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hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Cannon 10000 14%

Country India
Bottle size 0.65 l.
Alc vol 10 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Tell us if you know! »
Tell us more
Comments Super Strong Beer from India
Supplied by
Brewery Arlem Breweries
Brewery located in Margao
Also from same brewery

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Repal Yash (crazy_yash at on 2014-08-03 10:14:45 wrote:
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on
earth... what a kick man... simply superbbbbb.

manu (mrborole at on 2013-03-21 12:02:02 wrote:
awesome effects...celebrations aft boards!!!;P :-* ;D

Stewart () on 2012-03-15 08:40:14 wrote:
Spent good nights in Goa, shooting pool and drinking Cannon 10000 - wish I could
find it in NZ

Jayesh (letmeseeinside at on 2010-06-10 11:17:47 wrote:
CANNON 10000. This the only thing that can knock u down on the floor if u go for
a bottoms up. My experiance - I finished a bottel in 40 seconds and was lying on
the floor for 1 hr straight.

Ashtvinayak Paradh (ashu_paradh at on 2008-12-11 21:33:26 wrote:
Its comment on the querry about calling Cannon 10000 as beer, its all because of
the procedure and raw material that is used to make this alcoholic beverage,
high alcohol concnetration is acheived by the use of slightly high gravity wort
and in addtion to this variuos starch degrading enzymes (Bacterial origin ) are
used, in european countries the use of external enzyme is not recommended due to
german beer purity law

Amit Mehta (amitmehta10 at on 2001-03-25 12:40:00 wrote:
I have always had this beer when I was in college and I guess It was awonderful
beer, not because it had 14% alcohol in it, but when youdrink it in the Indian
Summer you really feel that you actually hadsomething. A very satisfying drink
and will always remind me of mydays in college. Now I am in the US and I miss
this beer more than anyother beer. Not only that this beer also associates with
all memoriesof college. As long as I remember college I will remember this beer.

JerryS () on 1998-10-03 06:10:35 wrote:
have not tasted this super-alcoholic drink, but must say that Imsurprised that
one can distribute and sell with 14% alc and stillcall it beer.

Michael Lloyd Ollar (Mike.Ollar at on 1998-06-15 09:37:49 wrote:
Drink only if you like a fresh urine taste.

brian (izonn at on 1998-03-17 07:01:10 wrote:
Unforgetable experience. Have been waiting for years to look this up.Look
forward to once again chilling with Cannon 10000.Recommendation-DRINK ONLY IN

Mikko With (mikkow at on 1997-03-07 01:27:07 wrote:
The taste of this beer is very alcoholic (as you canguess...). Can not be
recommendend to be drinken forthirst under the hot sun of India;)

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