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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Guinness Special Export

Guinness Special Export bottle by Guinness
Country Ireland
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 8 %
Beer Style Stout
Beer name means After first brewer Arthur GuinnessThe name comes from Arthur Guinness - the man who started the Guinnesscompany in Dublin in 1759.
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Comments Bottled Guinness is not so good, but from the tap......

From "Link:" Blanko Excursio 94

"Link:" Official Website

More information about "Link:" Guinness
and "Link:" The Guide to Guinness

Supplied by
Brewery Guinness
Brewery located in Dublin
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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TrueBeerFan (truebeerfan at on 2005-01-02 12:37:55 wrote:
guinness has ridden the coat tails of the psuedo beer snobs longenough.any bar
that serves guinness calls itself irish its a joke.murphy's irish stout is MUCH
better.only real irish places carry it, they dont just cater tothe wanna be's
who think guinness is still a classy beer.for my vote id take fuller's london
porter over a guinness as well.

Larry the Lair (larrylair at on 2003-09-28 08:22:09 wrote:
Heavenly mother's milk from some great teat in the sky...It makes me proud to be
Irish (and I'm not even Irish!)

Jonathan (jpjarman at on 2002-04-04 02:25:25 wrote:
I am sometimes lowered to the ranks of cheap lager when in aback woods bar or at
a party with a cheap keg. Those are generally early nights. If you are afraid
of deviating from mediocrity the dark stuff is not for you.

Davide Canepa (davdesmo at on 2001-12-29 01:16:56 wrote:
Cold in summer, less cold in winter, always with friends!!!Always a great

Leon Alvarado (leon at on 2001-07-18 11:25:43 wrote:
This is the real king of beers in a bottle. Excellent in every way. Itonly gets
better when poured out of a tap.

Gouldsby (Blaxx8 at on 2001-07-17 05:57:56 wrote:
Guinness with more bite and more character. Poisonous in numbers

Rob Grace (robert at on 2001-04-20 05:11:09 wrote:
You graduate from the draught Guinness to the special export-Thespecial is just
the best to be honest-try it with the strongest cheeseyou know and then wait for
the headaches to start!

Phil (oblongesophagus at on 2000-12-23 01:18:32 wrote:
Guinness Special Export Stout is a good beer, but too sweet for mytaste.
Guinness Draught is a great beer.

adam () on 1999-10-04 08:00:59 wrote:
Personally, I think Guiness sucks! It is overrated, overpriced and Iwould
rather drink a fuckin SSSUUURRRGGGEE

Petra and Krista () on 1999-09-28 07:14:38 wrote:
From PETRA and KRISTA "GUINNESS is not a beer....IT'S A MEAL!"

Roy () on 1999-04-12 08:06:56 wrote:
As a rule I say the Belgians brew the best beer, but Guinness is trulyin a class
by itself! I had the honor to have a pint at the brewery atSt. James Gate in
Dublin (everyone now get on your knees and faceIreland). From the tap this beer
is incredible. The U.S. version isn'tso good but in any pub in Ireland it can't
be beat! Guinness Rules!

Carnell Washington Jr. (carwashi at on 1998-08-25 04:56:05 wrote:
This is one of the best things to ever come out of Ireland.

BlackBeard () on 1998-08-22 09:17:21 wrote:
It is just......Superb

Ian Grosfeld (ian.grosfeld at on 1998-05-20 11:13:20 wrote:
The only Guinness worthy of drinking.But boy, is it worthy!This is the best
non-Belgian beer in the world.And the only one I've got a T-shirt of.You know,
if you don't finish it at night, it still tastes great thenext morning!The
ultimate breakfast experience.

Curtis (cchilds1 at on 1998-03-04 09:56:47 wrote:
I love a good black & tan!!!

Erik W. () on 1998-03-02 08:58:21 wrote:
Guinness needs to be saviored by all men. If it is too strong for youthen drink

Danny Boice (boicedk at on 1998-02-23 08:20:12 wrote:
Guinness definitely rules! As good as it from the bottleit is so much better on

Casey O'Flanery () on 1997-12-11 01:27:50 wrote:
Guinness is so smooth. If you gag on this beer then don't complain about it and
just drink your wussy beer. Leave the Guinness to the REAL men, Miss Andrew.
We'd appreciate'it

Rob () on 1997-07-02 01:55:51 wrote:
There are only two words to say:Guinness rules !!!

Craig Nguyen (reznor at on 1997-04-29 07:43:33 wrote:
If your car runs out of oil and you have guiness you are good to go. Pure 10w40
oil in a bottle with someCO2.

Albert Nijenhuis (tanhuis at on 1997-04-20 11:14:57 wrote:
I think this is the closest beer ever gets to motor oil.A severe punishment for

Cipriano Jesus Salazar Garibay (cgaribay at on 1997-02-25 06:25:56 wrote:
Breakfast ofChampions

Young-Jin Kim (ykim at on 1997-02-21 04:20:17 wrote:
Try it from the tap. The creamy foam is delicious! One of the bestdark beers in

kennedy (be82431 at on 1996-09-19 11:28:43 wrote:
best beer in the world

Josh (josh at on 1996-09-07 10:13:43 wrote:
I love it...I think it's the greatest!!!

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