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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info



Duvel bottle by Moortgat
Country Belgium
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 8.5 %
Beer Style Ale
Beer name means Duvel = Devil. The story is that the original brewer, after trying his new ale for the first time (in 1918) exaclaimed: nen echten duvel.. (a real devil..)(Thanks Kevin)
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See more information from "Link:" Vanberg & Dewulf.

Supplied by
Brewery Moortgat
Brewery located in Puurs
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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E B K (drstglv at on 2011-04-20 05:30:40 wrote:
Duvel is a miracle beer. Its a 9% pale that tastes like a 5%. Awesome crisp
taste, nothing finer I have found......yet!

Robeer (allanmckay at xtra) on 2010-04-07 00:10:43 wrote:
Great beer,famous beer.This is one of the first you should try when you start
drinking strong beers.Has some of the best yeasts around and therefore deep
flavour that lasts.Goes well with "Hoegaarden Grand Cru" and "Carlsberg

mark (mark.pieters at on 2008-10-20 18:25:12 wrote:
the name duvel is a dialect of DUIVEL (=devil). the name was chosen because
there already was a beer named duivel at that time (Halse Duivel).

Darkoff (darkof at on 2006-07-29 02:09:07 wrote:
Very, verry good beer, although I must say that is overrated. Thereare plenty
other belgian beers that are better that Duvel includingthe one I'm drinking in
this moment, the Judas.

harry () on 2005-06-01 04:41:49 wrote:
One of the best beers in the world. Absolutely Awesome

eric (eric.donovan at on 2005-02-13 09:10:38 wrote:
Great Belgian Ale, one of the best, very drinlable for the alcoholcontent, but
then again, if you can't drink a real beer, there areplenty of USA light beers
at the store for you.

Alexis (alexis.wajdenbaum at on 2004-08-27 01:59:38 wrote:
Duvel is the beer I prefer. I drink at least one everyday.Most important thing
is to drink it in a Duvel glass.

Abel (boer-boel at on 2004-08-24 01:00:55 wrote:
Truly the best beer i've ever tasted ... - which are quiet a few.Check out for somethingcompletely different !Cheers
now !

Jack (aniceguy48 at on 2004-04-23 10:39:29 wrote:
Duvel is the best beer I ever tasted. Other beers simply did not pass muster
after that. Americanbeer sucks ass.

polimorfos () on 2004-04-22 09:46:15 wrote:
The Champagne of Beers, my favorite. To me, very refreshing anddrinkable -
despite the high alchohol content. However, Gerry and Davethe Boozehound are
both wrong. The Unibroue beer which most resemblesDuvel is "La Fin du Monde",
although I don't like it as much....

Brian Frost (iawre125 at on 2004-03-10 09:18:23 wrote:
Was in Belgium over Christmas this past year (2003), and tried many beers there.
This was by far my favorite. I couldn't belive how smooth it was and how good
it tastes, for the amount of alcohol in it. Ive been away from Belgium for 3
months now, and have been craving another Duvel ever since. Somebody send me
one please!!!

Jokke (jokke_wynants at on 2003-10-21 03:41:52 wrote:
Duvel rules BIG TIME!!!

Jasper verhulst (goat at on 2003-08-28 06:27:47 wrote:
what most people don't know is that you have 2 kinds of Duvel.The normal duvel
(see foto above) is 8.5 % alcohol. This one isrefermented in the bottle and
UNFILTERED.However Moortgat (brewery) also has a little brother: Green
Duvel:7.5% Alcohol, Bottle size 0.25 : this little brother didn't refermentin
the bottle and this one is filteredMaking it a nice to drink Duvel :-)

Jori Könönen (jori.kononen at on 2003-07-18 03:23:29 wrote:
Tänäänkin meinasin vetässä muutaman pullon. Alko nimittäinolutfestarit Gentissä.

Florence (florencepattyn at on 2003-05-13 07:12:21 wrote:
Good but strong!! More than 5 is dangerous!

vehvi (vehvi at on 2003-04-09 02:37:52 wrote:
Kesäilta kanavan rannalla Duvelin seurassa.Voiko muuta toivoa

pittaman () on 2003-03-03 12:39:24 wrote:
First of all, anyone who sais it sucks must go back to drinking beerfrom a can
or something! You should however leave the bottom cm in thebottle, cause if you
drink that the best part leaves, but you do getdrunk more though.This beer is
perfect for relaxing, or getting drunk fast, if you'reused to drinking jupiler,
or "beer out of cans" (WHICH IS SOMETHINGSHAMEFULL!) you'll drink it to fast and
have the worst hangover, COZYOU CAN'T HANDLE REAL BEER...Not the heaviest beer
could ever beat this one! Duvel is the perfectbeer, don't use it as a reference
if you want to enjoy others! Try andfind a better one AND TELL ME ABOUT IT!

billymac (willmaccormac at on 2002-11-22 12:10:12 wrote:
The first time I tried Duvel I was underwhelmed(quite bitter after taste). But
since drinking it again(properly chilled) I understand where they are coming
from.It isn`t sweet like Leffe(birds drink) and its perfect withseafood. Someone
tell me if there is a better dry belgian beer!

Terry (lielvarde at on 2002-05-24 05:50:16 wrote:
When I first tried Duvel, it wasn't as pleasant tasting as the other Belgian
beers I regularly drank. However, aftera considerable time between tries, the
second attempt got mehooked. I currently buy the tall corked bottle. It's very
smooth with a definite hint of the alcohol. It's not anaftertaste, like German
beers tend to have. It has a similarcharacteristic with whitebeers, but doesn't
require the lemon wedge I find necessary to improve the taste, it holdsits own.

Dave (wladislav1 at on 2002-01-30 02:36:37 wrote:
Personally, I think Duvel is a bit overrated. I much prefer Chimay orMaudite.

mike Suarez (jtull888 at on 2001-09-13 09:06:56 wrote:
whoever says it sucks never had it draft in holland makes me want to worship

Dry Heat in Arizona () on 2001-05-12 01:00:37 wrote:
Quite possibly the best beer in the world. Bud drinkers need notapply.

digital god (bigtheli at on 2001-03-06 03:00:04 wrote:
This is a true belgian prideTo all you non-belgian suckers out therehehehe we've
got it you don't schol(en als ge niet drinkt ...)

Jaybird (jmmirabi at on 2001-02-05 08:24:26 wrote:
It is a relatively sweet beer that has a little kick to it. It goesdown fairly
easily. You would never know you are drinking 8.5% alcoholbeer. This could put
you on your ass in no time if you could afford agood six pack.

Matt (deviser666 at on 2001-01-19 05:08:15 wrote:
Excellent ! Nice when listening to your fave '80's Metal vinyls anddrink this

Darren Dieterich (dtdieter at on 2000-12-03 04:19:34 wrote:
kick back, smoke a big fattie and drink a 750. Oh, by the way, try todamage
someone or something with the cork. In my experiences it is abullet. Good beer
to enjoy with friends.

Tore Hansen (tor.han at on 2000-11-18 01:19:33 wrote:
Exceptional, extremely tasteful, near perfection - or is itthe perfect beer. Try
it and enjoy it - I do !

gregUSA () on 2000-07-26 12:35:35 wrote:
the comment on here about duvel from me earlier was a mistake!!I thought I was
commenting on another beer.But anyway this and piraatare the worst crap i ever
had.The only two that went down the drain.0 out of 10 for both!

Gerry ( at on 2000-06-25 12:05:06 wrote:
Great beer.However, Dave the Booze Hound is wrong The Unibroue beer whichtastes
like Duvel is called La Maudite.

Alpine (bena at on 2000-06-14 08:41:53 wrote:
Duvel rocks. This is really carbonized must be from the triplefermantation.Taste
really good with a little aftertastes.If you never tried it, try it it's a must.

gregUSA () on 2000-03-29 10:07:18 wrote:
Wow, a must try!!!Thanks for the page and people who wrote about thisbeer!

Boris (mall777 at on 2000-03-09 12:36:37 wrote:
This is the Devil of a beer!

Gilbert () on 2000-01-10 07:58:33 wrote:
Duvel's crisp, sweet personality make it a great addition to a specialevening.
My favorite!

KR /KaMu ry () on 1999-12-22 11:01:02 wrote:
DUVEL, pirulauta muistot Hollantiin...

Andrea (arcoulla at on 1999-10-31 09:20:21 wrote:
Unique!! An experience!! A DEVIL OF A BEER!!!Must be the best clear blondie!!PS:
To the wanker that wrote that it sucks give a glass of cold sweeturine and he
will rate it 10.

R.Torres-Irizarry () on 1999-06-11 03:40:24 wrote:
My mouth waters...Missing a good glass of Duvel since moving back tothe Americas
from beautiful Maastricht (Meestrech)last year. Bummerevery tropical
day.R.Torres Irizarry/Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Edward Blom () on 1999-05-09 11:40:08 wrote:
I have heard that "duvel" means devil, but after tasting iteverybody must admit
God would bee a better name!

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 05:26:12 wrote:
Duvel is a good beer. Not as good as some of the lesser known Belguim beers. I
really do like this because you caneasily find it. Matter of fact there is one
in the fridgecalling my name right now.

yuval () on 1999-02-27 01:52:52 wrote:
WHAT A BEER!the best blond beer in the worldstrong a little bit sweet maybe a
little bit too much gas but yet one of the best beers i evertasted.too bad it's
too expensive here in israel.

Dave the Booze Hound (dkneheli at on 1999-01-21 10:47:50 wrote:
An excellent & refreshing beer, reminiscent of Blanche DeChambly from Quebec

DemonJohn (demonjd at on 1998-09-22 10:08:10 wrote:
Duvel is the genuine article. Accept no substitute.Duvel is prima!

Cristobal Belda Diez. Biar (Alicante) Spain (cristobal.belda at on 1998-08-29 09:24:57 wrote:
Collonuda!!!!!I tasted it in April 93 and was one of the best moments in my
life.And was really orgasmic

Jesus Rico (FRICOM.ELECRICO at NEXO.ES) on 1998-08-19 02:36:31 wrote:
It's a great, great, great beer. Hip. Viva la Duvel.

BlackBeard (blackbeard at on 1998-08-09 11:26:10 wrote:
Quite simply, the BEST......

Big Balls (big.balls at on 1998-08-05 12:55:04 wrote:
Duvel, it kicks ass!

sheldon, australia (sheldon at on 1998-08-02 10:02:52 wrote:
If you're Australian oyu'll identify this with a similartaste to Cooper's
Sparkling Ale... Duvel is a top fermentedbottle conditioned ale (like Cooper's),
though Cooper's is"only" 5.8%, this is back-to-front at 8.5%. And you thoughtyou
knew what throbbing morning-after eyeballs were like...Duvel is worth the pain
(at least once). - sheldon

Erik (one at on 1998-06-25 10:30:05 wrote:
Add some smirnov vodka to it.

Ian Grosfeld (ian.grosfeld at on 1998-05-20 11:06:29 wrote:
It might taste good, but it's Hell to your stomach!Try Delirium Tremens if you
can, it's much better.

Els () on 1998-04-30 10:01:17 wrote:
een typ : drink Duvel met een jonge jenever ( klein glaasje in bierglas zetten )
= Duikboot

Jan ( at on 1998-02-08 01:32:08 wrote:
please enjoy the deadmarch(kadee Bornem belgium 14/8/98) you get aDUVEL for
free I pay for it and I get a stuck in my kloots !!!! enjoyit .

muggs () on 1998-02-05 11:09:05 wrote:
frankly i think that this beer is lacking in strength, the taste ok, but it
neeeds more flavor

Per-Jan (perjan at on 1998-01-22 08:58:53 wrote:
Probably the best 'special' beer man can buy.Also the best women can buy.Named
after the Devil, tastes like heaven :-)Ain't life a bitch if you 've got no
Duveltje to drink...Yehaa !!!!!!!!!!

Ray The Beer Man () on 1998-01-05 12:28:30 wrote:
Great beer! Remember, use the right glass for the maximum enjoyment.

Sjaak (punk_nl at on 1997-12-11 04:41:40 wrote:
Duvel = relaxedAnd everybody who thinks it is not is an ASSHOLE!!

pompon () on 1997-12-09 04:24:35 wrote:
very good beer.John, opstaan vlug,drinken drinken drinken...DUVEL!

Stephen Andrijiw (pasta at on 1997-12-05 10:32:32 wrote:
take me drunk I'm home!

Allen Garvin (earendil at on 1997-11-20 07:42:55 wrote:
A smooth and very tasty beer with an alcoholic content thatsneaks up behind you
and then hits you over the head *8-).It's worth even the exhorbitant price you
have to pay todrink it in the US.

kaplaarzen (kaplaarzen at on 1997-11-19 12:56:50 wrote:
from tom and jeroen:this is the best beer while we are "brossing".we have a boy
in the class who is going to marrie a duvel. We strongly recommend that you
should try it outif you haven't tried it already. My grandfather made it.(he was
always drunken).Dit was engels met een haar op na een paar duvels!!!

Daniel (fangel at on 1997-08-31 06:55:50 wrote:
It is a classic among special beers;simply delightful.Une classique parmi les
bieres speciales,simplement delicieuse.

Bob (roberto at on 1997-08-01 01:26:40 wrote:
No beer will ever reach its level You'd better ask for a Duvel(should be drunk
very cold)

Sjaak (S.A.Furrer at on 1997-07-19 11:08:22 wrote:
One od the most strong and tastefull beers in the worldTheo & Sjaak

Sean (bsmac at on 1997-06-20 05:50:54 wrote:
This is one great beer, I have had over 500 imports and this beer mademy top 5.
great beer!!!!

Edwin Smal (esmal at on 1997-04-20 10:13:48 wrote:
Nice beer, but... too muchgas.

Albert Nijenhuis (tanhuis at on 1997-04-20 02:47:12 wrote:
This is the archetype of special beer. If you don't likethis, then what the ####
are you doing on thissite?

Miles Doherty (mj1.doherty at on 1997-04-02 03:58:35 wrote:
I like the name - and with a great alc. %, it could taste like melted dick
cheese(which it dosn't -Ithink).

K-Net (vanhove at on 1997-03-11 02:32:19 wrote:
Who can dare to say "Duvel sucks" ??? This is themost wonderful blond beer in
the world ;Everybody on this planet should have tasted Duvelat least once!

Jay Levasseur (levassej at on 1996-09-03 05:42:53 wrote:
Duvel, means Devil in French. This is one Devilish beer! As smooth asMiller
Light, yet over 8% ABV. Zesty and flavorfull, I highly recommendthis beer.

Douglas (dmoss at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Strong, sweet, mass produced Belgian beer.The taste takes a little getting used
to.There are better Belgian beers, but because this one is more readily
available, it is a good place to start.Douglas

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