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Latest comments
hola arsenolnoye premium beer is great,i am living in la union in the south of chile & drink nothin...
My all time favorite beer! Boy do I miss it!! ...
Wow... i never had taste like this in any other beer.... it's a heaven drink on earth... what a kick...
I live in France most of the year but found this in Lidls in England. To my suprise while shopping i...
Where in the usa can I get this beer... Das echte. Help.... please....

Basic info


Corona extra

Corona extra bottle by Cerveceria Modelo
Country Mexico
Bottle size 0.33 l.
Alc vol 4.6 %
Beer Style Lager
Beer name means Corona is the Spanish word for crown. (Thanks Mat)corona means crown
Tell us more

Supplied by
Brewery Cerveceria Modelo
Brewery located in Mexico City
Also from same brewery

Pint glass


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Dori Roberts (doribelle64 at on 2012-05-28 22:21:06 wrote:
I have a Coronita Extra bottle that has a little man attached at the bottom of
the bottle, with a sumbraro. If you can give me any info about it please do.

amanda (awhitehill4 at on 2008-09-06 03:28:43 wrote:
and you can add some salt to the rim too if you want, forgot that part :)

amanda (awhitehill4 at on 2008-09-06 03:23:34 wrote:
just want to let people know if you like corona try it with a lemon wedge and
some hot sauce around the rim it's so delicious!

mr.noel flores (noelfrican at on 2006-07-21 09:00:14 wrote:
i far as i see it it one best beers now getting put down in theeastcost&wayout
in the wastcost;so!as far as for me it's a grate beer!

Lucho (luisfnunez at on 2006-05-19 11:23:00 wrote:
Pacifico is a better beer! Corona is for the amateurs! A person thatreally
appreciates a great beer will not drink this ______ (call itwhat you
will.)Greetings from the poppy fields in Sinaloa (Guasabe)

Alessandro (aqualizza at on 2006-04-03 11:47:46 wrote:
To perrodelmal, thanks for the comments. I don't particularlylike corona but
I've drunk enough of it to know what you mean. If it's cold and if it's hot
enough - bring it on!

AUSSIE BLOKESTER () on 2005-12-10 03:48:28 wrote:

Victor () on 2005-11-30 08:54:00 wrote:
Fantastic beer!!!

String Trumpet () on 2005-11-09 04:43:54 wrote:
Ice cold with a wedge of lime. The classic summer combo. Hi Carumba!

() on 2005-11-02 10:45:49 wrote:
I agree with the fellow above. Coronas are really light and easy todrink. Hell
they are as smoth as water. But give me a Coopers any day.

John Cole (zang2nd at on 2005-09-26 01:32:26 wrote:
Artificial yellow colouring, no carbonation, horrible flavor, watery. I would
imagine that's what urine tastes like. Never pay more thanten cents for a
bottle of this. Only got popular in the USA becauseof hype.

mariachi (www.mariachi918 at on 2005-08-10 01:32:54 wrote:
this is a pretty good beer 4 it bein not dark beereven though dark beer is
better just dont 4get the lime n salt corona lite sucks PURO

Bryn Shuter (Bryn_Shuter at on 2005-07-11 05:22:03 wrote:
If you didn't try this on a baking hot day in diect sunlight don'tgive a
rating.Just as I wouldn't drink stout on a day like that I wouldn't drink
aCorona on a cold day.Straight, lime, lemon this beer truly does hit the spot
when it's VERYHOT.Cheers.

Louis (louis at on 2003-12-01 07:15:04 wrote:
Good bear, great taste... Only down-side: you look like you aredrinking semen
mixed with piss...

Carlos Alfonso (poncheves at on 2003-11-05 03:49:09 wrote:
Hahaha... A Mexican myself, I think this is the best beer made ouf ofpiss
ever!Nah, really... It is kind of ok, but if you really want to taste aGOOD
beer,ask for an INDIO beer...that alone is worth the trip all the way

salud (corvan69 at on 2003-10-22 01:12:24 wrote:
corona is like water its vital a huevo

PhreakerX (inumber2l at on 2003-10-09 08:25:22 wrote:
I didnt like corona when i first drank it, but it grows on you. Beinga mexican
beer it is quite smooth and not very bitter. Corona is nowthe mainstay of my
diet. Two cheers for corona, hip hip .....

() on 2003-04-23 12:05:19 wrote:
Corona... O for Awesome!

John in San Diego (none) on 2003-03-30 01:20:44 wrote:
Corona is PISS in a bottle! Only Tecate is worse. Try Bohemia or NegraModelo . .
. superior Mexican beers!

Aguarrás () on 2002-12-10 05:31:14 wrote:
Highly disappointing. This is a crummy beer.In Central America/Caribbean,
Dominican Presidente completely blows it away.Muy decepcionante. Es una cerveza
cochambrosa.De las Centroamericanas/Caribeñas, la Presidente dominicanaes mil
veces mejor.

reado (reado487 at on 2002-10-22 07:28:14 wrote:
very very over-rated

D (jazzkatt11 at on 2002-09-29 05:51:51 wrote:
You people make me sick adding a lime. It's meant to keep the fliesout not in
the beer. Idiots

Mick Stepp (jmstepp at on 2002-09-26 06:04:56 wrote:
Basically it's beach beer. Sometimes I'll drink it when I'm in a bar(airports
for example) that doesn't have any real beer. The best I cansay for Corona is
that it is slightly less offensive than it'sAmerican, Canadian and Australian
counterparts (e.g., Bud, Miller,Labatts, Fosters) but I'll take a real beer over
this junk any day.And by the way, to Hell with Jimmy Buffet.

Kris ( on 2002-03-31 03:56:28 wrote:
This "beer" sucks. It tastes like crap, which is why you idiots haveto put lime
in it.

james moeller (betic914 at on 2002-03-12 01:48:20 wrote:
there is nothing better to be on the beach with the sun beating on youlistening
to Jimmy Buffet and sippin on a corona

HERB FRASER (herbf1 at on 2002-03-06 02:05:08 wrote:

Francisco () on 2002-01-15 12:45:10 wrote:

NY Yankees suck () on 2001-11-05 05:06:43 wrote:
Tastes like formaldahyde...

(st.david at on 2001-08-29 06:05:02 wrote:
Corona is only dirty water!

corona (dorkus15 at on 2001-05-24 02:58:01 wrote:
im only named after the best beer in the world...."la cervasa masfina"hey..what
can i say?

me (me at on 2001-05-04 07:53:08 wrote:
There's nothing better than a good Corona with this piece of limeMmmmmmmm !!!

() on 2001-04-23 08:58:23 wrote:
Never trust a beer that requires citrus to be palatable.

AD (ad at on 2001-04-02 01:05:15 wrote:
Not that bad, but not that great either. Overpriced, there are alotof much
better beers that cost much less.

glen gerstner (glengerstner at on 2001-02-06 05:30:58 wrote:
my name is glen and i am from slidell LA, CORONAS it the shi**i just want to say
coronas is the #1 beer no questinos asked

nick (brillhead69) on 2001-01-30 03:27:31 wrote:
way over rated

nunya (anywhere at on 2000-12-26 10:45:09 wrote:
I have had Corona's on various occasions. About half thetime it is stale and
has gone skunky. The other half ofthe time it is an average beer. Lightly
flavored and somewhat refreshing. I won't put lime in this beer anymore than I
would any other beer. All you idiots who put lime n your Corona, do you put it
in any other beer?Why not? Why would you put lime in this beer and not in
others? Because you are lemmings. Followers who do what you are told by
Madison Avenue advertisers without any rational thought. Don't you think your
Miller Lite would taste better with a lime in it? You never tried. Perhaps
because you are afraid you might look stupid putting limein something other than
a Corona. Or perhaps because mostother beers don't come in clear bottles, and
no one could tell that you were cool enough to drink beer with lime. Why not
try a slice of a peach in your beer? How about some hot sauce in your Pepsi?
Stupid is as stupid does.Beer drinkers fall into 3 categories. Those who love
the flavor of a good beer, those who drink to get drunk, and those who drink it
to look cool. Not long ago, I had a big party. Put out 10 cases of beer (among
other things).No two cases were the same. The beer was consumed indirect
relationship to its cost. The most expensive went first and so on down the
line. I prefer Samuel Adams, butI know how people think, so I provided
Heinekin, Corona,Michelob, and 6 others, right on down to Budweiser. What I
learned was that most people drink based on perceptionand not on actual flavor.
All the Heinekin were consumed,(without lime) I might add, and I have never had
a Heinekin that wasn't skunky. All the Corona's went too. Again without lime,
because I didn't provide it. Bottom line,Corona is a "cool" beer with or
without the lime. Stupid.

() on 2000-12-08 10:06:52 wrote:
Beer I dont this this is beer.Overhype, light and girlie. yeah is a good beer (
but only to get the ladies drunk ) I grew up and this beer.(im Mexican ) I found
and tasted better beer.( My Favorites Dos Equis, Rolling Rock and weiss beer )I
think this is one of the worst beer's in Mexico. dos Equis lagerespecialis
better. and the best Mexican beer. Negra Modelo. (

carlos campos (dethkenedeys at on 2000-12-03 09:53:46 wrote:
all i got to say is that CORONA is the best beer in the world and people that
don´t like it is because they have a poor taste if they say CORONA is bad , I
don´t understand why is the # 1 sellingbeer in the world you just don´t wanna
see , all american beer is justlike hot pisswell exept shiner buck fron texas
that is a good beer , not that good , but is good.

Juuso (Finland) (juusomk at on 2000-11-20 09:31:46 wrote:
I had my first last weekend and again as every forreign beer it had aexotic
smell and etiquet but tasted just like water with a littlehunch of beer in it.

Pepe (huevon 4 at on 2000-10-24 06:16:13 wrote:
this beer it´s dangerous it´s not like a Bud, it´s not like aHeineken, any other
German Beer. This beer it´s taste better than any other including Germanand
Danish Beer, in resume if you had never tasted you don´t know about Beers ja! Y
para los que saben español los extranjeros sequejan que no sabe a nada pero
realmente no la han provado porque cuando lohacen se mean y empiezan a chillar
de lo fuerte y lo duro que les pega a HUEVO y que viva Méxicoy sus buenas
Cervezas !!!! y al que no le guste la idea que chingue asu madre .

Willy (willy at on 2000-09-25 06:54:47 wrote:
Its a girls beer!!drink danish or german beerthey know how to brew!!

Gerry, Belgium () on 2000-09-20 03:12:28 wrote:
To all the yuppies who do not know the dickens about beer, I must saywhat
follows:Mexican migrant workers put lime in the neck of their Corona bottle
tokeep insects away!

(flynnie09 at on 2000-09-06 05:09:28 wrote:
Corona is the balls!! i like to drink many of them...put some limesand drink
up!! good beer by the wetties!

Joey Ortiz (joeortiz at on 2000-09-01 12:08:06 wrote:
Corona is a beer that you will either love or hate. If you dislikeCorona, then
I recommend you try Dos Equis, it is much better, and ithas a stronger punch.

Ralph, Canada () on 2000-07-19 02:41:37 wrote:
This poorest excuse for a beer was originally brewed for Mexicanmigrant workers
who could not afford even the cheapest american beers.Nowadays, some tasteless
american yuppies consider this a status beer.Well it is a status beer: it is a
beer for losers.

Stinkyfish Webbers (non_sequiter at on 2000-07-14 05:14:16 wrote:
Sure, this beer is refreshing. But then, so is water--and I'm certainthat the
tap water in Chicago has more flavor. And no, I won't say this is piss in a
bottle. Piss has more flavor,too.You pathetic American losers, you'll drink any
crap as long as itsless than 6.00 a six-pack. Why bother with flavor? I think
ANY other mexican beer is better than this.

Gerry ( at on 2000-06-25 12:16:48 wrote:
The fact that this donkey piss is the best-selling importedbeer in the US ir
rather troubling. Most American beers are betterthan Corona. To those who do not
knowanything about beer degustation but wish to learn, I volunteer the following

Alex ordoñez (alexordonez at on 2000-05-16 09:09:44 wrote:
its a good beer, but any of you drunk people can say anything about Mexican BEER
untill you taste Casta beer, it come in 4 diferent presentations, its so dam
goodand it feel like a horse kick if you drink more than 3

CD (marathon460 at on 2000-04-29 08:15:06 wrote:
Where's the flavor? Oh, that's what the lime is for! Very bland anduninspiring,
but great commercials, which probably explaines itsappeal. There are better
Mexican beers around.

yoneol Seo (100bomb at on 2000-04-18 09:57:07 wrote:
need lemon or lime to taste good? corona is "LEMONA", "LEMONA IS Korean
medicine for tiredness "im Korean 2002 world cup~~ " ^.^

Frank () on 2000-04-04 09:35:58 wrote:
What is the lime for ? .. to get rid of the piss smell

javier (jimejia at on 2000-03-24 07:55:06 wrote:
Corona....probably the worst mexican beer ever made.Cheap,watered down and has
that skink piss smell to it.I can't believe people drink this!!!

Beer drinker (jfkenny at on 2000-03-17 06:09:04 wrote:
I agreed! 1 point.

CLH (CLH at on 2000-03-13 05:52:47 wrote:
Beer that need lime to taste good isn't good beer. I won't buy it. I give it a
one star out of five.

() on 2000-03-05 08:50:11 wrote:
BEER MAN JTH,SERGIO,JAM,haveit right. clint you fit in with whatsbelow. if you
drink a case of beer at anytime you can`t taste itanyway. my vote stands,its 4.
if you like water with bit of beerflavor,you are in nirvana!! drink it if you
wish but, if you call itgreat. you were given a short shrift in the mouth.
thanks to those whoweren`t oror we would have no real beer. Albert you are a
hoot. onemore thing you dont halve to be profane to make comment
soundintelligent or funny. THANKS

STEFANO DAMELE (STEFANO.DAMELE at RASNET.IT) on 2000-02-17 02:40:40 wrote:

Steve (stevetursi at on 2000-02-14 02:39:47 wrote:
I don't get it. Why drink a beer that needs a lime to make it decent?Especially
with the rumors that it contains urine, and its heritage ofbeing made for
mexican day laborers? There are other beers that arebetter, cheaper, and that
don't need a stinkin' lime to make themdrinkable - buy them!

MIKE Z ( at on 2000-02-08 06:00:16 wrote:
Here is beer beer!!!!!!

Stubbface, Kimbo,Bugout Dan, Smooth Operator,Fat Frank, Midget Bellow () on 2000-02-02 11:48:08 wrote:
Theres nothing like suckin back 4 coolers of coronas at Gilgo beach.Whether or
not we had a bottle opener, that didn't matter, the bloodyhands caused by the
anxiety for another were healed and numbed by thealcohol. We want to thank the
Mexicans for all the women we had butdon't remember, for all the times we kicked
Mike Lanfranchese ass, andespecially for all the drunken boat rides.Its about
time the Mexicansdid something right, and I find it sad that I live my life on

Eric Stubbmann (stub2056) on 2000-02-02 11:34:53 wrote:
A twelve pack of icy cold coronas, with perfectly cut limes, is theemost
refreshing beverage for chillin on a hot summers day at GilgoBeach. I am
personally thanking the Mexicans for their wonderfulcreation.

Mark Gallagher (mgallagh at on 2000-01-13 06:43:53 wrote:
Corona even makes the guys look good!!!!!!Call (906 227- 3557)Mark

John (cwok98 at on 1999-12-16 09:50:58 wrote:
What is wrong with you people, How could any body not likeCorona's. I went thru
so many cases this summer i can'tbegin to count. And while it makes it taste
better, a Cornoawithout a lime is still really good.

peta (peta_ at on 1999-12-15 05:10:08 wrote:
Ok well i come from Australia and here not to many girls drink beer. Imyself
usually hate beer but i do drink Corona, it is realy nice witha slice of Lemon
and at the moment alot of other girls are doing thesame. It is not the fact that
it is popular, because it is only juststarting to be, but it is because in
Summer you really dont want aVodka and orange or Jimbeam and coke. To heavy.
Corona is just perfectfor those who are not too keen on beer but who dont want
any thingheavy. Oh and dont always go with what is popular. Be adventurous
trydifferent things. you will love it.well thank you for making something
palateable guys.The Girls Down Aussie

Kev (zekezurich at on 1999-10-14 03:34:36 wrote:
the rumors that the localspiss in the tanks are true.

Gints () on 1999-07-11 08:18:52 wrote:
This ir a reall piss!!!If you drink good beer, it use to changea color before
pissing out. This liquid evendoes not have to change it's color...I'm so sorry
about the persons calling this a good beer. Sure it's better than Coca Cola,but
nothing more!

JerryS () on 1999-07-06 09:18:31 wrote:
Controversial alcoholic beverage because its called "beer". Its not abeer. But
maybe an alternative to people who dont like beer and justdrink to get drunk. (
we all do that once in a while )

Gilly the Aussie () on 1999-05-30 03:19:32 wrote:
Yes you do need lemon slices shoved down the neck of thebottle and it does look
like dogs urine but overall a gooddrinkable liquid.

Mario (solera at on 1999-05-20 09:41:35 wrote:
I'm fron Mexico and i used to drink corona all the time with my homiesat the
nightclubs,and is just a great beer,but i rather prefer NegraModelo or "sol",for
godsake specially when is really hot and whan youare next to a bikini,wow that
atracks the chicks.

Did () on 1999-05-11 12:47:18 wrote:
I prefer drinking my own piss

Otter (wetotter at on 1999-05-09 03:08:10 wrote:
Well in reading all the commentary on this beer and all the whiledrinking one
with, then one without the Lime, I think you all soundlike those silly Miller
Lite commerials. (Taste Great, Less Filling) Ifound that i like the Corona
without the Lime as sort of a mid-Daybeer. I also find that the hangover isnt as
near as bad as your moreFull bodied Beers. But hey,.. I realy dont think its a
"relax and takein the deep flavor beer anymore than i would slug a pint of
KillgiansDark just after running a mile in the hot sun. I would say that
Coronadosnt have that "swill it down and Disco" taste like most AmericanBeers.
But It dosnt make me swollow twice to get that tar some Europefoke call Beer. I
would by it again...If they didnt have my Rollingrock anyway.

Mike (Michaelle at on 1999-04-29 06:21:20 wrote:
Si, Baby!

Cherokee Cain (cherokeesan at on 1999-04-28 04:20:43 wrote:
This is not a beer for us snobby beer experts, but I admit Ienjoy this beer at
barbecues. It has low alcohol so I don'tmind drinking it in the day while
munching on some nachos.I like it when I'm eating and I don't want to get

benny the bunny (isbchris at on 1999-04-27 05:13:54 wrote:
i like it it makes me feel good.

Bill Jones () on 1999-03-18 11:08:07 wrote:
This is the best damn beer I have ever had. Those Mexicans did onehell of a

Clint (CThiele21 at on 1999-03-16 05:07:41 wrote:
Corona is the beer of choice. I was on a quest for the beerof my dreams - and
then I drank Corona. Satisfied, I sit inmy chair with remote in one hand and
Corona in the other.

BoltoBluEyes (operandijb at on 1999-02-25 04:06:46 wrote:
Corona's great in those dark, dirty, mexican bars that havethe best food north
of texas. You know, those places wherehalf the employees speak only spanish.
Anyway, sitting atthe bar, eating jalapeno peppers, sweating cuz the AC
doesn'twork, and watching boxing while people scream in spanisharound you.
Mainly it's good because a) it hasn't been inthe light unless it sat outside at
some point during delivery(thus no skunk problem), and b) it tastes better and
betteras the night goes on.I wouldn't be caught dead at a Jimmy Buffet concert
with thisbeer, unless it's the "Mexican Boilermaker" version, witha shot of
tequila in it. Nix that- two shots of tequila.Maybe more.

yuval () on 1999-02-13 02:06:24 wrote:
very light and refreshing taste great for the israeli hot and humidesummer.a
pretty good beer although i don't like somuch light beers i like my beers much
heavierand thicker.

TRUCK DRIVER WITH A CACTUS IN HIS MOUTH () on 1999-01-21 03:20:32 wrote:

() on 1998-11-21 03:50:46 wrote:
It is my understanding that this beer is what the underpaid laborer inMexico
drinks. It is the equivelent of Meister Brau or Milwaukee'sBest. But in the US
of A there is a marketing ploy to get us tobelieve this is the Pilsener Urquell
of the New World. Forget aboutit. You have to stuff a lime in it just to
neutralize the stank. Nowevery dumbass in the states thinks you serve a wedge
of lime with aMexican beer. Mexican beer will pay for the success of clear
bottled,cheaply produced beers that are popular in the US. We will do toMexico
what we did to our own brewing heritage.

Steve (dsteve at on 1998-11-17 03:26:24 wrote:
Without the lime, it tastes like piss.With the lime, it tastes like piss with a
piece of lime in it.I would say this bad beer but that would mean calling this
watereddown rat piuke beer.

Patrick aka Pmoney (Stiffmonkey at on 1998-10-23 02:25:26 wrote:
Without a lime, PISSwith a lime, GOOD BEERthats all there iseveryone who says
that it is horrible, forgot the limeeveryone who loves it, smart enough to have
a limethats just the bottem line!laterP money

Homeskillet () on 1998-10-23 02:11:07 wrote:
Lame beer,run it through the chihuahua a couple more times.

H Larsen (havarlar at on 1998-10-08 12:26:04 wrote:
Corona, is it a beer? To me it tastes more like limonade with beerflavour...And
it get's even worse if you add lime!!

morgan (mesaltsgiver at on 1998-10-08 02:27:15 wrote:
New York Times rates this beer in the top ten in the world. And Iagree. With a
lime, this beer is second to none. Sure, it is light,but when I don't feel like
having a hangover the next morning, coronais the way to go, thank you very much.

carlos (cgarcia at on 1998-10-06 11:09:29 wrote:
Its not worth the hype. There are pleany of better beers out there that cost
half as much.The advertisersgot hold of this and ran too far with it.

Arve Andreassen (arve.a at on 1998-10-03 02:52:41 wrote:
JTH du er inne på noe der, fortsett med å drikke norsk ØL.

Russ (asheruss at on 1998-09-11 06:32:37 wrote:
I understand the people who hate it. They know beer.I understand the people who
love it. They don't even know what beer is but probably know what they like. I
can'tunderstand those who find it OK or tolerable. I spent 18 months convincing
a co-worker to try lime in a good lagerand it changed his life. If you like
lime (or lemon) in ice-cold yellow water fine. If it is needed, find something
else to drink. Like the fellow says, if enough idiots pissin the Sahara you can
call it a lake.

Martin from Czech Rep. (Martin_Pytr at on 1998-09-10 02:49:03 wrote:

Roger (flashh at on 1998-09-08 03:38:28 wrote:
Corona was created and brewed by an Austrian during the turn of thecenntury as a
cheap alternative beer for the Mexican workers and thatswhat it will remain....a
cheapwatery beer, but than again it does have it's market and it makes akilling
in annual revenue....who'd a guessed

Erlend Standal () on 1998-08-21 11:00:05 wrote:
A refreshing drink wit alcohol. But I wouldnt call it beer, though.

Matt Parslow (parslowm at on 1998-08-18 05:01:56 wrote:
Tastiest Non-Australian beer in the world

Chew Dog (PHI SIG) (F**ck ho's at Penn State) on 1998-08-07 11:00:58 wrote:
Pop this party pleaser out anytime and the girls get wet, provide somelime and
you're guaranteed a great night!

john (subzero at on 1998-08-04 08:18:56 wrote:
Corona is the best ever!! I first drank it when I was at a club!!I will never
forget it!! I got really drunk!! MY BEST TIME EVER!!I drink Corona every
weekend...Also...if corona dies, I do too!! :Þ

Frank Silva () on 1998-07-20 10:57:59 wrote:

Erik (one at on 1998-06-24 05:29:25 wrote:
About the best non-alcoholic beer there is. Great for hot summers when you just
want to drink much.

Joseph dunn (dunnj at on 1998-06-08 12:36:20 wrote:
Corona is the Heineken of Mexican beers. In other words it is sovastly
over-rated and such a product of mass-marketing hype it may as well be a Nike
sneaker. But then again aNoke sneaker distilled down to its'essence would
probably taste better. Not to say that Corona tastesbad, but much like Heineken
it has no taste at all,which may be the greater sin. To anyone who likes this
beer, I wouldsuggest that you vacation in Ireland fortwo weeks subsisting on
nothing but Guinness Stout and Caffrey's IrishAle. Perhaps enrolling your
tastebuds inan accreditted college for awhile would attenuate the pain of
theirflunking Junior High.

JACK (JACKINTHECAN at YAHOO.COM) on 1998-06-03 11:24:35 wrote:
To all the "pendejos" that don't like CORONA, you can just stop drinking it and
stop bitchin' like the little girls you are. CORONA is just GREAT!!

Daniel "Katschor" Nowok (dnowok at on 1998-05-21 02:02:31 wrote:
Sorry, I thought that was water.Przepraszam, myslalem, ze to woda.

JORGE BOLIVAR M (jorgebolivar at on 1998-04-11 08:17:49 wrote:

c. denton (cd5446 at on 1998-03-20 11:39:34 wrote:
corona is worse than bud and it's even more over priced. thumbsdown, way
dow!!!!! drink tecate or even XX for good mexi beer

Thomas J (nonofyourbusiness) on 1998-02-05 12:12:15 wrote:
Hhhhhmmmm, I don´t know...The Corona Extra is an extreme THIN, LIGHT, SKINNY,
not-very-beer-like-experience.I almost thought I was drinking SODA...Even though
it was refreshing (especially with a lime in), itwas not worth drinking.I
woulden´t recommend it to anyone who really thirsts.Thomas J. - DK

dave pittner (davidPittner at on 1997-07-08 09:53:42 wrote:
corona is nector from the gods

sheldon (sheldon at on 1997-06-04 05:54:47 wrote:
I thought "what sort of drongo puts a lemon in his beer???"Though it didn't
taste *too* bad... just didn't really tastelike beer, that's all... sheldon

Patrick Gunther (gunther at on 1997-06-01 09:39:14 wrote:
Average beer, but the great marketing concept is doing the jobhere

Johnny Olsson () on 1997-05-19 10:47:49 wrote:
In the Mexican heat, with a slice of lime, there's nothing like aCorona!

Alex M. Antipin (Sober.Alex at on 1997-05-06 06:40:29 wrote:
Lite, but not tasteless unlike liquids which yankees used tocall"beer"

() on 1997-04-25 03:35:40 wrote:
cheers appie!!!

Albert Nijenhuis (tanhuis at on 1997-04-22 02:46:20 wrote:
Induced by some comments above I performed a test. I comparedCorona to horse
piss, human piss and even specific mexicanpiss and I must say that the beer
doesn't taste like anypiss Iknow.

P.Kauppi (petri.kauppi at on 1997-04-08 12:03:49 wrote:
sitruunan tai limen kanssa nautittuna erinomimainen vaikkakin hieman miedon

Choi Yoon Seuk (nell77 at on 1997-03-28 08:22:18 wrote:
I am Korean....... At first, When I was drinked it , I was falling in
love........ she is my first lady. lemon in corona is my love. corona says
"Don`t forger her!" thank you.......

S.Watson (watsonaz at on 1997-03-23 09:43:32 wrote:
It's trendy to like Corona? Nah... where I come from it seems to bee"cool" to
act like you hate it. The hell with all that... it's not thegreatest beer in the
world, but during the summer when it's 115degrees here in Arizona, a few Coronas
sure hit the spot. I don'tdrink ANY beer to "look cool". Screw that nonsense. I
drink it becauseI like the taste. If I wanted to "be cool", I'd get a martini or
somedamn thing.

Chris (elderbro at on 1997-03-13 12:48:19 wrote:
Other beer just makes Corona taste better. After a Coronano other beer will do.
For those of you who fail to beleivecontinue to drink your poor excuse for

Per Samuelsson (per.samuelsson at on 1997-03-07 05:33:32 wrote:

Ray The Beer Man (hugray at on 1997-02-27 03:02:47 wrote:
Great Marketing. Average brew. However, Mexico does produce someexceptional
beers. Bohemia & Dos Equis XX to name acouple.

Cipriano Jesus Salazar Garibay (cgaribay at on 1997-02-25 06:04:51 wrote:
This beer is the nectar of the GODS!!! If Zeus had drank it, we wouldall be
living in the United States of MEXICO. Hey JTH, why don't you introduce me to a
Norwegian chick that drinksCorona. She sure doesn't deserve to be with you.
Hey Kurt, would you like a tampon with your beer?

Alberto Rodriguez (t-alber at on 1997-02-21 02:47:52 wrote:
Delicious, specially with a slide of lemon init.

labomba ( on 1997-02-19 05:04:42 wrote:
Overheard at Corona brewery where 10,000 unshaven, sweaty Mexicans peeinto
bottles:"Dreeeeenk theeeees,gringo!"

Kurt (kurt at on 1997-02-14 06:56:54 wrote:
I've only had one Corona in my life... and I couldn't bearto finish it. It was
putrid. Any beer that needs a pieceof lime to make its taste palatable does not
deserve to bebrewed. The success of Corona in America is testament to the fact
that most Americans would drink horse piss if they thought they looked good

Ivan and Giulia and Marco (ivancat at on 1997-02-09 11:30:23 wrote:
Very good beer !!!Like cool water.

Sean Harrington () on 1997-01-16 02:50:50 wrote:
Dear voters of CORONA EXTRA,Corona is the beer of gods. There is nothing more
pleasent thansitting back with a couple of friends and drinking a case! PLEASE

chris (cxm513 at on 1996-10-26 09:01:33 wrote:
Hail to the corona god!!

JAM (mere3165 at utdallas) on 1996-10-13 11:31:16 wrote:
USA--This is Mexican horse piss in a bottle. What the hell is wrong withya'll
taste buds. If you want a good Mexican beer try Bohemia orNegra Modela.

sergio (srgldd at on 1996-09-30 03:38:46 wrote:
cold water, lime taste. forgettabledon't trust a beer because is trendy when you
drinkit from the bottle

keleigh johnson (x01583 at on 1996-09-27 04:33:01 wrote:
ahhh...the official beer of summer...the official beer of jimmy buffett!!!drink
with a wedge of lime (a serving suggestion)

Timothy B Hewitt esq (thewitt at on 1996-09-23 10:52:44 wrote:
MY FAVOURITE BEERAnywhere I go in the country, and I do travel extensively,I
know that this is only brewed in ONE place. Consistancyis the name of the game.
No hang-over and no upset stomache.

Tomas Sig. (tos at on 1996-09-21 08:51:07 wrote:
Thank god for Corona!! The man who invented it should have gotten theNobel Prize

Ryan Balentine (robertb at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
Greatest beer those mexicans ever made!

Dustin (Havelka at on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
If corona died, so would I!!!!!!

JTH () on 1996-01-01 12:00:00 wrote:
OK, so it's good. But here in Norway, Corona is what GIRLS buy whenthey're going
to drink. It's water with a refreshing taste of beer.

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