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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info



Heineken bottle by Heineken
Country Netherlands
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 5 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Name of the family who started and still owns the company. (Thanks Martine)
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Comments Heineken is generic lager beer, but good beer anyway

Supplied by
Brewery Heineken
Brewery located in Tell us if you know! »
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kwabaal (kwabaal at on 2008-01-17 13:19:33 wrote:
It's just something to quensh the thirst,but it tastes nothing. A beer for those
who do not like BEER

Samuel (me at there) on 2006-09-03 08:49:10 wrote:
Heineken is good for not being a dark beer, and it is easier to findthan my
other beers: Beck's (Dark), Grolsch, Spaten, Guenness; wellGuenness is becoming
easier to find but cost more. Anyway it is agood finishes nice, lacks the rich
full flavor of the others I listed. Oddly it goes well with Oreos, it was all I
had one night and it justworked. Heineken is my 'light' beer that or Beck's
(not B. Light),all the actual light(low cal) beers I have tried I have not
liked. For the type of beer Heineken an Beck's are neck and neck for me.

() on 2006-05-28 07:21:59 wrote:
heineken is a great beer thanks to freddy himself

jg () on 2006-04-30 09:35:29 wrote:
Although not as good as many people think it will beat most localbrewings with 2
fingers up the nose.Heineken tastes different all around the world because it is
brewedall over the world.In Sweden it is brewed by Spendrups.Luckily the
Heineken in Finland is imported from NL.In the Netherlands Heineken has got
Brand as their premium lager forhigh- end restaurants and Amstel as their soccer
hooligan beer forpeople from the province of North-Holland.A crate of
Heineken(24 bottles a 33cl) wil cost you about 9 Euro (10dollars) in a local
dutch supermarket.

Tom Smith (tsmith at on 2006-02-03 01:23:13 wrote:
How it is possible that beers like Corona,and Preisdente could havebetter rating
than Belgium,Austrian,Holland,Czech, and even Germanbeers .First of all the
country of Mexico as well as the Dominican Republicdo not produce Hops,
Barley,or Malts. It will have to be importer fromGermany, Holland or Czech
Republic the only producers of theseessential ingredients to make a quality
beer.( Not from Bananas, SugarCane, Corn or Rice)Second of all their waters are
of very poor quality,and the standardsof quality control in these countries are
secondary. I am surpriseour department of FDA don't do something about these
beers. Conclusion,if you are wandering if the Mexicans,and the Dominicans are
importing the fines materials from Europe as well as the water tomake their
beers,then you probably deserved a good Diarrhea fromdrinking these two Urine
like beers. Tom SmithBeer enthusiast

i don't really know shit (lie_up at on 2005-10-04 05:30:46 wrote:
i personally think heineken is a decent beer... definitely not thebest, but not
as bad as some shit out there. it's just a normal beer.

Homer Simpson (HSimpson at on 2005-06-13 10:21:02 wrote:
Just read the comments above, I have nothing more to say, Heineken isthe best.
If you can find better ones tell me I would love to taste!

Maciej Terakowski (mjpt48 at on 2005-03-25 04:29:04 wrote:
I am from Poland.Heineken was my favorite beer when it was imported from
TheNetherland.Until they sold licence to Polish Brewery, the "Polish"
Heinekenbacame like a urine.Please forbid them to produce Heineken, take back
licence.However maybe I drank an Heineken imitation.I tasted Heineken beeing in
Italy on holidays, it was as good asoriginal.

olav () on 2004-12-01 05:21:28 wrote:
Bad, expensive pilsner. Has an artificial taste on it. Somesupermarkets in the
Netherlands have their own brands that are betterthan this. Heineken gives me a
headache after just one bottle.

Giovanni (giodellavecchia at on 2004-08-24 02:04:00 wrote:
my favourite beer...very drinkable...very good!!!!!!!!!

Castle Lager (beerlover at on 2004-08-20 05:19:07 wrote:
Been living in the Netherlands for 7 years and I've never tasted suchcrap in all
my 37 years.A very overated beer. Give me a South AfricanCastle lager any day.

Nakki () on 2004-03-03 06:24:18 wrote:
This beer makes me drunk !

Pieter () on 2003-10-21 06:29:42 wrote:
This is the worst beer I've ever drunk. (and I've already drunk alot!)It tastes
like water. Don't touch it and take a REAL BELGIUM beer instead. You willenjoy

Jo (Jo.declerck at on 2003-08-09 07:03:26 wrote:
What is HEINEKEN doing on a website about beer.This is not beer, it's something
they use to rince barrels with!

brikmans (brikmans at on 2003-06-15 06:08:24 wrote:
=================================================Anyone who speaks of Heineken
as anything better than kattepis (pissof a cat) should keep his mouth shut!It's
very clear to me that in this case you don't now what you talkabout and don't
know what a good beer tastes like.The spring of the heavenly liquid called beer
is called Belgium, letHolland export its tulps, but stop the commercial world
pollution ofthis nasty

() on 2002-12-12 10:13:37 wrote:
Heineken in Europe is one of the finest Pilsner's I've ever tasted.However,
import Heineken in the US is quite possible worse thanBudweiser, a most
despicable beer. Does anyone know why they have tochange their recipe and add
corn/rice to their mash for the importvariety? Is US foreign policy really that

bloofar (bloofar) on 2002-11-25 03:17:09 wrote:
Not bad.. I'm drinking some right now. I'm a college student, and it'sone of the
better beers that the gas stations sell (no liquor storeswithin walking
distance, and I don't have a car). A pint from a gasstation goes for about
$2.45. It's either Heineken or Nati Lite, andI'll take the Heineken every time.

Adrian van Gent () on 2002-11-16 03:56:02 wrote:
I enjoy a Heineken now and then most Austalians will drink this beerat
restrants. great beer smooth easy to drink pleasant taste.From myfathers

der Allwissende! () on 2002-10-10 09:51:35 wrote:
the best Pilsener that exists all over the world!must be drunken at 8*C!taste
it!-and you will know what i´m speaking about!

Mick Stepp (jmstepp at on 2002-09-27 04:29:20 wrote:
I'm ashamed to say that I used to drink this stuff. In the days when Iwas
looking for an alternative to the mass produced American beerswhich tasted like
nothing at least Heinekin tasted likesomething...something awful I now realize.
The skunky taste from aHeinekin in the States come from the fact that it is
stupidlydistributed in a green bottle so the beer is spoiled by the time
itreaches most American consumers. I gave it a try a few times in Europeand
although it wasn't as skunky it was still a pretty awful beer.Then I discovered
micro-breweries and ales in particular and I've nothad a Heinekin or its
equivalent since. For those of you who thinkthis is the greatest beer on earth
I would encourage you to actuallydrink a real beer just one time.

bram (ikke at on 2002-05-27 09:19:55 wrote:
Heineke is absoluut niet te zuipen, en je krijgt er een enorme katervan!!
Probeer maar eens Dommelsch als je een lekker bier wilt proeven.

Pieter () on 2002-05-08 11:09:36 wrote:
Not a good beer- but even if it is horse-piss, it still doesn'tcompare even to
the best american beer, because quite simply- theworst european beer will always
top the best american one. they canonly make bourbon, which i do enjoy. Here in
Holland, Heineken isDEFINETELY not the best beer, but it certainly is the most
marketedand commercialised, as would be true for most mass-marketed
beers.Grolsch is the best Dutch beer even if it isnt the most famous
oneoverseas, but here Grolsch is by sure most popular, a million timesmore than
Heineken. But Heineken's not too bad, only if it is freshfrom the tap, otherwise
it is not really worth buying. Try other realDutch beers, like Grolsch, the best
of the best.

Johann (johann.yzer at on 2002-03-19 10:28:34 wrote:
a bad beer, even for a Dutch beer

Michael (Mike74 at on 2001-12-10 12:38:05 wrote:
Simply good beer. Nothing especial.

stevo (stefanrood at on 2001-09-25 12:43:05 wrote:
dull bland tasteless.

Dan Hyde (dan at on 2001-07-31 07:25:45 wrote:
Refreshing beer, no overbearing taste, light crisp and to the point.

Leon Alvarado () on 2001-07-19 01:33:00 wrote:
It's my beer of choice when in America because of it's availabilityand
consistent qualiuty. Note that I mentioned my "beer of choice" andnot "my
favorite beer". It's far from my favourite but it is a goodand very consistent
beer. In the USA that is hard to find. Americanbeers tend to be inconsistent in
flavor and most of the mayor brandsare not that good anyhow. drinking Heineken
insures at least the sameflavor wherever you are.

Dave the Rave (dnj23 at on 2001-06-23 06:02:12 wrote:
It will only beat budweiser, miller, i.e american giants. Despite the often
skunky odor, I also sense a metallic taste to it. A dry beer too.

Ray lowry (raylowry at on 2001-05-19 04:20:04 wrote:
This beer smell like urine, but it tates wonderful its just the importation of
it that makes it smell like well,you know,GREAT BEER,GOTTA LOVE THAT HEINY

PETER PEREIRA (PEREIRABIBI at AOL.COM) on 2001-04-09 04:19:56 wrote:

Tiff (morticia_cadaver at on 2001-04-08 05:26:38 wrote:
i enjoy this beer. not too bitter again. bit classy (whenyou're in Oz anything
from another country is classy becauseit costs more than $3) nice bottle.
don;'t mind being seen with a bottle.doesnt kick aussie beer's ass though

Lung (lungthetrue at on 2001-01-12 04:07:54 wrote:
Not bad, but not as good as Grolsch, which is presumably notas good as local
Dutch beers. Reading some of these comments,it seems that i was right! Gasp in
horror at this, Dutchdudes - in Australia it's hideously expensive, like,
20bucks for a six-pack in a bottle shop. In a Sydneytrendy-bar - forget it.
Don't expect much change from 10bucks!

Ben (USA) (estes_ben at on 2000-12-22 11:46:36 wrote:
While I wouldn't want it every time I drink, I findHeineken to be a light,
refreshing change with an interesting aftertaste. Has anyone tried the Heineken
"Special Dark"? I think it's better than its namesake.Cheers!

Mike Heinrich (Finland) on 2000-12-14 08:54:51 wrote:
This is my absolute favorite of beers. Excellent taste,quenches the thirst and
also gets you drunk if desirable. Best beer in the world, if I had to choose

SD () on 2000-08-16 03:13:18 wrote:
Urine, pee pee, wee wee and last but not least piss!

Stinkyfish Webbers (non_sequiter at on 2000-07-14 05:55:56 wrote:
Its okay, but I wouldn't be interested in wasting my money on it. After all, I
can get it free from my kitchen sink.

Gerry ( at on 2000-06-25 11:52:01 wrote:
One has to feel sorry for those who enjoy Heineken. It's not even beer!The
reason why it tastes like skunk piss is the bottle. Clear or light green bottles
allow for degradation of hops aromas.Never drink those swills that come in clear
or light greenbottles.

Geert () on 2000-06-20 11:37:38 wrote:
I've only rated 2 beers on this website, the best one and the worstone.In
low-developed beer countries this might be considered beer while itreally
is't.If you only look at the color, you know enough already. The beer is
basicly like a Hollander, much a do about nothing!It's PISBIER!!!!

Alpine (bena at on 2000-06-14 08:15:37 wrote:
This Beer is defenitly on my top 5 list.

Edward () on 2000-05-16 12:55:57 wrote:
Dudes! this is my shit I think its great. I have a standing record ofchuging
down 26 before the fall. of course hang over is a bitch. But Ithink it is among
the best of the most comon beer.

James () on 2000-05-16 01:04:45 wrote:
Hey I I know Edward and Rob; those 2 bums up there.I can't drink forshit i drank
three and was cooked for the night that is some goodshit!I was in shit faced

Robert () on 2000-05-16 01:00:40 wrote:
I am Edwards Freind and dudes this shit is real. I drank 16 of these.I had to
drive Edward home he was so hammered he couldn't drive home.I also recomened
this beer, it is a good kick back beer. But I preferCerveza Corona!

Beer drinker (jfkenny at on 2000-03-17 06:06:02 wrote:
Sucks? No. Just plain vanilla. 5/10. Tiger Beer from Singapore is a bit better.

AVS (alex.vansteenbergen at on 2000-02-25 12:22:38 wrote:
This beer sucks...

Ophelia (Ophelia at on 2000-02-17 04:04:55 wrote:
Well, the nuns at school always told me..tooo much and you'll go
blind. This pish is rotten!!!!Avoid at all cost if you care for your
taste buds!

Jochem Roukema (jogurry at on 1999-11-30 07:25:49 wrote:
The first poison available worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Main Event (Chronic at on 1999-11-16 11:58:43 wrote:
This is my Favorite Beer ever...i love the taste if anyone has aproblem drop me
an e-mail

() on 1999-09-26 09:10:44 wrote:
I'm glad Holland has more to offer than this crap.

Pat McCrotch (4x4hero at on 1999-09-08 10:22:31 wrote:
This beer rules!

Hugh G. Rection (hugh at on 1999-07-22 07:10:13 wrote:
this shit is eactly what i like. can get taste a bit unpleasant after6 or 7, but
you're buzzed by then so you could drink cum and shitblended together with your
moms pubic hairs in it and not know.

Hans VanSlogan (hansvn at on 1999-07-17 10:36:18 wrote:
This Beer is good the first time after that it isAmsterdam Sewage water...

JerryS () on 1999-07-06 09:04:14 wrote:
This beer is above average. Not bad at all.

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 05:43:45 wrote:
Heineken is everybodies first "expensive" beer. I remembersplurging for a six
pack with like three friends when Iwas around seventeen. Everybodies had it, if
you like itfine if you don't that's fine too. I don't really like it,but I'll
drink it if I'm in a crappy bar that only has Bud,Busch, and Heineken.

Robert (rpm_99 at on 1999-04-18 07:08:21 wrote:
From Holland.Some people are proud to drink this beer. I prefer Grolsch it's a
much more tastfull. You guys drink only import beer in the green bottles.I do
can't believe you drink that shit. If you wanna try Heineken or Grolsch come to
Amsterdam and try thereal taste!! Import beer is shit. The brown bottles arethe
real stuff!!

Loffeland (loffeland at on 1999-03-20 06:10:50 wrote:
No doubt, Heineken is the best beer in the world..Taste great..

Joost van Kollenburg (j.c.vankollenburg at on 1999-03-04 01:43:47 wrote:
Tastes like ditch water.

Andi P. (AnDee at on 1999-02-26 09:56:12 wrote:
shitty beer!!!!!!!Austrian beer is the best

yuval () on 1999-02-13 01:57:33 wrote:
good lagar though not one of the best

Frank Fischer (expires) on 1999-01-26 06:11:57 wrote:
....Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!

Erik Wilhide (ece at on 1999-01-26 05:46:15 wrote:
This is the worst beer I have ever had. It taste like goatpiss, and even that
may not be pushing it.

macteut (macteut at on 1998-12-06 07:46:44 wrote:
Is this beer ????

Amir Slijper (amirslyper at on 1998-11-05 09:18:44 wrote:
If there is a beer it must be this one - The best there is

cyberdawg (believ_er at on 1998-10-04 03:52:23 wrote:
This is without doubt, the best beer i've ever tasted!

Charles Baetsen (cbaetsen at on 1998-08-19 09:45:25 wrote:
It is very consistant were ever you buy it, so when in doubt,, buy it, as you
can't go wrong.

() on 1998-07-29 07:18:37 wrote:
This beer taste like toilet-water. Even Corona is better than this.This beer is
cheap and that's the way it taste like.unanmious message

Erik () on 1998-07-28 01:03:08 wrote:
Heineken: zero pointsWhen you live in holland all other beer is better than
heinekenJust because it's cheap they serve it in almost every bar.You know why
it is that cheap? take a guess.....

Martin from Czech Rep. (Martin_Pytr at on 1998-07-24 01:41:03 wrote:
I like this beer!

Henrik Bylund (henrik.bylund at on 1998-06-24 07:06:11 wrote:
What you would expect when you buy beer.Not bad but it isn´t a tastesensation.

Daniel "Katschor" Nowok (dnowok at on 1998-05-21 02:18:21 wrote:
I've drinked it at its home - Amsterdam. Nice. Both of them.Pilem go w jego domu
- Amsterdamie. Fajne. Obydwa.

Ian Grosfeld (ian.grosfeld at on 1998-05-20 11:09:32 wrote:
Probably the worst beer in the world.

Jan van der Kaaden () on 1998-04-14 07:55:38 wrote:
If you like head ages and horse piss, this could be your choice......

Jorg A. Willekens (s960014 at on 1998-03-02 12:47:55 wrote:
This beer is mostly overrated!I don't like it... you don't even get drunk of it,
or youhave to drink huge amounts.... And I don't tell the headache the next
day....Belgian Beer Rulez (And check out Luxembourgisch beer!)

JW Coppens Oisterwijk Holland () on 1998-02-16 12:30:51 wrote:
They say it tastes like Dishwater or Uilenzeik. Should they reallyhave tried
this? Freddy for President!!!! Heineken forever!!!

P. Van Peteghem (pvp28 at on 1998-02-09 03:17:43 wrote:
Possibly the best beer in Holland...but that isn't much of areference.Tastes
like dishwater.

Carl Dieringer (dierin at on 1998-01-26 12:06:05 wrote:
It's kind of funny, people either really hate it or really like it.I've only had
the export. Some say it is skunky, but itsmell skunkier than it tastes. I
think It's an ok beer, even better than average. Carl

sheldon (sydney, australia) on 1998-01-23 11:19:38 wrote:
To Per-Jan,Go to Mongolia and you CAN drink "old milk"!The Mongolians have been
getting drunk on fermented yak milkfor centuries...- sheldon

Per-Jan () on 1998-01-22 09:14:49 wrote:
I 've been in Paris and they think they can ask45 FF for a glass of Heineken,
that's about $10.It's worse than paying $1000 for a glass of water.Tastes like
kittenurine (kattezeik). Worse than horse-urine (paardenzeik).Even in the
Netherlands.I'd rather drink 3 months old milk.

#1123 (hkvuori at on 1997-12-30 11:50:57 wrote:
Once upon a time I thought this is the best beer in the world.Then I had an
opportunity to taste Pilsner Urquell....Anyway, it beats Lapin Kulta III.

Juhani Lausas (jlausas at on 1997-12-21 02:02:24 wrote:
Funny. I never buy it in bottles in the Netherlands, but I do in othercountries.
Homesickness? Harly, because the Netherlands is my secondhome. OK. It's good,
but I prefer some other Dutch beers which areavailable in the Netherlands, but
not abroad.

Henning Hedemann (henning.hedemann at on 1997-12-04 11:17:57 wrote:
Hi, we´re the Punkrockers from "Schluss mit lustig"We think that Heineken rules
!!!Greetings to the two Zwillinge from Tange !!!We still love them !!!We hate
Skateboarders & Teachers.We love Doc Martens & Tange !!!Please mail us for
Merchandising & other stuff:

W.Visschers (W.Visschers at on 1997-12-03 08:14:43 wrote:
What to say about this ... (I cant' call this beer)It IS like urine of a
horse.In the Netherlands, we have a picture of a horse that is drinkingGrolsch
and pissing Heineken at the same time.That is excactly what I think about it!One
day, when the western part of the Netherlands is under water,Heineken will no
longer exist, and Grolsch will rule!

Daniel van der Beek (D.J.vanderBeek at on 1997-12-03 07:42:50 wrote:
simply digusting

marti () on 1997-12-01 07:36:21 wrote:
Very Nice Beer!!!!!!

christof reinhold (christof at on 1997-11-30 09:01:20 wrote:
really coll stuff!-)not much of taste, but it is working quickly!(it is still
good, to have a toilet in your nearess!,the beer will make it´s way fast)it is
not awailable in germany for everyone, that´s reallyshit!so, i hope, that will
change one, cul...greets to da punks from "schluß mit lustig", hope
ourworldtour 97/98 would be a success!so, mail me suckers, i like it!cu. dj

Edvard.G (veryonion at on 1997-11-26 11:50:03 wrote:
From Edvard in Sweden...I like very light beertypes.So this one is a VERY GOOD
ONE IN THESUMMER.On the other hand it is not a good choisein the winter.8/10

Séba (moloko at on 1997-11-20 07:16:05 wrote:
L'Heineken est à la bière ce que l'homme représente à l'UNIVER : RIEN!

The Heineken Cyberdude (heineken at on 1997-10-08 11:24:34 wrote:
beer in holland, a good bitter taste, no such thing as URINE or something !!!!!

Patrick Saladino (patrick.saladino at on 1997-09-26 08:33:58 wrote:
It's nice to drink this horse urine when there is nothing else left inthe fridge

Jayna (jvoss at on 1997-09-16 10:18:43 wrote:

Bitey (bitey at on 1997-09-03 01:24:25 wrote:
I am writing from New Zealand, where Heineken is anything but"generic". It is
one of the more expensive beers on the market and isregarded as one of the finer
imports in the country.

Nick Skinner (nick139 at on 1997-06-20 06:29:05 wrote:
This is one good beer to get drunk off of. It has a great taste, and agood

ovaneldert (ovanldert at on 1997-06-08 04:23:21 wrote:
it is good for our export.the beer aind bad , but it give's headache.i rather
have a grolsch

Kris Miller (rhfqaaa at on 1997-05-19 05:34:28 wrote:
The export that you get in the States isn't nearly as good as the "red star" in
the returnablebrown bottles that you can get in DE and NL.

Oliver Leering (emixode at on 1997-05-02 09:31:13 wrote:
Well, this beer tastes like 'SLOOTWATER' (shit) .... we in Enschede,The
Netherlands, call this beer 'SMERIG RIJSTEBIER' ...

Ivo Vink (ivofvink at on 1997-04-23 12:58:19 wrote:
We in EINDHOVEN, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands call this beer"UILENZEIK".It
tastes like shit and if you have only this beer at home, you won'tsee me mutch!

Albert Nijenhuis (tanhuis at on 1997-04-22 03:00:32 wrote:
In spite of its great international name, this is one of theinferior Dutch

Gerrit Verbeek (gerrit.verbeek at on 1997-04-21 11:15:05 wrote:
The Heineken brewery tries to make a beer that is neutral in taste,bitterness
and flavour. Maybe it's a good substitute for water,because it's quite

Miles Doherty (mj1.doherty at on 1997-04-02 04:11:11 wrote:
It is really expensive in australia - def. not worththe price - although I
wouldn't knock it back ifoffered. Not bad.

() on 1997-03-28 07:50:59 wrote:
If you think water is beer I'm sure you like this beer

JWG (gibbj1 at on 1997-03-15 06:24:50 wrote:
i met a distributer in israel during a scuba lesson and at the end heused his
special card to buy us all a round on him.good stuff. an old one but a good one

Jan Jiskra (jjiskra at on 1997-02-25 05:27:07 wrote:
I like this beer. You can buy it almost everywhere. But you can't compare it to
Pilsner-Urquell, because Heineken is only good, butnot excellent.

Nicklas Werlevik (nicklas at on 1997-02-23 11:19:10 wrote:
It's my favourite!

Alberto Rodriguez (t-alber at on 1997-02-21 02:43:42 wrote:
Tasty and light. Good at any time.

spurny (spurny at on 1997-02-19 07:36:53 wrote:
Do you remember famous David Lynch's film "Blue Velvet"?And the question what
"What do you drink, you shit"?"Heineken"."F***ing Heineken!".

Kevin pryor () on 1997-01-25 11:33:35 wrote:
Heineken has a taste like leaves saturated in water for a long timevery long
time some people might enjoy the taste but to me it smellslike urine in a bottle
from a drunk who was drinking carlsberg.

RALPH (SOSANA at IBM.NET) on 1997-01-18 02:59:00 wrote:

() on 1997-01-17 04:58:30 wrote:
#From in

Anders S () on 1996-09-30 03:25:03 wrote:
#From Anders S, in #Om du ska dricka den här
öl-sorten, så välj burkvarianten.Det tjänar du på prismässigt.

the conosur () on 1996-09-15 06:25:08 wrote:
it comes across as skunky 7 times out of ten.

Cool Cat () on 1996-09-09 11:32:42 wrote:
It's the best beer in the Netherlands.You beth your ass on that one.

Brad Boomstra (bbooms51 at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
This is my favorite all time beer. It tastes great after a long day of work.

() on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Not for sale in Birma (Myanmar)

moRTal/SMA (somewhere in sweden) on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
i think this one got a regual taste! nothing much to say.Grade: 3/5

Patrick Gougoux (Patrick.Gougoux at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Well knowm anywhere arond the world,this commercial beer has a refreshing
taste but a little aftertaste. Must be as cold as possible !!!!!!! Great
advertising campaigns especially in Great Britain.

Aaron Mathis () on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Great beer, though Export has a little skunk taste to it. Had it in Amsterdamn,
tasted better than imported to USA.

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Pripps Blå 1/2 l

Beers from USA

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