at on 1998-08-10 12:43:22 wrote:
Actually, Hoegaarden is not the beer of my choice, however I found itquite tasty
and delightful.

Fabrice (fabriceb at on 1998-07-09 02:35:06 wrote:
This has to be the best beer in the world! My favourite, even betterthan Kriek
from Belle-Vue which is my second fav.Everyone really has to try some good
belgian beers cuz I think we'vegot some of the best beers in the world:Jupiler,
Leffe, Belle-Vue,...

Andrea (dynamize at on 1998-07-09 01:35:06 wrote:
It's hard for me to leave a pub where Hoegaarden is served. I thinkthat after my
passage every pubkeeper can close because they havegained a lot of money

Guido, from Italy (gmedina at on 1998-06-30 02:41:14 wrote:
It is really the BEST BEER in the world.I am a collector of beer bottles, but I
collect only emptybottles, because I like to drink the beer more than i liketo
watch it.So believe me when I say it is the best.

Vj (bart.kuppens at on 1998-06-12 09:39:39 wrote:
Simply THE BEST BEER around. Served in a glass which was cooled in thefreezer.
Damn, I'm getting thirsty... (on my way to therefrigerator!!!!)

Per-Ivar Knutsen (per-ivar at on 1998-06-11 05:32:59 wrote:
A white beer with a flowery taste.

bettina (chaix at on 1998-04-30 09:36:44 wrote:
I don't like it myself but I must admit this is a very delicate andquality beer,
I know couple of people who love it and if I had notanything else I would not
say no to a drink of it now. salut!

grgo, slovenia () on 1998-04-15 04:16:25 wrote:
taste it !!!

Rente (00152491 at on 1998-04-09 04:42:52 wrote:
All sorts:- Hoegaarden Blanche- Hoegaarden Grand Crue- Hoegaarden Fruits
defendues- Hoegaarden Julius- Hoegaarden DAS- Hoegaarden specialBest regards
Alexander and Ingo

Jocko (rodimep at on 1998-01-31 07:44:30 wrote:
This beer has to be tasted to be believed. SUPERB!

Mr. HardBreak (wouterfake at on 1997-12-11 11:02:11 wrote:
I like this beer the most of all blanch beers,but i like the Grand Cru much more
of course!

Philip Waag () on 1997-10-02 01:29:53 wrote:
Hoegaarden is the only REAL beer! If you don't agree, no problem, justlet me
have my Hoegie.Philip.

(jtinc at on 1997-08-25 06:02:53 wrote:
Hoegaarden White is probably my favorite non-pilsner beer.Citrus yet strong in
taste, it takes me back to a tableat the Grand-Place in Bruxelles !Better than
Celis White.

j (jtinc at on 1997-08-25 05:59:57 wrote:
Hoegaarden White is probably my favorite non-pilsner beer.Citrus yet strong in
taste, it takes me back to a tableat the Grand-Place in Bruxelles !Better than
Celis White.

Koen (Koen.Trappeniers at on 1997-02-20 12:23:19 wrote:
There are more then two 'types' of this beer:1. the picture shows the original
'white': De Witte' (in Flemish)2. another one that is even better is the 'Grand
Cru'. This is a stonger beer 8%. 3. the 'Speciale' is only available from
october untill the end of februari. It has a mouty taste.4. 'Den Das' is the
latest typ: it is brewed according to an oldrecepy. You just have to trie this
one!5. 'Julius' is just like the 'Grand Cru' a stronger beer (7.5% I think).6.
'Verboden vrucht' (Forbidden Fruit if you like it in English) is another
strong one!7. finally 'Bndicte'. I have never got the honor to taste this one
but I certainly will one day!Very important when you drink a white beer like
'De Witte' or a CelisWhiteis when you pore (I hope this is the right word) in to
your glas you have to stop when there is still a little bit in thebotlle. Then
you shake the bottle a bit so that the yeast cells on the bottom are 'dissolved'
and then you do the remaining beer in yourglass.The result has to be a really
cloudy beer, you may not be able to seethrough your glass!Ask Pierre Celis,
you'll see.This method is forbidden when you pore fruit beers!I hope I could be
of some assistance.Any comments or questions about Belgian beers?Just write

Bart Clybouw (bclybouw at on 1996-11-29 02:08:44 wrote:
There are also two other sorts of this beer: -Hoegaarden Grand Cru
-Hoegaarden Speciale (only from November till February)PS. Did you know that the
Celis White beer of America is a part of Hoegaarden

() on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
almost clear in color.LG

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Ringnes Julespecial

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