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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Foster's Lager

Foster's Lager bottle by Carlton & United Breweries Ldt.
Country Australia
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.6 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
Tell us more
Comments Typical Australian lager beer.

Supplied by
Brewery Carlton & United Breweries Ldt.
Brewery located in Collingwood
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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Jimmy () on 2012-08-07 14:23:51 wrote:
Foster s is pretty crap No Aussie that I know drinks it From what I ve heard
in England everyone Thinks the Aussie s drink it though I can't remember the
last time I saw a carton of fosters in the bottle shop

Robeer (allanmckay at xtra) on 2010-04-09 05:29:32 wrote:
Foster's is rubbish lager,everyone knows that,great if you want a terrible
chemical headache,boo!

josh () on 2006-05-04 07:38:34 wrote:
terrible stuff. dont know why any one would like thiss stuff whenthere are many
other great beers from aussie, IE: from SA, TAS, WA...

oliver (mauritian-noni at on 2006-04-23 07:58:51 wrote:
you are a collectioner and want to exchange beer bottle of yourcountry with
mauritian beer bottle??? contact me on my mail please

Pistol Pete () on 2006-01-16 07:12:06 wrote:
Tried this on tap at the Crown Casino in Melbourne and fell in loveit. Since
then i have bought some cartons of it and quite like thepackaged version too!!
Better than VB!!

Tony Sinclair (tsinclair at on 2006-01-06 12:14:40 wrote:
Foster lager,is an excellent beer.My question to you is as follow howit is
possible that a beer with such bad ingredients like Presidente,and Corona sales
more than Foster in the U.S.Perhaps we don't know shit about good beer. Look for
a beer called(GERMAN CRIKAK) is coming soon to the U.S this beer won beer ofthe
year in Germany and it is truly a magnificent beer. Tony Sinclair Beer

John Cole (zang2nd at on 2005-09-26 01:20:27 wrote:
I first had this from the oilcan in the 1980's when it had a decentflavour, dark
amber clour, and a head so thick you could float aVolkswagen on it. Now? Thin,
yellow, and so-so flavor. Why'd theyscrew it up?

loudenbooma (loudenbooma at on 2005-09-05 10:11:32 wrote:
Fosters! Don't make me laugh. VB is what you drink day in dayout....then maybe a
Boag's Premium if you're winning at the races.That Crown Lager (Fosters in a
different bottle) sux too.

NTRabbit () on 2005-05-28 04:29:44 wrote:
Terrible beer and one of the worst that we (by which i mean a dozenbreweries
world wide) make, how on earth did it become "the face ofAustralian beer"?!

andre (lightswan at on 2005-05-15 08:51:16 wrote:

Robert Schaeffer (BAWB1959 at on 2005-01-14 01:03:03 wrote:
My observations lie somewhere between the extremes voicedso far. I'm quaffing a
25.4 ounce "Oil Can" at this moment. Foster's -- particularly in such cans --
has become a mainstay of mine. Not the equal of many micro or macro brews from
both sides o' the pond, you understand. To my unjaundiced taste buds, it's what
a number of mass-producedAmerican beers should be, but are not. Now, as for the
"Amber Nectar" available in the UK, wellll...that's anotherstory. Is that what
the Aussie product was supposed to be like at one time, higher ABV and all? A
more robust takeon the CUB stuff from Canada that we yanks (or is that wanks)
get to drink. Only problem is, the cans are pintsized, at least those I procured
from a Sainsbury's inNottingham last August. Cheers Mate!!

Regular beer lover (pass at on 2005-01-01 07:47:08 wrote:

Lothus Greenfeld () on 2003-12-01 09:57:46 wrote:
Definitely an excellent lager with a low hangover/quantity ratio.I have never
experienced excessive farting with this brew, contrary to another post. I
believe that individual was full of shit,not farts.Cheers!

Max (maxbi at on 2003-09-12 05:52:36 wrote:
For me the Best ice beer in the world without any doubt.I dream about tasting
again from 8 years, last time i went inAustralia.If someone want try, the only
other place i found Foster's ice was inVienna.

Buzzy (buss888 at on 2003-07-18 03:17:58 wrote:
The stuff brewed by the SC Brewry in scotland, tastes like battery acid to
me.Alltho some dickheads I know love it. they are people known to be dickheads
around my area, so it not just me calling them thatBuzzyDublin

() on 2003-04-23 12:20:31 wrote:
Never did try this back home in Oz.. might have somethingto do with the fact I
didn't see it much in Perth.Always thought it was undrinkable... until I tried
it in theUK.... do yourself a favour!!!O for Awesome!!!I rate it as one of my
all time favourites.Can't wait to try it next time I am at home - hoping that
Iam not disapointed.

Matthew Reddy (matthew at on 2003-04-15 05:35:17 wrote:
The best beer to add to beer batter, pour in a kid's shandy, throw atpolice etc
- ie any use for beer other than your own personalconsumption - 2/10

ANTI-greek (presidente at on 2003-04-08 09:07:27 wrote:

Simon in Sydney () on 2003-04-08 02:02:23 wrote:
The Fosters you drink in most countries is brewed in that country,i.e. it's not
Fosters. So you're all talking about different beers.The actual Fosters in
Australia is a fairly good, cheap summertimebeer on a hot day.

realoz (realoz at on 2003-02-19 07:07:18 wrote:
hey (realenglish-aka.realbastard),go kill some irishmen or something

real englishman (realENGLISHman) on 2003-02-19 03:42:56 wrote:
to the guy 5 messages above....TWAT-you aussies are old englishprisoners who all
took it up the arse in jail.

egg (poo at on 2003-02-19 03:21:38 wrote:
WOOP WOOP at £1.60 a pint in my local it is he best beer around eventhough it is
really kangaroo piss.wot can i say - im a student who like getting pissed:)(no
offence to kangaroos by the way)

Adrian van Gent () on 2003-01-25 05:15:53 wrote:
I enjoy fosters its crisp and refreashing tasting lager but not anAussie beer
anymore sometime I think Iam the only Aussie who drinks it

an Aussie () on 2003-01-09 09:38:38 wrote:
Apparently the Foster's they get overseas is better than the cat'spiss we get
here. It might explain why foreigners actually like it. Australian-brewed
Foster's is quite possibly the worst beer I've everhad.

Randy (randylejeune at on 2002-09-30 08:28:36 wrote:
Overrated. There are much better beers available.

glad I'm not a pom (like the above) on 2002-07-29 07:39:33 wrote:
after reading fascist idiots like this guy, is it any wonder theempire

Not Sheldon (for once) (ukforever at on 2002-07-02 01:22:56 wrote:
this is the one australian beer a proper englishman would drink, butSHELDON
tears down the one Australian beer that is half way drinkable,typical communist
SHELDON, real beer resides ONLY inENGLAND---------------WANKERS.

ian () on 2002-06-09 06:28:50 wrote:
I think Fosters is probably one of the worst beers in the world,mainly because
the aftertaste is of rancid butter.

pubes (ash_air at on 2002-05-23 01:19:28 wrote:
by exporting fosters to the world, CUB have proved themselves nobetter than the
Taliban. This is beer TERRORISM!

Greg (watser_name at on 2002-05-22 06:03:43 wrote:
I just Love FostersEverytime I go ask me misses to get us a drink I always ask
for the best good old fosters.

Meat Ball (eatthemeatball at on 2002-04-13 03:35:49 wrote:
I am amazed how many people have tasted rat urine. Fosters isslightly better
than an average american beer if it hasent beenskunked up by some lazy ass
importer who is too cheap to refrigerateit

pentaqoud (pentaqoud at on 2002-02-01 12:40:18 wrote:
Its better than Miller Light.Enough said....

Beer16 (Tjvibes3 at on 2001-09-11 05:22:22 wrote:
Tastes like a ill rats urine and we only drink it because itscheap!!!!

The ALCHOHOLIC AYATOLLAH (The beer -drinkers Taliban) on 2001-04-04 03:10:35 wrote:
This is a great beer, but surely the Aussies have many other betterbeers to
offer the export market?

Chris Hammond (chris.hammond at on 2001-03-29 04:49:52 wrote:
absolutely NOTHING to do with Australia. Not a bad beer if you areskint and
don't want to get too drunk. But this is horrible rats piss.

Michael Gardner () on 2001-03-24 05:56:17 wrote:
The problem with Carlton United products is that they long ago stopped using
real hops and switched to various hop extracts, whichgive most of their brews a
bitter, metallic twang. If you drink Victoria Bitter, Fosters or even Carlton
coldiesthen suddenly go back to a real brewed beer such as Toohey's new or
Fourex Draught, and especially if you canget to the Breakfast Creek Hotel in
Brisbane for a fourexfrom the wooden cask, you will never return to the
chemicalcrap put out by C.U.B.Michael... Redcliffe, Queensland Australia

... () on 2001-02-17 01:06:17 wrote:
just got a 25.4 oz can. shit tastes like an old style

Foster's Drinker () on 2000-12-10 01:58:51 wrote:
The Greatest Beer in the world, from the greatest Country in the
worldAustraliaLong live the mighty Fosters and long live Australia

Pivo Man () on 2000-10-27 09:55:43 wrote:
Fosters is the Budweiser of Australia. It sucks big time: toocarbonated, no
hops taste, and a sour white wine flavor typical ofinexpensive beers

keppa (vaartela at on 2000-09-28 07:52:56 wrote:
I can see that Australians drink beer in quantities. Not according totaste.This
is easy to consume and then forget. No character at all.No beer but alcoholic
beverage. Sorry to say.

Hugh (hrothwell at on 2000-09-12 02:27:18 wrote:
Foster's Lager is Australia's most successful brand of beer. Not only is it sold
in many countries around the world but it is also brewed in the United Kingdom,
Asia and Canada to name but a few. It is a typical Australian lager with a light
colour, good head and a clean refreshing taste. Since its heydays in the early
80's sales of Foster's have declined rapidly. Add to this the massive popularity
of VB and now Foster's is rarely seen on tap in Sydney and most bottleshops
wouldn't stock more than around 5 cases. Foster's still gains massive publicity
through its sponsorship of the Melbourne Cup, the AFL Grand Final and the
Australian Grand Prix. It is still a nice beer and is easily as good as VB.

Davey () on 2000-04-14 10:14:47 wrote:
This stuff was a big dissapointment when I first tried itand it still tastes
like shit.Like Corona, it is basically an expensive, and overrated version of

testicle () on 2000-04-08 03:25:52 wrote:
i dont know why its so popular overseas, australia has so many betterbeers that
i wont bother naming them, it has a limp taste

Vera (vera at on 2000-03-14 12:42:58 wrote:
I search for beer labels from New Zealand, Australiaand small insular breweries.
Visit our collection onwww.labolog.czand contact me!

Nick Kubiak (nk54900 at on 2000-02-04 03:03:55 wrote:
This beer tastes like piss. Austrailian piss!!

() on 1999-12-23 06:14:30 wrote:
Someone's researched the history of Foster's on

Rudy (rudy at on 1999-11-13 04:50:36 wrote:
I really used to like the Oil Can (back in the steel(metal)days), buthere in the
states they started brewing it in Canada a while back. Ithas lost the taste,
although I would still drink it if I was at theOutback Steakhouse eating some
Kukaburra Wings. Did I spell thatright?

bargearse (kjnv) on 1999-10-22 10:56:57 wrote:
fosters lager-the aussie export. not a bad stater if you want to getto know
aussie beers, but try some toohey's new, VB, as well.they don't have the same
deep hop? sort of taste butare probably a better drop.

John ,,grosse Nase'' Elliot (pisshead at on 1999-10-19 09:43:17 wrote:
See!!!Unser Werbungen sind ein Erfolg! Jene Deutschen glaubendaß das chemische
Bier die gleiche Qualität ist!Git a dog up ya!

Peter und Maxi () on 1999-10-18 06:45:14 wrote:
es ist das beste BIER von Australien.... wir sein zwar aus Spittal an der Drau
im schönen Kärnten,es schmeckt uns aber trotzdem !!!!PROST PROST PRÖSTERCHEN IM

Roger () on 1999-09-08 09:57:28 wrote:
Very unimpressed! Mediocre beer at best.

Booker () on 1999-06-28 09:57:50 wrote:
Sorry felas but this is a realy sithouse beer!Nobody drinks this shit in
Australia!the top ten beers in Aus are asfollows: 1.Cascade Premium Lager
2.James Boags Premium 3.Coopers Pale Ale 4.James Squire
5.Hahn Premium 6.Coopers sparkling Ale 7.Victoria Bitter
8.Cascade Pale Ale 9.Tooheys Old 10.Crown LagerThis order may be a
little out, but you must understand this is a verydifficult list to make
accurately.Cheers fellas.......oh...I forgot you guys drink fosters so I
takethat cheers back cause you guys dont know how to drink real beer. Andby the
way fosters is ranked 103rd in my Australian beer list.

Nigel (nd_28 at on 1999-05-09 08:56:17 wrote:
I'd prefer to drink bong water than be subjected to this crap .Fosters is the
worse beer ever to come from Oz , except for maybe XXXX

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-29 02:57:08 wrote:
This is a poor excuse for Australian beer. I hear the sayingin Australia is "we
export all our crappy beer". Anyone whodrinks this and thinks they're drinking
Australian beer outtabe given the boot. I think this is just budweiser with a
foreign label. Drink it if you must but don't brag about drinking foreign beer
to your friends. You've been warned.

Michael Pachta-Nick (mipa at on 1999-04-28 02:09:05 wrote:
In Aachen, Germany, is a pub that serves Foster's. Although there arelots of
German beer brands I recently gave Foster's Lager a try. Well, I rated it 8. It
is very mild in taste and gave me no headachethe next morning, even though I had
approx. 4 liters of it.I like it very much and recommend other Germans to taste
it.In that pub you can get Foster's in 1.5 liter pitchers. This is quiteunsual
for German pubs but it makes lot of fun.ProstMichael

Jari Moilanen (japemo00 at on 1999-02-12 04:42:55 wrote:
I didin't like it! It was quite worst.

Beer man () on 1998-12-16 07:01:27 wrote:
What the hell do Australians know about making a goodbeer? There all criminals
anyway. Oh yeah the crochunter is a pussy.

JAVIER MONTOYA (jmontoya at on 1998-12-11 08:19:20 wrote:

Boris (BKilpatr at on 1998-10-23 11:42:32 wrote:
Gregg H, couldn't agree with you more. It taste's like it has beenbrewed in the
same vat as the "Pine-O-Kleen". It has this weird soapytaste to it, and I cannot
believe it is getting all these goodreviews. maybe it's better O/S, but if you
international types wan't agood Aussie beer, this aint it. Try a Coopers
Sparkling or a CascadePremium. Just to show I'm not biased against Victorians,
Crown Lageris a good one from the makers of Fosters.

Gregg H () on 1998-09-09 10:59:54 wrote:
From a very proud Aussie, I would like to say SORRY to the rest of theworld that
we produced Fosters. It is the worst beer in the world barnone. Simple as that.
While I'm at it, may I also say sorry for someof our other "exports". Namely
Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Dame EdnaEverage, Neighbours, Home And Away and
Rupert Murdoch. It's nothingpersonal world, we just wanted rid of them. Just
remember, radiatorfluid is better than Fosters

STEVE () on 1998-08-12 05:16:15 wrote:

Tony () on 1998-08-01 05:08:09 wrote:
The would only drink Foster's if it was free. I don't know anyone in NSW who
owns up to drinking the stuff.Makes ya fart.

Glenn Christensen (blindfly at on 1998-06-26 04:49:05 wrote:
AUSTRALIA'S MOST POPULAR BEER??I suggest you update your Australian section. We
have many other beerswhish are locally accepted and piss on fosters. Tooheys
Blue Tooheys Red Tooheys New Tooheys Dry
Carlton Cold Hahn Ice Victoria BitterMany
other great beers from the land Down under. Fosters is nottypically Australian.
It is typically international.CHEERS!

AZZA () on 1998-05-26 10:07:57 wrote:

tim () on 1998-05-24 08:05:51 wrote:
Fosters isn't too bad but there are better beers available in Australia. I agree
that,Western Australia's, Swan 1857 Pils is a very good beer. It is
unfortunate that Fosters overseas is only a lincensed product and not real.
Fosters is Australain for maketing

mel () on 1998-05-23 06:29:46 wrote:
Fosters isn't the beer drunk in Australia. I find it is eitherVictoria Bitteror
Tooheys Draught. It is probably the beer that Australiansdrink when they're
overseas. Then they return home and have a decentbeer likeTooheys Draught or
Tooheys Extra Dry. Those people who perceiveFosters to be the great Australian
beer have got it all wrong.

Marcel (dziuniko at on 1998-05-11 12:35:36 wrote:
Foster is the best beer I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot. It'scolor and
smell is gourgous. And taste is .... uhm yam yam.If you haven't tried yet, You
must do it now.

Brian Ewe (bse5006 at on 1998-05-05 09:14:43 wrote:
foster's lager is an exellent lager and I will pay for foster'severytime I
drinkI just love the oil cans and I suggest never to get rid of them

bettina (Chaix at on 1998-04-28 08:45:27 wrote:
It's ok but a bit tasteless, I used to drink it with lime when I camefirst in
London, so It will always have a special taste for me, but somany beers are
special for me ! SEEYA!

Alfielanger (mr.plow at on 1998-04-28 02:09:10 wrote:
This beer is ok but I could think of more aussie beers. Tooheys, XXXX,VB etc.
Hey doug they took off your message. But I guess this beer isgood cause its

Mr.Nice (bob at on 1998-04-23 03:35:59 wrote:
#From Mr.Nice, #Hey Nick, you wouldnt know a good tasting beer
if it hit you in the #face. So shut your mouth you stupid bitch !! The only grog
you drink#is what your dad pisses out when your sucking his dick. #

Nick (deathotter at on 1998-04-23 03:27:22 wrote:
From NickThis beer blows it tastes like pissin fact i think it is piss, and any
one who lovesthis piss, enjoys piss flavored beverages.

Doug (floug at on 1998-04-20 04:43:27 wrote:

Marco & Doug (floug at on 1998-04-17 03:14:28 wrote:
Hey Dudes,This beer is THE classest beer around in Australia. We had somemuch
one night I true thought that i was flying. It is goodshit people and I
recommend it to everybody that is a beer fan.GO THE FOSTER'S LAGER8-)CHEERS

Carl Dieringer () on 1998-01-26 12:42:16 wrote:
Of all the 20-25 ounce beers, this is the one I choose.It's the only one I tip
up completely to get everything outof the bottle. Easy drinking, but still
tastes good.Carl

Andy Bell (bella at on 1997-10-21 07:24:31 wrote:
Very good tasting beer, beware of getting drunk and trying to shotguna pint can
of the stuff. Bad news folks, hard on the stomach

Jerry Dohnal (jerryd at on 1997-10-17 08:54:38 wrote:
Totally without class or distinction. Most commercial Australian beerslack
character. They're not as bad as American beers, but they'renothing to write
home about. Victorian Bitter isn't much better. Apoor Czech beer (if there is
such a thing) would leave this for dead.

ALCHY from Eureka Center WI () on 1997-10-03 01:37:46 wrote:
Best non American/Canadien/Norwegian beer there is.

Dan Kohner (Kohnerd at on 1997-09-11 04:12:22 wrote:
This is the best beer anywhere!! I just love getting the 25oz cans,they are the
best!!! More beer should be like this fine lager! It isthe world's best lager
Mate!!Dan KohnerUSA

Eddie Rosser (eros at on 1997-09-02 11:19:13 wrote:
I reckon you guys are all wankers. There is no way in all the worldthat Fosters
is a patch on Steinlager and there is just no comparisonbetween it and
Tui.Cheers mate.

Mike (SWE) (mtl.wcp at on 1997-06-26 04:31:47 wrote:
Answer 2 sheldon..I can see that u r really desperate 2 try A Norrland 7.0
beer,, Sorry but i cant afford to give u an air ticket sou just have 2 save some
money by yourself and get over Sweden doesnt have those big jumping
rats its to cold..

sheldon ((again)) on 1997-06-17 05:20:48 wrote:
pps: you mean that swedish kangaroos CAN piss straight???

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-06-17 05:15:41 wrote:
To Mike (2 messages up)Sheldon here, if you send me a Norrland 7.0 I will
gladlychange my opinion. Or (better still) send me an air-ticketto Sweden and
I'll try it in a Swedish pub (where there isprobably foster's on
tap!) in Iceland a year and a half ago - only two
non-Icelandicbeers on tap - you guessed that Foster's was one! - withbadly
realised cut-outs of Australia hanging from the ceilingof many Reykjavik pubs.
This is in Reykjavik, more than17000km from Melbourne!

() on 1997-06-15 03:31:16 wrote:
The only Aussies that drink Fosters are the under-age drinkers,because they
can't tell how CRAP it tastes. No one that actuallylikes the taste of beer
would go near it.

Mike (mtl.wcp at on 1997-06-08 02:15:28 wrote:
sheldon swedish beer rules! Try Norrland 7.0 andu will change your opinion.

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-06-04 03:44:18 wrote:
Call it Kangaroo Piss you dogs, cause if a Swedish akangaroo could piss straight
you'd probably have a decentSwedish beer... I only suffer Foster's when the
drive-thrubottlo is fresh out of Cooper's, VB, Toohey's... heck I'deven go a
Resch's DA over a Foster's... but hey? It's oneof our best exports - so, dry
argument mate. sheldon

Lex Luthor (lennart.astrom at on 1997-06-03 03:25:20 wrote:
Who allowed this kangaroo to piss in bottles?

Tracy Daidone (daidone at on 1997-05-31 12:24:00 wrote:
But it's only best if you drink it from the big assoil can and not inthe bottle.

BeeR (hash at on 1997-05-28 08:00:25 wrote:
It's ok, but nothing beats a COOPERS!

Ash Oholic () on 1997-05-06 10:05:37 wrote:
I love Foster's and all things Aussie. But since I've never been there I have
just one question. Is Foster's reallyAustralian for beer?

Alex M. Antipin (Sober.Alex at on 1997-05-06 05:13:20 wrote:
I wish I could taste a genuine australian Foster's

H.Slijtermeilink (slijtski at on 1997-05-04 05:07:24 wrote:
It's like horse piss.

Joyce () on 1997-04-29 03:39:44 wrote:

Teddycheck (Teddycheck at on 1997-04-28 02:20:38 wrote:
Foster Beer is endorsed by the B.D.U. (Beer Deployment Unit). Whilethe B.D.U.
was deployed to Croatia we enjoyed about 2 cases a night. We highly recommend
Foster. Commander, BDU, Japan

Italian Giò () on 1997-04-11 09:20:24 wrote:
If i start to drink you i can't finish.....Last time 6 litres.

Rob Whitham (mark.mullett at on 1997-04-11 07:59:36 wrote:
If this was the only beer left in the shop I would do without.2/10 is a

Mark Mullett (mark.mullett at on 1997-04-11 07:38:54 wrote:
You have a very limited range of Australian beers listedon your site. Just
because CUB held a very successful campaign a fewyears back promoting Fosters as
"Australia's" beer does not mean it isa quality or a popular beer in
Australia.Of the mainstream beers in Australia the most popular is Victoria
Bitter,which is a little too sweet for me, but the best tasting beer is
EmuBitter from the Swan Brewery in Canning Vale, Western Australia or1857 Pils
from Swan. There is also a myriad of other beers from allstates which are far
superior to Fosters. You may wish to source some.Basically Fosters is pretty
crappy and no-one in Australia drinks it.- Mark Mullett

Pentti Kiviranta 267000020020318 (pentti.kiviranta at on 1997-04-11 01:10:23 wrote:
Think all of those lambs.

Ray The Beer Man () on 1997-04-05 08:10:13 wrote:
Foster's: Australian for " marketing "! Not bad, but not worldclass.

Shamus () on 1997-04-03 06:22:12 wrote:
I dont know about the real stuff, I can only get the Canadian version here in
Florida. But I like the 32ozcan. And the beer is much better than the crap
they brew in the US. Not counting the micro's of course.I love Foster's!!!!!

Miles Doherty (mj1.doherty at on 1997-03-27 05:42:27 wrote:
If your gonna drink an average beer - fosters aint it.Fosters really just dosn't
taste nice and is sociallyuncool. Drink VB or XXXX for the pub scene and
drinkcoopers or red back for the home. My favourite Aus beerwould have to be
coopers - South Australia. I also find that the hangover the next day is rather
mild in comparison to the other aussie ales.

damian () on 1997-03-22 08:11:13 wrote:
A great tasting lager in the tradition of all beers produced by CUB.Loved down
under and well justified in coining the phrasen "Australianfor beer"

Duncan Kennedy (dkennnedy at on 1997-03-13 09:43:04 wrote:
Only Foreigners drink this shit, real Australians drink VB

BRYAN AND FRANK (bryan&frank at on 1997-03-08 02:17:34 wrote:

Timo () on 1997-03-04 12:14:58 wrote:
Greatest beer in the world!!!! Smooth, tasty and available in 0,5l inthe

pc (pcag723 at on 1997-03-01 05:31:57 wrote:
definitely the best tasting beer. goes down smooooth.also only beer that doesnt
make me sneeze.

FC (n1928937 at on 1997-02-27 09:11:52 wrote:
Aussie beer is the greatest liquid known to man. Fosters gives meinspiration
and meaning to an other wise dreary and boring life. Heres Cheers!!!Signed "The
Fat Cunt"

Steven (n1893971 at on 1997-02-26 04:46:59 wrote:
It may be Kangaroo PISS But mate, It is Australian and thatis all that matters
mate. 1/10 for taste, 19/10 for origin.Makes it 20/20. You Bloody Beauty!

Shane (n1921924 at on 1997-02-25 08:55:32 wrote:
'cos it's bloody australian mate !

Timo () on 1997-02-24 11:36:14 wrote:
Sorry guys, after all the bad comments,I love Foster's!!!! It's not like
heineken, which everyone drinks herein the netherlands, also a good beer but not
Foster', it's gotten medrunk so many times I don't even remember cause I'm
drinking onenow... Cheers!!!

Neil McVarnock (rgrafton at on 1997-02-22 04:21:34 wrote:
its not too bad for a beer. But vic bit is better

jsomervi ( on 1997-02-19 04:56:21 wrote:
The biggest difference between the Canadian version sold in the U.S.and Aussie
original is the 10% strength boost - Canadians won't drinkanything less than 5%.
(Plus it's cheaper to ship to the states). One of the better brew-under-license
arrangements for keeping theoriginal taste. Not as quaffable for you yanks who
were weaned onweaker stuff. The ice version (like all ice beers) is crap.
Onbehalf of Canada (where the ice-brewing process was invented andpatented), my
apologies to the rest of the world. All the ice brewingprocess does is take a
decent working-class beer and make it harsh andunpalatable.

mike reclusado (mreclusado at on 1997-02-14 07:51:52 wrote:
Great beer with a solid taste. The Bitter is also good. I think all beer should
be sold in 25 oz. cans. The Lager and Bitter are great getaways from American
Light Lagers.

Christine and Ben () on 1997-01-25 05:49:06 wrote:
"Fosters the Great Australian Beer..." I don't think so!!Here in Aust. No-one
drinks the stuff. Look out for Redbackthe true taste of Australia...

Brother Augustus (BroAgustus at on 1997-01-24 08:46:50 wrote:
Brother Augustus........PimpFoster's........BeerFoster's Austrailian for beer.

Kendall Brown (breed at on 1997-01-23 09:56:50 wrote:
Foster's Lager(tm) doesn't make my belly feel like it's full of Apple Juice(tm).
That's good!

Brownie Banham (106271.3527 at on 1997-01-22 09:37:39 wrote:
#From Brownie Banham, #I love Fosters , it's the
Dog's.#Who the bloody hell is Chief Skidmark ?#If I catch up with him I'll kill
him and his pommie#mates. Can't wait till we become a republic!#

Josef Stalin (russia at on 1997-01-20 02:53:50 wrote:
this beer is marvellous

(BCurti007 at on 1996-12-08 09:31:44 wrote:
Foster's is a kick-ass beer. My personal favorite.

Ron Curtis (wr9t at on 1996-12-01 08:14:42 wrote:
The Foster's we drink here in Indiana is 'cooked' in Canada.When it was first
marketed here it was imported from the'Land Down Under'. It's a very good drink
compared to the'light' domestic piss they offer around here. Secondly, I
haven'thad a head ache since I switched to the stuff.Highly recommended! Bottoms

Chief Skidmark (richardk at on 1996-11-29 09:59:58 wrote:
#From Chief Skidmark, in #Gnat's Piss:
You Aussies just don't know f... all!#Come over to good old England ( but leave
Shane Warne at home )#and drink some Wake, Bog's Dollocks or Exmoor Stag.#Ashes
prediction : England 5 - 0 Convicts##Chief Skidmark

Tony (tvegue at on 1996-09-28 11:35:26 wrote:
Foster's - It's Australian for Schltz, mate!

Chris Breckell (u6L67 at on 1996-09-24 10:14:31 wrote:
Foster's Lager at my local pub in the UK costs £1.68 per pint.Bloody good value
for a fine Australian lager who seem to know moreabout that kind of thing than
the Europeans.Castlemaine's not bad either.Any comments would be welcome:

rick (92071 at on 1996-09-07 03:42:42 wrote:
Fosters in England is probably different to the australian originalbut is just
as good.

Rick (trckyrcky at on 1996-09-06 10:05:24 wrote:
The fosters avaliable here is a far cry from the australian beer we were used
too.the canadianbrew sold to us is a dissapointment.bring back theaustralian

Stuart Greig (stuart.greig at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Fosters brew a wide range of beers under a variety of labels. Foster's Lager
is probably the most commerciallysuccessful brew of Carlton United Breweries
(CUB).It has a softer taste than their bitters, which I feelhave more character
and appeal.

William Pollock (WJP10 at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Foster's Lager is indeed a very good beer but is it the favorite beer in
Australia? Is there any difference between the Canadian brewed Foster's sold in
the US and the Australian version? Please reply to

Mikko Helle (s341410 at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Foster's Lager is indeed a fine beer, although in Australia it'spopularity has
dropped dramatically and is now predominantly taken overby Victoria Bitter, also
from the Carlton United Brewers.Vic Bitter (VB) is probably the best beer
available here!

1727900566545334 (to "Beer man","A message ) on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:

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